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SyringepuppySyringepuppy1 month ago
Thank you for all the feedback on this and the great heads ups. I appreciate it all

If I get banned for this life goes on lol

Where do I even begin with this seller (as days pass since I bought something from them I'm getting worried if I was scammed) now I payed $130 including shipping for this figure and I understand because of COVID in the United states there's alot of issues and delays with mail so I want to give the benefit of the doubt but its now been 12 days and like I said I'm extremely worried.

Now this guy found me through reddit his @ is (hiding his @) from what me and him exchanged over the past couple weeks he is a brand new seller and I was the first person he ever sold to (slight redflag because he approached me about a grail when he's unsure on how to sell figures)

He told me he has "too many figures to count" and wants space and just trying to make some extra money, but doesn't understand the terms "Prize" or "Scale" so another red flag definitely.

Only chooses to use Ca$happ, which is an issue because they don't cover scams like Paypal does (tried convincing him to use PayPal and it didn't really work)

Another thing is I kept telling him to get a Google doc together so he can sell these figures he desperately were wanting to sell. Like I said he stated he had "to many figures to count" and if he were that desperate for any amount of money he could just sell them on MFC, Reddit, Depop, Mercari etc...

The biggest issue that got me so worried is the fact he was trying to sell me other figures and was begging me for more money. This wasn't one occurrence it was multiple times. It took him 2 days to dig for this figure and inbetween this time period he was trying to sell me other figures that were spendy and I just didn't want at all (because again he messaged me about this figure telling me he had it, and thank god he did)
(Begging for money meaning asking me for an extra $50 when I told him I'm on a budget)

Now there are some things he did that were good things, the best one being he drew out his @ on a piece of paper in front of the figure so really great reassurance about a scam. (Even better about the @ was me and my partner asked him to put his car keys in front of the figure and he instead did the @)

I guess the only other good thing was his digging through some sort of storage to find the figure, now it took him 2 days to do this and he wasn't (and still is) not good with responding quick even though he is active on Reddit and I can clearly see lol
But he went through alot of effort to give me pictures and such of this grail of mine.

Now if my figure turns up by the end of the month (HOPEFULLY NOT BROKEN OMG) I will possibly take all of this back, I'm genuinely frustrated and just wanting this grail. Now if this figure doesn't show up I will probably report him for scam and get in contact with Ca$happ to get my money back because this is extremely annoying.

Now I'm done with my rant :)

(Btw most of these red flags ended up happening after I bought the figure from him)
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Never trust anyone online. Always do PayPal goods and services no matter how much of a good deal it seems.
1 month ago
That’s awful, so many red flags and I’m sorry your excitement and happiness of the grail turned out to be just someone messing around, hopefully they did ship the figure to you :(
1 month ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Yeahh... too many red flags to go through with that purchase for me. Like the last person said, having too many figures to count and not even knowing the distinction between prize figures and scales after acquiring that many is already a red flag. I always pay with Paypal too because of their security. If the seller is forcing you to pay with something else then it's also a no-go on my end, especially if they approach you first. Very scammer-like activity.
1 month ago
Be more wary next time around. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

You don't want to deal with someone begging you for money, because while they can be desperate/unprofessional and maybe still give a smooth transaction, it's just not a good business practice. Never deal with a seller who is panhandling you.

If one is unsure of how to sell figures, they research that first unless they're impatient, and then just gain experience. Again, maybe someone will let you know they're new to something so you know they're getting the hang of things, but it opens the way up to making excuses too. The cluelessness/innocence disarms people. And a figure collector either comes to know what a prize figure is from intuition, or they know from a google search. You don't accumulate figures until you have "too many to count" without knowing the distinction. In short, look out for "unrealistic" people.

Not familiar with Cashapp but never go through something that doesn't cover scams. If a seller won't adapt to a payment method that protects the buyer, they're either going to make less sales and eventually switch, or if not, they are probably a scammer.

I know I sound chastising, and that as you mentioned red flags came up after the fact, but I wanted to point out this stuff for the future. A lot of a scam is building one's character into being convenient for their target, like "I have your grail, get more desperate as you see I'm on Reddit but not communicating to you." Good luck on getting your money back or by some chance, getting the figure.
1 month ago
Just get your money back asap
1 month ago
Syringepuppy ♡ sonico slut ♡
gutturalsnug1 month ago#102500676You might wanna get your money back now.
On e-cigarette scammer list
r/toyexchange post mentioning him specifically
On r/toyexchange scammer list

I appreciate the list, thank you again, gonna be filing for a refund and are already in contact with Ca$happ !!
1 month ago
jup seems to be on multiple scammer lists
1 month ago
Yeah… you might want to search that username on reddit. Multiple posts about how he’s scammed people :/
1 month ago
Man this sounds like hell, i'm sorry you're going through this. Hope it goes well. x
1 month ago
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