Comments 50 figures on order: What's the most you've had on order?

  • Right now is the most I've ever had on order because I just recently got into the hobby!
    I've got 12 figures on order. A good variety of prizes, PUPs and scales.
    1 day ago
    I think it was 8 or 9 and I highly doubt that I will ever have more than that on order. I'm mostly collecting statues now, because figure prices are at the same level now. If it isn't something with a crazy big detailed base, some of these 1/6 resins even cost less than PVC figures in that scale. For the price of 2 you can get an awesome 1/4 scale statue, so... PVC figures don't seem that interesting to me anymore. I'll make a few exceptions here and there, but I feel like you get more value for your money. Only downside are shipping costs. I still stick to my rule of not ordering anything I couldn't afford at the point of ordering, so I gotta save up more money, especially because it's unclear how much shipping will cost until it's ready to ship.
    2 days ago
    50 figures on order: What's the most you've had on order?
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    Reflect. Looking forward to the next blog about downsizing or whatever.
    2 days ago
    I think my record was 12 (including one PO)
    2 days ago
    Right now at 62 is the most I've ever had pre-ordered at once
    2 days ago
    I had around 85 figures ordered just a few months ago and I'm so glad it's down to 40 now lmao
    2 days ago
    i have about 19 items on PO (including goods + figures lol) which is probably the most i've ever had on order? its not that impressive but to me that's quite a lot ;; figures are 7 (one isnt on the mfc database since its from a chinese manu), and then 12 goods :)
    2 days ago
    I think 16 and they’ve been that way since pretty much last year. I’ve only recently began getting them sent to me after all the delays. Have 2 more already in stock at Amiami, but I’m just waiting to see if the last figure paired with them is going to release this month or get delayed, my moneys on delayed.

    Also damn 50 figures? That’s crazy, couldn’t be me.
    2 days ago
    RubyOshi No Ruby No Life
    IDK the number but I had a 50lb box of doujins sent to me lol.. shipping was.. bad.. LOL
    2 days ago
    jumpluff Pegasus Knight
    Lovely lovely Lacuses! Gundam SEED/Destiny were the first Gundams I watched (and two of the very first anime, when I was 10). I'm still so attached to Lacus <3 To be fair Gundam SEED/Destiny were so so so big and popular when they came out, so the sheer amount of merch there was means there's inevitably going to be a lot that's been stored and lasted, but it's pretty cool to see, the series is getting close to two decades old... You never hear people talking about it these days, that's for sure.

    With older characters like that it really does get difficult to get good merch for them, so if the character matters to you a lot then you have to be willing to get trading figures and so forth. And for those, lot buying is definitely a great deal. Came up a lot for me when I collected Pokémon trading figures. Congrats on your haul!

    Good thing MFC has a mass collection manager, right? :)
    2 days ago
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