Biggest garage kit project yet - 1/6 Yuyuko + custom cherry treeBiggest garage kit project yet - 1/6 Yuyuko + custom cherry treeDiary

EsmeAllanEsmeAllan4 months ago
Hello! Today, I’m talking about my first experience working on what you’d probably call a larger kit. It’s a model of Yuyuko from Touhou and I found her on Mandarake and immediately ordered for 6,000 yen, before checking the scale actually. I just knew I really wanted a Yuyuko kit to paint.


before unpacking her, I had intentions on working on a smaller kit next but I just kept getting drawn back to this one and, sure enough, soon she was pinned and sanded and ready to go with the painting.



This Yuyuko was starting to seem like it was going to be a very imposing figure, so I decided I really wanted to make a custom base for it. I was going to make a cherry tree which Yuyuko is very closely linked to in the games. I think I’ll talk a little about that now.


I started with newspaper and wire and then began to attach all the pieces together, and cover the bits in masking tape in order to make a smoother surface that would look better when painted. I wasn’t sure how it was going to start looking but after building up the pieces a bit it did seem to be starting to take the shape of a tree. I decided I wanted to see how Yuyuko would look with it, mostly so I could adjust the branches to get a nice composition, so I assembled her, found some bits for a base and continued working on the tree from there. The stone at the bottom is a rock with a hole in the middle of it I found on a beach and cleaned ages ago for a base.


Her size is rather apparent to me now. After putting her together to see how she looked, I sorted all the pieces out and moved onto the painting. There were a lot of bits and I had to do a bit of thinking to work out the most efficient order to do things in.

First off, I painted the eyes. Doing the face and skin first is a new thing I’ve started doing and It’s working well. When the rest of the kit isn’t almost ready to assemble, there’s a lot less pressure working on the head in particular. I was trying a bit harder to make the eyes look good for this kit. I paid more attention to the shape and the eyebrows although under the eyes it is still a bit messy. I would fix this up later though. With them sealed, I could put some sticky tack over them whilst I painted the face. I did the hands and the legs at the same time too. Legs proved a bit of a challenge, but thankfully they are going to be under multiple layers of clothing.

After the skin, I wanted to do the hair. Hair is always good fun. Nice and brightly coloured with some fun to be had with shading. I always put a lot of time into gradient effects but they are always very light effects. Maybe I should try doing a kit with some bolder gradients on bits like the hair and clothes next time.

Yuyuko’s clothes were a pleasant light blue and it was really enjoyable building the colours up. For the main part of her clothes, I wanted to put her signature pattern on them.


After the first white layer, I added some masking tape in the shape of the flower in her original art. I then did all the blue. This was my first time creating details through masking, so I was a bit nervous. But after carefully pulling off the tape again, I was really pleasantly surprised!


I decided to take a break from the larger parts and painted the fan by hand. It is messy, but I actually quite like the effect. I’m pleased with the look I went with, as there was no way I could replicate the pattern Yuyuko’s fan normally has. Well, Perhaps I could have printed off a small colour version of the design on paper, and stuck it onto the fan, similar to what I did with the chibi Mokou kit (ITEM #1028033) I painted some time ago, but I’m content with this look. Maybe I will try making an extra paper fan for her in the future.


The last parts to paint were the dark blue bits. Including the small circles I kinda started referring to as ‘Yuyuko’s washers’ because well, that’s kinda what they look like. I appreciate their existence though. It’s a clever way of separating some of the parts to make them easier to paint. Enjoying playing with masking, I decided to add the blue bands seen on Yuyuko’s sleeves in the original art for her that I don’t think is on any of her PVC figures. Here the masking proved a little tougher, but overall I was pleased with the look once I took the tape off. To add a finer look, I ended up replacing the smaller ribbons with ones made of paper.


Well, Yuyuko is very nearly complete. Just need to assemble her. Let's have another look at the tree, though… It was turning into a bigger part of this project than I had originally intended.

It’s been painted a basic brown colour. The only thing left is some cherry blossoms…Original plan was to make smaller branches out of wire and then stick small pieces of polystyrene to the ends in order to make little bunches of blossoms that I could paint pink. However there were a few problems with this. One, the branches ended up looking tiny and two, the polystyrene looked pretty tacky, even after I tried to paint it on the few test branches I made. So I had to think of something different. First, I wrapped some wire in tape in order to make some more branches to add to the tree to give it more detail. By this point I had assembled Yuyuko and mounted her in the middle of the tree so, like before, it was easier to see what the final result may look like.


