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mimi_collectmimi_collect13 days ago
so one thing i absolutely love and have been able to finally indulge in because my amazing boyfriend is resin statues, both he and i love them and over the past few months ive come to know them pretty well like companies,average prices,whats worth it whats not ect but one thing that continuously irks me is this

most resin statues are produced my unlicensed companies (this is not bootleg) in limited quantities but quality wise its stunning, the paint,the posing,the size, imbedded leds for a large amount of them. everything about them hits home and the prices tend to fall between 300-500 and sometimes 600 if theres a lot to it i.e 2 or more characters,larger 1/4th scale and up ect. which seem extremely reasonable, still expensive dont get me wrong but theres more to it then regular pvc figure so i feel the price is justified

it starts to get annoying though when licensed companies do them as most resin statues done by licensed companies tend to be 1500+. i have the devilman crybabay statue that cost me 3000 cad from figurama then theres the 2 current AoT licensed resin on pre orders for 2000+ usd and that 2000-2500 usd mark seems to be the average for licensed which is wildly ridiculous

i feel licensed companies with resin statues is such a greedy money game as unlicensed and licensed pretty much produce the exact same product but that licensed title marks it up literally thousands of dollars at times not counting after market pricing in this . like both companies have limited run on their products,both are large and made of resin with some exceptions,both can carry leds. so what what is the massive hike in price for other then just being greedy and ridicules

of course there are always exceptions like id expect a 1/1 scale to be extremely expensive and so on but just the average resin ones being 1000s of dollars apart for pretty much the same product seems wild to me . dont get me wrong i love both unlicensed and licensed as i own multiple from both sides but i just find it ridiculous

what do you guys think of the ridiculous price hike with licensed figures when the quality of companies are pretty much the exact same

edit: i understand companies spend money on licences and rights and that costs extra money all im saying is the 1000+ hike up for it is ridiculous, you dont need to send me private messages getting mad or insulting me over this?
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Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
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12 days ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
I mean... everyone's kind of mentioned it already. Since the companies are actually paying for the licenses it makes sense. Prices are insane but it's understandable to me in this case. They have every right to make it more expensive since they're actually paying for the rights to produce them.
12 days ago
Ren_Amamiya13 days ago#102426891I don't recall saying it was illegal or not, I just said it was IP theft. Profiting off some one elses creative ideas or work.
It's sort of a grey area, honestly I would imagine the two main reasons the IP holders don't take action are... The company in question is outside of their region. And the amount of unlicensed resins being made isn't enough to make it worth making an issue over.
@OP, ugh sorry people are sending rude/harrasing pms, buy what you love and just block the rude ones xD
I'm not entirely sure what the moral question is here, since it's well known the fanwork scene is a win-win for everybody involved and that law was made that way almost specifically to let it keep on going. I don't really have anymore opinions on this so don't ask me Xb

More importantly, rip op
13 days ago
Melian13 days ago#102420578 -

I don't recall saying it was illegal or not, I just said it was IP theft. Profiting off some one elses creative ideas or work.

It's sort of a grey area, honestly I would imagine the two main reasons the IP holders don't take action are... The company in question is outside of their region. And the amount of unlicensed resins being made isn't enough to make it worth making an issue over.

@OP, ugh sorry people are sending rude/harrasing pms, buy what you love and just block the rude ones xD
13 days ago
I own 2 unlicensed resin statues and they are amazing! It’s a risk though given how quality control tends to be all over the place with the manufactures, but when they get it right, boy do they get it right. I do agree on the crazy price hike of the licensed statues, that is crazy!

Also sorry to hear you’ve been getting targeted for your opinion with mean comments, just ignore em.
13 days ago
TheClive13 days ago#102416838-Ren_Amamiya13 days ago#102403397-Since some people seem to not know, here's some info:

"Antragsdelikt", known as "shinkokuzai" in Japan, means something that is only illegal if the victim sues. Up until a few years ago, all copyright infringement was antragsdelikt in Japan, now it is a normal crime. This means selling bootlegs and recasts is always illegal now.

