Comments What is your “instant buy” figure?

  • the second this gets re-released or i find him at a reasonable price and not like 700€ im going to cop
    ITEM #589806
    12 days ago
    Anything Dimitri from fe3h. The fact that he got nothing still blows my mind. That's why I had custom statues made of him and edelgard post timeskip. I'm not waiting around for nothing lol.
    But if anything ever drops...my wallet can take the hit with joy.
    12 days ago
    As soon as I found out it existed, I knew I had to get ITEM #1072423

    I searched all over the place and all the preorders were closed and I was so sad. But today! A preorder slot opened up while I was randomly googling and I was able to secure one! So happy
    12 days ago
    I've had a couple!!

    These two aren't released yet but I'll absolutely be buying them as soon as they go up: ITEM #1226081 ITEM #1226082

    This one was less of an insta-buy and more of a 'I found this stupidly cheap so I'll buy it straight away' ITEM #166616

    But I think this was technically my only insta-buy, I waited for it and pre-ordered the day it went up! ITEM #1087581
    13 days ago
    Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
    I'd happily go into even more debt for a Guzma figure.
    13 days ago
    Not one that's released yet, but if Doppo ever gets a scale figure I'll 100% buy it no matter the price (assuming it looks good ofc).
    13 days ago
    the person i become when i see precure figures on amiami preowned is the fastest button clicker in the world haha
    13 days ago
    this and this.

    i hit the preorder button hard af on kyoko and am waiting for mami like cray cray.

    in terms of old things, i can't really think of anything figure wise i'd drop $$$$$ on instantly.
    13 days ago
    Kaido P.O.P if re-released or close to RRP
    13 days ago
    After years of me complaining she finally happened: ITEM #491287.

    In the reveal video F4F hinted at a future possibility of an Aika statue and Vyse statue from the same game - so those would be my next instant buys.
    13 days ago
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