Then, I had to find something else for the blossoms… I was aware I could just buy some fake cherry blossoms online but I thought if I could come up with an alternative solution that didn’t require me to buy anything that’d be nice. I spent some time thinking of what to use, and then I remembered I had a dried bunch of plants. They had all been dyed pink, and some of them looked really garish, but I found three branches that looked like they could work.

I spent quite some time with Yuyuko on the base deciding where and how to attach the ‘blossoms’ around her. I glued them as I went along, without a plan of what the finished should look like. Getting close to finishing the base now, I went over it with some more brown paint, though the painting does leave a bit to be desired, especially when the tree is viewed from the side. I even added some little butterflies, though they're not hugely visible. I also painted the glass disk that is the middle of the base a dark colour. Although I normally love to utilise the clear aspect of glass, this time this just seemed the best thing to do for the overall look.

There was however one last thing I wanted to add…


Yuyuko’s ghosts! I had thought to maybe buy another broken Yuyuko figure off of Yahoo Auctions or something and steal the ghosts from that figure from this one but in the end I made my own. This is just a pic of one of the two whilst I was making it but one of them ended up holding a twig, like the ghost in her original art.

So, finally, after quite some time, it’s time to share some pictures of the finished Yuyuko!



She’s so big, I had to photograph her out in my hallway!


This Youmu looks really good with Yuyuko. :) I think this will be how I display her.




Just a few more pictures of her at some different angles. For scale, the last picture shows her next to Ques Q's wonderful Yuyuko figure.

Well, this turned out to be probably my largest garage kit project yet, both because of the size of the model and the custom base I was determined to make. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to me ramble about this project. Despite the time it took, It was nice having to make lots of hand-made stuff for it and I will definitely continue with my custom bases. As always, my paint work is steadily improving, though I still have a long way to go. Well, I suppose all there is to do is keep on making Garage Kits!

Until the next article!

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Maakie2 months ago#101453850Such a nice idea and execution for the base! ^^
I keep on buying GK's and materials but haven't worked on one in a year...welp.


I hope you get a chance to work on a kit soon! :)
2 months ago
Such a nice idea and execution for the base! ^^

I keep on buying GK's and materials but haven't worked on one in a year...welp.
2 months ago
Sazako3 months ago#99029521Great job with painting the Yuyuko Kit and then display stand its so creative.
The lines around her eyes make her look very onimous. Great work with the masking tape for the flower and painting the fan.
I love how you fill the cherry tree with ghosts as well to compliment Yuyuko and Youmu.

Thanks. Making the base was fun. So was painting Yuyuko, of course. Masking is very satisfying. The ghosts where I somewhat last minute idea but I think they do add a lot.

(Sorry I haven't had the chance to get back to your comment on my profile yet, by the way!)
3 months ago
Great job with painting the Yuyuko Kit and then display stand its so creative.
The lines around her eyes make her look very onimous. Great work with the masking tape for the flower and painting the fan.

I love how you fill the cherry tree with ghosts as well to compliment Yuyuko and Youmu.
3 months ago
Toshki4 months ago#98848828Yay she's amazing!! Great idea for the base too! You improve every time and I'm glad you continue to post hehe

Ah, thanks! It's nice to finally have my Yuyuko done. I do love writing these posts. :3
4 months ago
mandu4204 months ago#98848700Nice job!! Her painting looks really neat and her base is so creative! Props to you :D

Glad you liked her! :D I'm really glad I took the time to do the base.
4 months ago
Yay she's amazing!! Great idea for the base too! You improve every time and I'm glad you continue to post hehe
4 months ago
mandu420 chika fujiwara simp
Nice job!! Her painting looks really neat and her base is so creative! Props to you :D
4 months ago
ichigosalad4 months ago#98841045i love all the ruffles and the blue!!!!! what a nice kit:D i cant wait to see the next
Thanks! I've got ITEM #584327 planned for my next article about making kits. :)

Satansbakesale4 months ago#98841046Damn this is really good, nice job! Looks gorgeous, also using the masking tape for the pattern is a very smart idea, I'm going to steal that technique for future kits if ya don't mind

Yeah, I was a bit scared at first when using the masking tape, but I'll definitely be making use of it a lot in the future. It's really good for finer details! steal away, hehe, I stole the idea a while ago myself. :P

setokaibaswife4 months ago#98841047Wow, very impressive! Your paint work is very clean and the base is so creative, it really turned out well.

Thank you! It's nice to know that the paint looks OK. I've been working hard on improving it.

cocosole4 months ago#98847729She's so big! You did a really great job on her, congrats~!

Very big! :D So big she takes up a whole shelf, in fact. I'm not complaining though, I have plenty of room in my heart (if not in my display cabinets) for big figures!
4 months ago
She's so big! You did a really great job on her, congrats~!
4 months ago
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