Comments Your Opinion on Banpresto: How are their Figures?

  • I like Banpresto, they have great value for quality imho. My favorite in my collection has to be Ana from Fate / Grand order, though I did struggle a bit to get her huge scythe well in place

    10 days ago
    Banpresto/bandai are the definition of hit or miss. I've had great-looking ones like ITEM #945067 which has a solid base and great design/look but piss poor construction. It honestly depends the figure because Banpresto has made some very solid figs in the past.
    11 days ago
    I Have 5 Banpresto Figures, 4 Are From Sword Art Online, And 1 Is From Madoka Magica
    12 days ago
    The Banpresto Ichiban Kuji figures look great most of the time, especially the Masterlise ones.
    The Grandista and Masters Stars Piece figures also never fail to disappoint.
    13 days ago
    chobits homu-enthusiast <3
    I have a few banpresto figures, the figures themselves are great quality and cheap, so I’m happy but I’ve had one repetitive issue with Banpresto figures and banpresto figures only..pegs breaking constantly, thats my only critique, otherwise you get what you pay for and it’s more than decent
    13 days ago
    The few Banpresto figures I own have pretty good quality expect for one that kinda feel sort of a let down. These two from my collection are pretty great for value I feel: ITEM #427589 and ITEM #93567. However I was kind of disappointed with Saber's face on this one: ITEM #295404.
    13 days ago
    I can't speak about Banpresto as a whole, but their MHA Amazing heroes line is very good, with dynamic poses. My first figure was ITEM #829868 I also have ITEM #1087606 I think they capture the essence of the characters well, especially for the price.
    13 days ago
    I find Banpresto's quality to be pretty bad for the most part, but their more premium lines e.g. EXQ or Master Stars are actually quite nice in terms of prize figures. Their Lupin figures in particular were much better than I expected. I only have about 8 or so Banpresto figures. My favorite is Jigen: ITEM #672740. It's one of the few that really captures his essence. Most of his figures are a little off to me.
    13 days ago
    I have a few Banpresto figures, they were some of the earliest I got.
    Banpresto was the first company I really liked.
    "If prize figures can be this good then there's not much point in shelling out for scales"( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
    There are some misses of course, i've gifted some and sold some, but i love the ones i have now and no intention of giving them up lol
    13 days ago
    I only have one figure of theirs so far, that being ITEM #664015. So unfortunately I can't form that solid of an opinion. That said, I really like the detail they put into the sculpt for that particular figure. The sculpting of her clothes is done in such a way that it actually looks like fabric and that's really neat!
    13 days ago
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