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DetectiveKDetectiveK1 month ago
~A diary to accompany the uploaded pictures from today’s Mix & Matching my collection.
Most of the time I am scanning around my room and instinctively placing figures together.

Slowly picking up the pace to update the diary with the changes of the past days. ^^

The cranky Goku Black
^Cooler kicking some sense into Goku Black!

Thought it was a good idea to raise Cooler (ITEM #813042).
A reversed “C” line to surround Cooler. Maybe Cooler is too close of Goku Black.
^Putting Cooler down makes the scene a bit boring.
Displaying the figures in two diagonal parallel lines did not yield the result I had in mind.
^Maleficent same minded as Goku Black?
At last the two cunning villains got together again. There is still a Goku Black figure I want to add to my collection. There is plenty room to add him to this shelf!

^It is like Asuna (ITEM #570482) is shooting a commercial with Domo (ITEM #449103)

Vivi taking the center spot
^Arthur (ITEM #739720) proposing to Vivi(ITEM #670058)?

In Diary #05 (BLOG #50363) I enjoyed the back to back placement of Vivi. Using this as the center and trying to make this work…
^Getting crowded…

The duo Rikka (ITEM #780960) and Mihawk (ITEM #430649) is ready to join the party.
Ishtar (ITEM #806321) waving the flag to commemorate this special occasion.
^From this angle Rikka is hidden behind Mihawk. It looks less crowded and more peaceful.

Yae Sakura gathering
I was not really satisfied with the result of the big head girls theme.
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Kept it rather simple for now. Sakura Miku plush is adorable. Every time I see her she is…

Fate/Egyptian update - Less is more…
The Fate/Egyptian corner was a bit overcrowded.
Going with the “Less is more” principle…

“The phrase less is more means that having just the essential things is better than having way too much of superfluous things. It allows you to focus on what matters.”
Source: writingexplaine...

I want to fit as many figures possible without making the figures look cheap and cluttered. This is contradicting with “Less is more”, I will find a balance that works out for me.

Ozymandias (ITEM #775830) is still the center of the shelf with Gilgamesh (ITEM #844778) and Nitocris (ITEM #886634) behind his throne.
Last time I thought it would be nice to put Nendo Nitocris between the Gilgamesh figures. It does not look good. Seems that having each side of Ozymandias dedicated to one character is more visual appealing.
Figuarts Mini Gilgamesh (ITEM #899483) looks cute in front of normal sized Gilgamesh (ITEM #844778).
Moved Nendo Nitocris back to the “other” side… The figure placement is like a half circle.
Little Ozymandias (ITEM #739708) looks cute next to normal sized Ozymandias (ITEM #775830). Actually little Nitocris (ITEM #739707) is next to normal sized Nitocris, but she is only visible from a certain angle…

^Rody (ITEM #315461) looks very cute next to Gotenks (ITEM #836932). Even Gotenks gives a thumbs up!

Just realised Gotenks was an early adapter of the “Thumbs up” culture in 1994 and 1996 vs. Facebook which was founded in 2004!?

Next day I will continue with the combination of Rody and Gotenks.

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