is this a bootleg figure?is this a bootleg figure?Ask MFC

OdysseyOdyssey4 months ago
hi! i was hoping to get some help with a figure i got a while ago. the figure is ITEM #206792, and i bought it from Solaris Japan.

here are the pictures:
figure [1] [2] [3]
packaging [1] [2] [3]

i'm worried it may be a bootleg because the packaging arrived like this, and the box is slightly faded. the figure looks too good to be the real thing, but Solaris Japan's guide on bootlegs say that they can sometimes look like they are the actual product. but i also heard that Solaris really isn't as reputable as what some think, so i feel like that this article is made to kind of cover up that they sell bootlegs? that's besides the point though.

charlotte is included with the figure and is somewhere else, that's why she's not in the photos. if you want me to take any more pictures please let me know :)
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i don't think its a bootleg. this mami figure is from 2015, who knows if its due to age that the coloring looks maybe a little off (sun damage or paint fading?) or just the preowned condition. if she was on the cheaper side (and you didn't look at the star rating beforehand) its likely you got a 3-star rating box/figure or such. i'm a regular on solaris and i've usually avoided anything under 4-stars. everything on solaris is licensed/real :).
4 months ago
its authentic for sure but the photos in question looked pretty gnarly. rarely bootlegs of this figure come up and in my personal experience, ive never seen any.
4 months ago
If it's pre-owned it's possible they lost the box or was a return but the box is missing. They are legit as I've bought like 3 figures from them. It's also possible the figure is brand new but the box somehow became damaged. As long as the figure itself is fine you have nothing to worry about though it will make repackaging a bit tough in case you end up selling her or moving.
4 months ago
Solaris is legit. I get my figures from them almost all the time.
4 months ago
4 months ago
KawaiiSora Kawaii Deity
I would be really careful of what you accuse shops. Probably because of articles like this and people only reading it fast and boom, you have rumors that are not needed.
4 months ago
thanks for the help everyone! i apologise for the misunderstanding over Solaris' reputation, lol. i didn't actually think of checking the box's quality rating before purchasing, so that's more on me for not realising it. i'm happy she's legit though!
4 months ago
It's legit and Solaris doesnt sell bootlegs
4 months ago
They rate the packaging condition in stars before you buy the item. Did you see that the box had a lower star rating?
I don't know where this rumor that solaris isn't reputable comes from. I use them all the time and their service is more consistent than any other site for me. Never got a bootleg or had an issue.
4 months ago
OnePixel Power of God & Anime on My Side
Solaris, although pricey, sell only licensed figures. Although, if they did at some point sell bootlegs, which I doubt will ever happen, they will more than likely label them as such.
4 months ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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