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lalalinklelalalinkle1 month ago
Honestly, as ridiculous as it sounds, my hobby started from a petty jealousy from the discord Mudae bot *facepalm*

So my friends and I got really into the Mudae bot waifu collection game, and when I couldn't one of my "dreamies" I got so mad I decided to find another way to appreciate my favorite and most meaningful anime characters via, you guessed it, collecting anime figures :p

And wow... have I spiraled beyond my expectation, this is now a full blown hobby that I don't see my self leaving :O Why is it so fun to constantly turn so much money into plastic?

My figures were taking over my room!!

Well my first scale figure was the Kotobukiya Shiro from NGNL (ITEM #218050) I wanted this figure for years but always tried to stay away from this hobby since I thought people would think I'm weird and I was a highschool student when I was interested and deep in my weeb phase (and literally took senior pics dressed as a school girl? yeah ugh I can't even look back at those)

Here's a look at the origins of my collection!

If you wanna have a look at my first ever entry in the reddit r/AnimeFigures: www.reddit.com/...

My technical first figure was actually the Onodera nendoroid (ITEM #198410) I had this in college and somehow this was the only figure I owned for like 3 years! And then I found her again and sold her :p

During the tail end of college and the beginning of me entering the work force, I had a japanese culture hiatus, I was just so focused on work, on streaming on twitch for a bit, and on working out that I didn't have a lot of time for much else. But during quarantine, things changed...

Well now that I have re-ignited my love for anime and entered the world of manga (thank you Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen >.>) during my well-paid adult years, I have nothing stopping me from literally dropping mad money on this hobby besides my guilt, and yes there is a LOT of guilt with every purchase. I'm not used to spending a lot of money on myself, I usually just save and invest all my money. So now that I'm not saving at that same rate, well I feel it.

ANYWAYS, yeah that's how I started collecting, I haven't seen the rate at which I buy figures decrease, but I definitely am swapping out a lot of items in my collection. So I buy and sell a lot because I'm scared of my collection growing too large :p

Here's the most recent picture of my collection:


What was the reason you started collecting? What was your first figure?
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Nice collection! My first 3 figures I bought on eBay from a japanese seller were these ladies - ITEM #11214 ITEM #11215 ITEM #11217 . The reason for collecting is that I wanted to get a figure of my waifu (lol) and to be honest, I've always been a kid at heart who loved figures. Pair that with watching anime and boom, you got an expensive hobby. XD Strangely enough I didn't own anything else until 2020 July. Since then I've purchased a few more of them, but I just can't imagine myself quitting this hobby anytime soon.
1 month ago
Thank you to everyone who read my article and was kind enough to comment with their collection story ^-^ This was my first article and hope to share more with you all as all my orders start raining in hehe :3
1 month ago
Seeking a healthier coping mechanism for my depression is what drove me to figure collecting. Previously, I would drink as a distraction from my woes, but figures have slowly taken the place of that vice.
1 month ago
I love your wisteria decoration! Do you have the link to the item? :) Anyways, I just love seeing physical representations of my favorite characters or anything related to anime. My first figure is the Little Mermaid scale by Myethos.

I wouldn't be embarrassed about your school girl cosplay. Especially since Asian fashion is still relevant. I'm lurking at Korean clothing sites as we speak! I've always wanted to cosplay as a teen, but never had the money in the get-go. :'(
1 month ago
Ah cute room and collection! I discovered figure collecting before I knew it was even a thing and then joined MFC after some years which only encouraged me to grow my collection lol. My first was ITEM #264423
1 month ago
Thank you for sharing, it was a lovely read! I also really love your space :3

My first figure was this small and cheap Sesshomaru Item #4684 that I got when I was a tween. So I started collecting because of the deep love I had for the character and the series! (even though I didn't really make my collection larger until just recently)
1 month ago
That's some good collection progress. I really like the pictures you had hung behind your collection at the beginning and the newer Radio Eva figures you have now. Yeh, my brother told me before that some people from his school did similar cringy things like you did in highschool, so you can take solace in that you're not alone. :)

As for me, my figure/goods collection is just an extension of other things I've been collecting for years. I first saw figures of different characters in the background on the shelves of various YouTubers, while I would be watching an anime review video, for example, and that spurred me to look for figures of some of my favorite characters as well. My dad bought me my first figure for Christmas 2017: ITEM #98881. The first figure I bought for myself was 2018, which was this: ITEM #546366. Like you, collecting for me didn't really take off until my university expenses started to subside, and I could rely on cashing in on my degree. I've had my fair share of succumbing to impulse and imposing self-control, but all-in-all it's been fun to add this stuff to my collection of things.
1 month ago
Thanks for sharing your story. Always cool to read how other collectors ended in the rabbit hole.

I decided to look for my first figure after watching Steins; Gate. It was the first time that I liked a series and a character that much (Kurisu Makise) so, I decided to take the next step and ordered ITEM #78589 . I got her one year later and in the meantime I bought several other figures. I was definitely trapped haha.

I totally feel your guilty feeling about saving less money. Since april I decided to be even more picky for that same reason but it's hard.
1 month ago
lalalinkle1 month ago#101137543Believe it or not, I actually got these both for an absolute steal. I got the black Mai for under retail >.> and white Mai was sold to me by a close contact who decided to give me an amazing deal, so I actually do not regret these at all and will likely never sell them :p
Also I love how you refer to your first figure(s) in the term “truck-load” xD
Cus I started collecting a bit over a year now and that’s how I would describe my method of purchasing figures (/-\) I’m now reaching limits in terms of space that I want to allocate so that’s why I start ranking them and swapping out the bottom rank figure :( I do miss them though but if I can’t display them well then I get sad

Ah I know that swapping feeling, I have the same 'strategy' for swapping out tapestries lol. I half-jokingly say this hobby will require moving to a castle at one point in life, but at this rate it's actually going to happen xD imagine an anime-based castle though, now wouldn't that be cool af?

Also Mai at under retail price...is this real life? Are you a wizard? That's crazy, dayum.

And also, it seems no one going to mention those 2 katanas just casually chilling there on the side of your drawers, ready to kill for burglars, zombie invasion purposes and the like. That is quite the contrast; collecting cute figures / merch and deadly swords on the side as a hobby...

.....Are you a dual-wielding katana wizard with a truckload of cute but secretly deadly minions figures as backup?! xD View spoilerHide spoilerThis could totally be turned into a Light Novel title
1 month ago
A very excellent collection!
1 month ago
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