What is your “instant buy” figure?What is your “instant buy” figure?Ask MFC

AtsunomeAtsunome10 days ago
Hi MFC, a quick question today!

So, I was just looking at certain figures on my wishlist, thinking “If I saw this on any (trustworthy) shop for ANY PRICE, I would instantly buy it!”

I don’t know if there is a term for it, but it’s the feeling when you would be willing to spend any amount if money (well, maybe not ANY amount of money, but still quite a lot) on a specific figure in a specific condition.

For me, it’s Lotte’s Nendoroid sealed and with her PO bonus (ITEM #594250). Like, if I saw that on amiami or something I would press that ‘add to cart’ button at lightning speed.

So yeah, does anyone else have ‘instant buy’ figures? If so, what are they?

Thank you for reading!
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Do you have ‘instant buy’ figures?

14%Yes! So many!
63%Yes, a few.
13%Yes, but only one.
9%No, I already got all of them.
2%No, I never have.
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the second this gets re-released or i find him at a reasonable price and not like 700€ im going to cop
ITEM #589806
8 days ago
Anything Dimitri from fe3h. The fact that he got nothing still blows my mind. That's why I had custom statues made of him and edelgard post timeskip. I'm not waiting around for nothing lol.
But if anything ever drops...my wallet can take the hit with joy.
8 days ago
As soon as I found out it existed, I knew I had to get ITEM #1072423

I searched all over the place and all the preorders were closed and I was so sad. But today! A preorder slot opened up while I was randomly googling and I was able to secure one! So happy
9 days ago
I've had a couple!!

These two aren't released yet but I'll absolutely be buying them as soon as they go up: ITEM #1226081 ITEM #1226082

This one was less of an insta-buy and more of a 'I found this stupidly cheap so I'll buy it straight away' ITEM #166616

But I think this was technically my only insta-buy, I waited for it and pre-ordered the day it went up! ITEM #1087581
9 days ago
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
I'd happily go into even more debt for a Guzma figure.
9 days ago
Not one that's released yet, but if Doppo ever gets a scale figure I'll 100% buy it no matter the price (assuming it looks good ofc).
9 days ago
the person i become when i see precure figures on amiami preowned is the fastest button clicker in the world haha
9 days ago
this and this.

i hit the preorder button hard af on kyoko and am waiting for mami like cray cray.

in terms of old things, i can't really think of anything figure wise i'd drop $$$$$ on instantly.
10 days ago
Kaido P.O.P if re-released or close to RRP
10 days ago
After years of me complaining she finally happened: ITEM #491287.

In the reveal video F4F hinted at a future possibility of an Aika statue and Vyse statue from the same game - so those would be my next instant buys.
10 days ago
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