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Lucky☆Star - Izumi Konata - Figma - School Uniform - 008 (Max FaLucky☆Star - Izumi Konata - Figma - School Uniform - 008 (Max Fa

After the horrible breakages my Kagami suffered, I was really starting to feel a hatred of figma. But then, Christmas came and so did Konata, and I was suprisingly happy with her.

Sculpting: 9:10

Max Factory did a really nice job in making this Konata look good. I love how chubby her hands are compared to normal figma hands, and her alternate face is just plain adorable. However, there are a few flaws, like that she should be shorter than the other Lucky Star figma and isn't, and that her bangs constantly fall off. These are just small though, and blue/white-tack should fix the hair problem, it did for me.

Painting: 10:10
Since mostly all pieces are seperate, and would have been painted that way, there's really nothing to worry about with the quality of the painting, except maybe the white lines on her collar and skirt, but those are done nicely.

Posing: 7:10
As she is bulkier than other figma, Konata is a bit hard to pose, but still, she is a figma, and is fairly posable.

Base: 5:10
If I was to name the worst thing about this figure, it would be the base. First off, it's not really that attractive, it's boring and clear. Which isn't such a big problem. The big problem, is that getting the stand peg into Konata's hair is a nightmare. As well, I really hate how much room the "arm" part of figma stands take up.

Packaging: 7:10
The box is really pretty, and the inner cardboard bit makes for a nice background when you take pictures of Konata. The way that all of the Lucky Star figma boxes make a picture on the side when put together is a nice touch too.

Enjoyment: 9:10
I really think it'd be hard not to enjoy this figure, especially if you are a fan of Lucky Star. Actually, even if you aren't, figma Konata is still so great that I think you'd still enjoy her. Sure, the hands are difficult to change, and the base is far from perfect, but this is still very nice, and a must get if you love Lucky Star.
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Zetsubo-san (10 years ago) #6811I'm scared of Figma's after hearing such reports about parts breakage.
Nice review. Glad that it wasn't much of a traumatic experience for you.

Actually they are normally quite sturdy- most of the time. As long as they don't fall they should be fine or as long as they don't get pressure on them.
5 years ago
Yeah I would like to read a long term testing of the durability of these kind of figures somewhere (crashtest ^_^ ).
9 years ago
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
I'm scared of Figma's after hearing such reports about parts breakage.
Nice review. Glad that it wasn't much of a traumatic experience for you.
10 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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