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sweetseaslugsweetseaslug7 days ago
Yeehaw, MFC, today I stumbled into a weird situation. Not a bad one, just weird.

I tend to browse Y!J Auctions a lot- I'm a 16 year old on a very limited budget because, y'know, 16 year old. I'm a garage kit fanatic so I mostly just search for cheap kits, 1 yen starts, etc etc.

And so, I stumbled upon this kit for sale: ITEM #74956

It was a measly 800 yen buyout option, and while I wasn't drooling over it or anything, I immediately bought it because even "cheap" garage kits tend to go for 2k - 3k yen, and I'll definitely need some garage kits to practice with. What better than a simple, low-part-number, vintage kit?

I didn't know anything about the character, so it took me a bit to hunt her page down on MFC, and when I did, all seemed right and fine. I clicked 'Owned' etc, and went about my day.

Then I saw another listing.

See, in my original listing, the seller had been kind enough to show the parts- (not all tend to so, and it can be sorta annoying). Here's the photo they displayed:


The parts were clear resin, which I had noticed and hadn't minded... but I hadn't noticed that the MFC page just said resin, instead of 'clear resin' like it would.

This listing was normal resin- not clear, just the regular kind you see in vintage kits. Huh. Weird.

So, I decided to look up the character and see if I could find any more listings of this kit, was clear resin the norm and the new listing just a weird version? After all, I had seen listings of this kit before, but I never looked too closely- they were always a little too expensive for me lmao.

I managed to find two listings of the kit: one for 8000 yen (yikes), and one for 2800 yen. Both were solid, regular resin. Okay then, definitely weird.

Listing 1: https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/10/13/2881455.jpeg

Listing 2:https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/10/13/2881458.jpeg

Things got a little weirder too. I had searched by using the character's name (Hoshino Ruri) and she seemed fairly popular, and had a lot of 'vintage' (at least in my perspective) kits.

I managed to find another transparent resin kit:


I believe I managed to find her in the database, I'm 90% sure it's, but not listed as clear resin or shown as such: ITEM #36022 I was however unable to find a regular resin listing.

However I did notice something strange in the listing- the photo in the kit with the black background. In the database, there's about 7 kits added right in a row using that style of photo (black background, white transparent resin, same manufacturer). - neat, so that was part of the line made by Musashiya as the manufacturer.

I wonder if that means that all the kits made by Musashiya may have a transparent resin counterpart?

Any who, I got off-topic from the original kit- I was trying to see if maybe the dog suit kit and the former had the same manufacturer, but they don't, so no connection there.

Buuut.. Kotobukiya (manufacturer who made the dog resin kit) has several "Hoshino Ruri" garage kits produced, so I looked through all of them- I had no dice until I got to this kit: ITEM #34756

In the photos section was an interesting photo- a version with clear resin!

So, invigorated, I then searched Y!J Auctions in an attempt to find that kit- and lo and behold, I found a listing.


With... regular resin. Yeehaw, something weird was going on. So, I decided to try and find listings (current or previous) of the Kotobukiya garage kits, and I struck gold.

I found 3 listings for the same kit (ITEM #34886), 2 as solo listings and 1 as a bulk of 2 (with another Kotobukiya, Hoshino Ruri, kit.)
The first listing was regular resin. The other two however, were also clear.

Listing 1: https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/10/13/2881465.jpeg

Listing 2:

(Not gonna show a photo of listing 3 because this is photo-heavy already, and I'm... very lazy.)

So another unlisted clear resin version for that kit. Neat!

In all honesty, that's the end of my sleuthing. I'm, once again, very, very lazy, and can't speak Japanese at all, and I don't feel like digging through hundreds of old mandrake listings or something like that- maybe at a later time, lol.

What does this mean? Not a lot. Probably just the fact that Kotobukiya and Musashiya definitely have some unlisted clear resin versions. Maybe of just Hoshino Ruri, or maybe just in a certain timeframe. Or who knows, maybe all of their 'vintage' garage kits? Or just maybe... their quality control guy fell asleep or something, who knows. Maybe they just decided to fuck around with clear resin, lmao.

The clear versions are also probably not ~ultra amazing magically rare~ or anything like that, since I managed to find 3 listings. They were probably produced in equal numbers as the regular version.

But still, a neat little adventure I got to figure out :3!

(Also apologies for formatting, this is my first post. I would also add these to the database buuut I'm lazy and I honestly have no info on these other than the character, manufacturer, and the fact that they exist... and are clear... so not a lot to go on lol. And I'm afraid I'd screw it up somehow.

Also if someone wants to buy these from the listings or something like that, or add them to the database, feel free to message me because I still have the the pages bookmarked).
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Yeah I knew Musashiya made clear versions sometimes but not Koto! notably the ones I know of from Musashiya are their Magic Knight Rayearth kits pyramidcat.word...

TBH I don't see a big point to these other than clear resin for the hair is always nice... Though they are a nice collectors piece and would probably look cute unpainted!
6 days ago
Interesting sleuthing, makes a change to the usual articles

Was a good read, also makes me consider garage kits from Auctions
6 days ago
Very interesting blog, I do the same thing! It's so fun to look through garage kits off of Y!J and Mandarake and try to find them on MFC. Great detective work!!
7 days ago
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