Do You Collect Other Things Besides Anime figures?Do You Collect Other Things Besides Anime figures?Ask MFC

SamcampoverdeSamcampoverde1 month ago
I Collect Funko Pops, Manga, Plushies And DVD's

Do You Collect Other Things Besides Anime figures?
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Trading cards, manga, DVDs/Blu Rays, art books, plushies, acrylic stands, keychains/straps, funkos, some video games.
1 month ago
Artbooks with art that I like!
1 month ago
1 month ago
yeah i do. i collect video games and artbooks when i'm not in that figure mood.

tho to be frank, i have more non-figure merch than actual anime figures bcos i like collecting small trinkets like keychains and badges
1 month ago
1 month ago
I've been collecting stuff from a young age, mostly video games, but I also have a ton of plushies(mostly Pokemon), trading cards(pokemon, yu-gi-oh and some others) and some comic books/manga (Asterix, Pokemon, Sgt Frog, Kingdom Hearts)
1 month ago
mental illnesses
1 month ago
BTS McNuggets
1 month ago
Pillowcases, DVDs, every hot MILF's phone number.
1 month ago
Besides everything related to the japanese culture, I collect vinyl records and CDs.
I am also seeking out retro computers and hi-fi equipments.
Recently, I got into playing music and I already have a few different instruments. I feel like I will end up collecting them too...
1 month ago
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