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seasteasseasteas24 days ago
Hello mfc!

What figures you keeping an eye on? Are you waiting for a prototype or coloring or maybe a release date? Will it be an instant preorder or are you waiting to see more before you commit to it? So many beautiful figures keep getting announced it's hard to keep track! Here's a few of the ones I'm not so patiently waiting to hear more news on!

ITEM #806152
ITEM #806311
ITEM #872829
ITEM #872951
ITEM #946033
ITEM #1047309
ITEM #1053313
ITEM #1131776
ITEM #1131880
ITEM #1131882
ITEM #1233593
picture/2785350... all of them lol
ITEM #1169408
ITEM #1292080
ITEM #1286316
ITEM #1243335
ITEM #1189085
ITEM #1297008

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day/night!
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ITEM #1213391
Oh, my goodness.
20 days ago
jestersparade24 days ago#100671915ITEM #1131740 ITEM #1131738 i love these two sm, ITEM #1213389 excited to see his prototype!, ITEM #1047911 god i hate toytec, ITEM #1144037 idk if ill buy him at this point since im starting to get extremely picky with PUPs, ITEM #1087569 same for her, ITEM #1243335 really interested in seeing her, ENTRY #240395 give them to me please T.T also agree on ITEM #806152the second I saw toytec was making the fruits baskets nendo I knew you guys were about to get ROBBED T.T I adore love is war and snagged chika's nendo on gsc when she came in stock and her quality is appalling
22 days ago
Adama24 days ago#100671632The awesome Shuten
ITEM #1286314
Waiting for adult versions of Mushoku Tensei characters.
And for Kotobukiya (for the love of god just do it already) to make Naofumi to go with Raphtalia.
exactly! i would cancel my PUP pre-orders of the naofumi and raphtalia immediately to get his koto scale. All of the shield hero figures have done really well and are still up in aftermarket even though s1 ended a while ago, pretty rude as well considering they made jjk and fire force scales almost the second the shows starting picking up attention. I'll bet my foot they'll have chainsaw man scales out and up for pre-order 4 episodes into the series while I'm still stuck waiting for a naofumi scale :(
22 days ago
ITEM #1226072
ITEM #1169408
ITEM #1013662
;u; with wonfes being moved to October, I really wish they would still consider showing some prototypes before then for any of everyone's most awaited figures!
23 days ago
Right now I am waiting for Max Factory's Ryza since their first prototype - shown two years ago. She will definitely be an instant preorder!
23 days ago
not exactly a figure but im waiting for someone 2 sell these on ebay!!! i will most likly get them around christmas :OOO ITEM #1233572 ITEM #1233583 ITEM #1257876
24 days ago
Would love to see a prototype of ITEM #1070755 come out sometime later this year or next year! I'm fond of the series and I think a figma of Demifiend would look cool.
24 days ago

ITEM #924742 Instant PO
ITEM #604696
ITEM #740663 (I still have hope)
Both Maple and Cinnamon ITEM #872826 These will be an instant PO for sure.
I have the 1/7 Chocola and Vanilla. I'm hoping they do a complete set with Azuki and Coconut after.
ITEM #872201
ITEM #872863
ITEM #872899
ITEM #946059
ITEM #1023017
ITEM #1129242

Most of the others I'm pretty sure I'll be pre-ordering but there's a few wait-and-see in the list.
24 days ago
Looking for her ITEM #1129254. Demon girls are my weak point and she looks super good sitting there on desk xd I hope she will be colored soon!
24 days ago
Currently keeping an eye on these as I missed the preorder:
ITEM #946437
ITEM #946103

I'll likely preorder a handful of these... Hopefully they don't show up on preorder all at the same time rofl.
ITEM #1292327
ITEM #1052472
ITEM #1129467
ITEM #1045836
ITEM #1129396
ITEM #1129391
24 days ago
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