Red-Eyes Black Dragon - Art Works Monsters by MegaHouse reviewRed-Eyes Black Dragon - Art Works Monsters by MegaHouse reviewReview

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Today I'll be reviewing the Red-Eyes Black Dragon statue by MegaHouse! It is part of their Art Works Monsters line, which I also own the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from. I was really impressed with my Blue-Eyes but initially I didn't plan to buy Red-Eyes. In the end... I'm very glad I did! You'll see why in the review.

If you like video format, I made a showcase of the figure to accompany this review! Feel free to check it out to admire this figure at all angles.

First of all, the box.
The box is just as stunning as the Blue-Eyes one, with the gorgeous artwork on the front and elegant looking gold lettering. But it is better than the Blue-Eyes box for one reason... it's really compact! Although the Red-Eyes is just as wide and tall as Blue-Eyes, they made the blister packaging much more space efficient and it's around half of the width. The Blue-Eyes box is absolutely amazing but it's one of the largest boxes I own and this is so much better for space.

Here's a full view of the figure
Red-Eyes has a very impressive presence! The figure overall looks very premium and high quality to me, and I especially like the realistic direction they went with both of the dragons in this line.

From different angles
The best angles for this figure are definitely from the front or from the direction which the head faces, but the details that can be seen from other sides are really impressive too.

And now for some close ups!
Starting off with the face, I love this part of the figure so I took some photos from different angles. I really like the details, the realistic look and the way that semi-transparent materials are used to give different texture.

The wings are very highly detailed, and definitely have the feeling of realistic dragon wings. I wasn't a fan of the red fade at the bottom when I saw it in the promo pictures infact I thought it was actually kind of weird, but it really does help define the shape of the wings and make it stand out. I think that it adds a lot to the figure now I own it in real life.

Last of all I want to talk about the base, the base is one of my favourite things about this figure and I actually prefer it to the Blue-Eyes version. The terrain that Red-Eyes is standing on is so incredibly vibrant with an amazing texture and detail. It really catches your eye! I also think the gold text makes the base look more premium and classy.

If you are wondering about how this pairs together with Blue-Eyes, they make an INCREDIBLE pair! That's the main reason why I'm so glad I didn't pass up on this one, because they compliment eachother so well.

If you are a fan of Red-Eyes I'd probably recommend picking this one up, I can see it climbing higher in the aftermarket as it has a low chance of being reprinted. High quality Yugioh figures without reprints tend to climb in the aftermarket due to the worldwide popularity of the series and relatively low number of high quality figures available. It is also much more beautiful in real life than in a photograph! You have to experience it for yourself.
I also recommend it for anyone who owns the Blue-Eyes, these were pretty evidently made to be displayed together.
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setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Rimurushion1 month ago#99569464Another great review! : ) I always like how you go in depth and show all the details and angles of the figure so people will know exactly what they will get!
Thank you! I try to make it as detailed as possible but still concise and easy to read ^^
1 month ago
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Another great review! : ) I always like how you go in depth and show all the details and angles of the figure so people will know exactly what they will get!
1 month ago
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