Grail Figure Review: Onmyoji Ootengu 1/8 scale by Hobby MaxGrail Figure Review: Onmyoji Ootengu 1/8 scale by Hobby MaxReview

teddyshireteddyshire13 days ago
Hello today I will be reviewing the Ootengu 1/8 scale figure by Hobby Max. He’s from the turn-based strategy game Onmyoji (not allowed in the database as the source and manufacturer are of Chinese origin)


This figure has been a grail for me ever since reviewed the Jr. Ootengu BLOG #46301 and I found out he existed from the comments. He is a Chinese exclusive figure not to mention he was released in 2018 so the only available place to get him is Taobao. But even with available listings sellers just didn’t ship him, so I got Yue instead ITEM #464229. I stopped looking when all listings for him disappeared, even the super expensive ones, also not gonna lie shipping with DHL was more expensive than I was willing to pay. Then life things happened, I quit my job and decided to change careers, studied and got a job in the new field so I felt a bit more secure with my finances and decided to hunt for him some more – a reward if you will for all my hard work. After another failed attempt – pay proxy, proxy orders for me, seller never ships, I get a refund, I found a listing for an opened copy so I got him, and he’s here!!!!

-Box and Packaging-

The box dimensions are: length – 28cm, width – 23cm, height – 28.5cm. The design is pretty simple with a big picture of the figure on the front and some characters and patterns on the sides in gold, also there are no windows to see the figure from outside the box.


No pictures of the blister as I was too excited to wait for the right light to take pictures but it was standard and did its job of protecting the figure.


Ootengu came in 8 pieces – figure, base, support rod, 2 tassels, fan and 2 wings. Here’s the instruction sheet:


Assembly wasn’t too difficult until it came time to put the wings which gave me quite a workout. You have to align them properly and then push super hard to get them in and also be careful to place the support pole just right. There’s a bit of a gap but I just can’t push them in any further.


-Base and Pose-

The base is the only thing I dislike about this figure. It’s just a plain black circle and a dust magnet at that. There’s also a support pole in the back to support the wings but at least it’s not too noticeable. Also I don’t get the design choice of the step thing, they could have thought of a more creative object to perch him on, a rock for example not this indistinct shape.


The pose is so good though, the spread wings and lean back give the illusion of flight. I can just imagine him falling backwards and making a pirouette in the air. He looks best displayed on or above eye level.










-Sculpt and Paint-

Sculpt and paint as a whole are fantastic I can’t find any issues.
Wings are amazing with their huge size and beautiful ombre effect. I love the satin finish to them. The sculpt is almost identical on both but as he’s expected to be viewed from one side so they give the illusion of being different:



His pants are sculpted and shaded beautifully, the fan is pretty great too:



The mask at the front has a glossy finish and with its vivid red color brings a great contrast to the figure:


His sleeves are black with glossy finish and golden trim, hands are sculpted very delicately:



He has red tassels on both sleeves giving sense of movement:



His collar has this cool pipe design:


And I’ve saved the best for last – the face. His hair is painted and shaded in a great ashy blond color:


-Size comparison-

He’s kinda small looking - 21cm in height and 29cm wing span. I was expecting to display him together with his Jr. version (Jr. Ootengu 1/8 scale by Myethos also not in the database) but I don’t like them that much together:


He’s a little disproportionate to Yue's 1/8 scale figure ITEM #464229 even though they’re the same scale and are by the same company they don’t match that well:


I like him most next to my Kaworu figure by Megahouse ITEM #835965:


As you can see I like winged figures quite a lot so here’s a shot of all of them, too bad they don’t fit on a detolf shelf or I would display them together :)



-Enjoyment and Conclusion-

I really like him – traditional clothes and wings are my aesthetic. I’m looking forward to the Ootengu Royal Gold figure by NetEase which is scheduled to be released next year: myanimeshelf.co...

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think of him or tell me about your grail figures :)
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FakePsychotropic11 hours ago#102934103Very beautiful male figure. Wish we got more of them.
I feel the same way especially of male characters with wings :)
9 hours ago
Very beautiful male figure. Wish we got more of them.
11 hours ago
MugenTrain12 days ago#102434666Never heard of this character but very nice review! He looks greatThank you very much. I haven't played the game but the character design is great so I had to get him :)
12 days ago
Never heard of this character but very nice review! He looks great
12 days ago
M4DAO13 days ago#102403166yue should be good with ITEM #909164
both have white big wings
height may different tho
Thank you I considered getting her but I didn't like the closed eyes expression plus I like to collect male figures :) Otherwise I'm sure they'd look lovely together
13 days ago
yue should be good with ITEM #909164
both have white big wings
height may different tho
13 days ago
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