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  • All of the new Kingdom Hearts Nendoroids, that are exclusive to JP/US. Like it's not enough that we pay customs in the EU now we also gotta proxy them or pay the scalpers to even get them T_T
    As someone who collects KH a lot it really was a pain to pay 9k per Nendo :/ but oh well...
    3 days ago
    The TWST nendos. I do not ever want to pay upfront for anything, so trying to get Vil (ITEM #1051741) preordered was a NIGHTMARE. Thankfully my friend managed to order him for me, and I only had to pay a downpayment, which is more than fine with me. I missed Malleus' (ITEM #1051746) preorder window tho so now I'm even more pressed trying to find him klsglkshgsg

    Also the re-release of the nendoroids of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, particularly their DX versions (ITEM #1253519 and ITEM #1253520). No, GSC, I am not going to pay nearly $200 (before shipping!!!) for 2 nendoroids... I'm still bitter about that one. And honestly, why couldn't they put up the re-release (not DX) on normal sites? At least let us have those! But I guess it's fine, since at this point I really would much prefer a scale of WWX's Yiling Laozu form anyway.

    Also this Miku: ITEM #998271 she's beautiful and I would love to have her, but I'm not really willing to spend all that effort securing a China-exclusive scale. I want her, but not that badly. Although if she wasn't exclusive, she would have been an instant PO.
    3 days ago
    I happen to have number 2 on your list! I collect a lot of pink Jojo things and unfortunately those happen to be exclusive more often than not. I'm never able to get them brand new so I just hunker down on amiami preowned or Yahoo! Auctions and prepare to shell out slightly more cash. It does get pretty annoying after a while!
    3 days ago
    the metallic asuka has actually been on amiami preowned for a while www.amiami.com/... (at least i think this is the metallic one?)
    but for me some annoying exclusives would be ITEM #1220599 and ITEM #1224196 the rock singer one is on multiple sites but overall for me its easiest to order it on tom except i dislike tom and the 39 Yan Ye is hard for me to order cause im so inexperienced with using proxies and stuff lol so i just decided to skip on both of them. awesome mikus comes out frequently though so i didnt suffer for long
    3 days ago
    Friggin exclusives are always a pain. Ugh. OTL The marked up prices always kills me, too. Sometimes I get lucky a local shop sells it, sometimes I don't and then the struggle begins lmao
    3 days ago
    That's why I don't get limited+exclusive item. They're so annoying to find unless you're lucky!
    When I see a character I like has that type of item, I prefer to ignore it, and poof! I did it. What does it cost? Changing favourite character hahah.
    3 days ago
    Ah those Zelda figures... I'd love to own them all too but they're so exclusive that I've given up hope lol. All so beautiful but so hard to get.

    The existence of ITEM #945744 and ITEM #945746 will haunt me forever, they're so gorgeous and I'd love to own them but they were limited to Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan upon release so I couldn't get them.

    Some awesome exclusives (as in limited edition) I have ordered are ITEM #756849 and ITEM #990676 which will be my most prized figures/statues once they arrive, though it will be a while before either of them do.
    3 days ago
    ITEM #180408 Can't find her anywhere and if you can she is way more than her listed retail price.
    ITEM #296941 You could only get her through some random Japanese store when she came out and then she was still expensive. Now since she was an 'exclusive' figure, if you can find her she is way over priced.
    ITEM #331578 And yet we have another 'if you can find her, she's way, way over priced' figure (see a theme here?).
    ITEM #523396 & ITEM #523397 These are Chinese exclusive figures. I have yet to ever find them for a decent price. Actually they are on eBay for $1,199.13 right now. NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING! Someone in Texas is selling them (trying to rip some one off). There are so many other Chinese exclusive figures out there that I want but cannot have! I almost wish I didn't even know they existed!
    ITEM #1086556 I'm adding this one because it's a garage kit. I do not possess the talent required to build a garage kit figure and this is just one of so very many garage kit only figures out there that I wish would get picked up by a figure company to be made into a completed pre-painted figure. I guess it could still happen but for now I am just left with the dream of it happening.
    3 days ago
    noctisity 兵貴神速。
    ITEM #141766

    I've never seen this for sale since only 1k exist, but honestly at this point, if by some miracle I do find it for sale, I may have to buy it on sight unless I'm dead broke. I really like Donyatsu and this figure in particular is such a great combination of my niche interests: food shaped like animals and gas masks.
    3 days ago
    This Exclusive ( ITEM #184025 ) Haunts me as well. The Lawson. ver figures of these girls are said to only have 500 made per character, and when I find her I'm always short on cash. I LOVE the blue and black vs the yellow green and white the original has, But maybe one day I'll be able to get her. I don't even want to think about the more popular girls and their Lawson variants.. Something tells me that those are rage-inducing to find LOL
    3 days ago
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