Comments My Holy Grail: A Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions

  • Aaa congrats, that sounds like such a wild ride but I'm glad it was worth it >:3 he looks really good!!
    4 days ago
    Congrats!!! This was an insane ride… the amount of trouble you had to go through!! I’m so glad you got him
    5 days ago
    Congrats! you put in a lot of effort! I want a figure of Mugen too, but I don't like to buy used statues for different reasons (PVC is ok). I hope I have luck and some company makes another 1/8 PVC Mugen.
    6 days ago
    gosh, this makes me fear the search for mine O_O she popped up on mercari and ebay once, but she seems somewhat obtainable.. Congrats on getting mugen though! shame not many samurai champloo figures were made :/
    6 days ago
    Grail gang
    6 days ago
    Your journey to find your Grail sounds like a whole odessy!
    6 days ago
    Congratulations, he is amazing, I’ve wanted it for so long, couldn’t find one mint. And paying a certain price i rather get the recent one who’s also bigger. In term of grails I wanted the Nike air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk pair :D
    6 days ago
    Skerj Raita Fan
    I can't believe it's all in the past and we've been through this whole drama together ;;__;; I am, and you know it, really happy that you were able to get your holy grail. You forgot to mention, all along, how patient, kind and trusting you were too. This victory is as much thanks to you as to me! Mugen has found his place, and if I had to start all over again to make him yours, I would. Thank you for the article, I fulfilled my role as a "go-between", and I gained a great friend in return <3 totally worth it!
    6 days ago
    Oh wow, this was quite the read! Had me at the edge of my seat haha It makes me really happy that you got your grail in the end finally, and such a rare figure too! It was well deserved, you put in so much effort and determination, it must've tasted even sweeter once you were able to display him. I also just recently bought one of my very rare grails that I've been searching for for months from a seller on here, and she sold it to me for the retail price!! I'm eagerly awaiting his arrival ^^
    6 days ago
    MisterSwag7 days ago#102370991Holy, what a rollercoaster

    Haha right!? I was like yay!!! then awww then yay!!! then damn then yayy?? and then finally YAAAAAAy xD
    7 days ago
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