However, derivative works are still antragsdelikt. This is why doujins, fanmerch, unlicensed figures, etc, don't need to ask permission to sell and are perfectly legal, so long as the copyright holder doesn't have a problem with it.
13 days ago
Unlicensed products are intellectual property theft, plain and simple. Yes, a lot of them are really cool and more companies should license resins... but I won't support theft of any kind. The reason they are cheaper is because they are not paying the people who own and/or created the character/show in order to use it.

EDIT: I agree that resins (and figures) in general are sometimes drastically overpriced, and it can be said that such rising costs drive people to the alternative market, no denying that, but it still doesn't make it right.
13 days ago
As someone who has both types of resins, I think the issue is that licensed companies just have a lot more costs associated with producing figures, like licensing costs. However, beyond that, there is not much difference. I have not had more issues getting replacement parts for unlicensed versus licensed since both tend to take a while or just offer partial/full refunds.

Personally, I liked unlicensed for simpler characters (i.e. Pokemon) that really do not have good alternatives for licensed resins. These types of characters are easier to sculpt accurately without files from the owning companies.

Characters that require very careful design/photorealism/original files from the owners to design an accurate sculpt are often better licensed. Prime 1's Jurassic and superhero lines and Tsume licensed resin anime figures are good examples. Unlicensed figures generally do not look very accurate for these types of designs, especially in the face area.

Personally, I base decisions on the complexity of the sculpt, size, and cohesion of the base with the character(s). I am willing to pay for licensed resins if they meet all of these criteria well and fit in my yearly figure budget. If I can't get them now, I just put them on my list to hunt later. If the licensed versions look terrible or there are no good alternatives, I look to unlicensed. For unlicensed, I will not bother to buy unless I really like them and generally won't look on the aftermarket.

Personally, I would prefer to buy all licensed resins, but I feel that some companies are ignoring the market available. Pokemon, Yugioh, Digimon, and many others regularly have small-to-large unlicensed resins ranging from $100-$500 produced in small (usually under 100) numbers that sell out quickly. I think this is a lost opportunity for the companies, who could probably make a decent amount of money by cracking down on unlicensed and commissioning their own.

I also think the cost for licensed resins needs to be controlled better. I have Prime 1's Godzilla (over $2,000), and because of its size and detail, I think it is worth it. Their Jurassic line is also generally reasonable for the size and detail of the dinosaurs and bases. However, when simple characters or smaller scales go for $500 or more, they are probably charging too much. Likewise, when superhero/human figure lines keep increasing in price with each figure despite not looking much better than previous figures, the cost can get too high. I think the rising prices on simple and smaller resins, as well as generally increasing prices is also driving people to unlicensed.
13 days ago
To be fair, the licensed statues will always cost more because of licensing fees, but I also think their operating costs are higher and more unpredictable. They don't have the run limits that unlicensed statues have, so they might have to produce a bigger batch. Meanwhile unlicensed statue makers can count on a constant, calculable operating cost. I do agree the quality can be more or less the same, but licensed really can't compete with unlicensed in terms of price. There might be some markup as well for profit, but I think it's more operating costs that really explains the difference.
13 days ago
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
To be fair the big legal elephant in the room is that licensed figures' companies have to pay for licenses and distribution rights unlike unlicensed figure companies... and those legalities aren't cheap :B

I do understand the frustration but that's the give and take deal. Luxury good companies don't make figures to purely share in joy of artistry with the public, they do it to milk every cent out of a consumer base as possible (and we can comfort ourselves minimally that sculptors, illustrators, designers, and creators are sort of compensated through the line). Quality definitely has not increased proportionately to the price hikes of course, I'll die on that hill, but there's also give and take there. If my pretty plastic is more expensive bc the manufacturer has to pay workers more due to improving worker conditions in China for example, that kind of ethical exchange isn't entirely baseless. Do we demand cheapest highest quality possible at expense of the labor force? But then realistically, how much of that extra profit actually goes to the laborers and not further lining pockets of the already rich higher ups. It's all a can of worms, so many worms.
13 days ago
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