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Welcome! Let's talk about the final piece that I'll add to my Danganronpa x IDV Figure collection: The Chiaki Nanami DRxIDV Figure from NetEase!


Larger images here!

As of recently, I started collecting Danganronpa figures. I decided pretty early on that I'll only collect a few specific characters' figures/merch: Hajime, Nagito, Izuru, Junko, Monokuma, Monomi, and Chiaki.

Thus, I've already collected said characters from the IDV series, so I won't be buying any more from this series in particular. I will be reviewing other trading and full size figures of these characters in the future, so keep an eye out!

Note: Please read this review for my comments on the box and base. Those sections will be left out of this review.

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If you've read my other reviews of this series, you might be wondering why I'm including the setup here. That's because Chiaki's setup is very different due to her backpack!


This figure comes with a base, a support stick, the figure, and a small plastic piece to connect each base.

The support stick plugs into a small hole in the base, and also into a small hole at the bottom of the back of Chiaki's head.

I have to say, this figure has the best setup out of the ones I've reviewed so far. She stays pretty sturdily in her base and doesn't fall off just from a touch. She can be easily turned if she gets off center, and doesn't slide around or anything.

I was really pleasantly surprised about this! I still think that it might be better if she maybe had a peg at the bottom to plug into the base like usual figures so that the backpack could be fully visible.


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Chiaki has a calm, small smile and relaxed eyes. Her eyebrows have a slight upward tilt to them.

Not much to say about her expression—She's calm and neutrally happy as always. Her eyes are sort of a coffee-brown color, and they have white Xs and thick white eyelashes to match the IDV style. She also has small pink blushes on her cheeks.

Pretty cute face! I have to say though... She looks kinda "head empty". If I remember right, she's a pretty intelligent character, so I feel like this blank expression doesn't exactly match her character. It looks nice enough though... It just could be much better.


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Chiaki has shoulder-length light-pink hair, styled in a bob with straight-across bangs. She's wearing her iconic pixel-spaceship hairclip.

Her hair is pretty nice! It's a really pleasant color and looks cute enough, but it's not really accurate to the game. Chiaki's hair is actually more of this color, or a reddish-grey. Here, it's like a really light, pastel pink.

It's not so bad, though! It's not ugly and looks accurate enough. I'm very happy with the result.


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Nanami is wearing her usual outfit, consisting of a turquoise cat-eared jacket, a white button-up, a pink ribbon-tie, a pink backpack, a beige pleated skirt, black tights, and pink maryjane-style shoes.

If you're a danganronpa fan, you might be questioning your memory right now. And you're right—Chiaki doesn't wear tights. She wears thigh-high-socks. Despite this continuity error, I think it has a proper purpose. You might notice that she's sitting with her butt on the ground, which means her panties would be showing. But, she's wearing tights! So no proper panty shots here. I'm sure this was done on purpose.

Anyway, the colors and painting on the outfit are great. The colors are a little more saturated and bright than in the game, but I don't mind it. There's some large stitching painted on her hood and the ears are really big, which make for a pretty cute design change.


And the backpack is amazing! It's incredible—The detail here is really great. It's so cute and looks like a proper prop, the colors match, the sculpting is really smooth and overall I just love it so much.

Overall, I don't mind the continuity errors. The sculpting is great and the teeny tiny painting is pretty good!

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Chiaki is sitting on the floor. She's sitting with her legs bent flat on the ground to her sides, with her butt on the ground. Her arms are straight and by her sides, hands nearly touching the floor.

Cute pose! It's feminine and adorable, as Chiaki is, and I'm a fan of it.

I'm not really sure why she's sitting though—I suppose she's sleepy and considered lazy so I guess the designers thought she couldn't stand up for the duration of an hour-long class trial. I can't imagine how terrible this would look in-game. You wouldn't even be able to see her! But it's alright, since the context is different.

I think this sprite, this, or this would've made a great choice instead.

But overall, it's cute! Despite my harsh-sounding criticism earlier, I really like the pose.


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And finally, the conclusion. I love Chiaki and I think it's a really nice representation of her, it fits into my collection and looks great on its own, it just has some pretty noticeable design flaws. I wouldn't say its bad by any means at all, though. It's really a must-have for any Chiaki fan (which, I assume, is most Danganronpa fans) so I really recommend it!


Note: Your friendly neighborhood Danganronpa liker is here to remind you: Do not buy these figures for stupidly high amounts of money! These IDV figures are not worth more than $20!. I have seen these go for like $40 each (especially popular characters like nagito and chiaki), PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FOR THAT AMOUNT! This is pretty much scalping, so don't overspend or you'll encourage more of this despicable behavior. Shop smart!
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