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Mew-Lidia9Mew-Lidia912 days ago
A bit late today, but here’s figma Eren Yeager ITEM #166898 I preordered him way back when, hoping to get the whole cast…only to have the next few be exclusive >_> Why?!!!!!

Anyway, on to the accessories!
He naturally comes with the figma bag and stand, L-shaped connector piece (which broke T_T), then an extra wrist joint, 4 pairs of extra hands and 2 extra faceplates (which are sculpted with quite a lot of detail, it's not often you see the folds of the skin on wrinkled brows). He has a green cape with the Scouting Legion emblem on it (It’s made of a thick, soft pvc), with a clear peg, so it can plug into his back, 2 swords (with detachable blades), the vertical maneuver gear ( it’s lightweight and the cables are a soft pvc), 2 ‘wires’ that can be plugged into the gear to make them look like they are being launched (super tin and fragile, and I broke one), 2 effects parts for the wires, a smoke effect part for the gear when moving, 2 hooks with rope attached, so you can suspend the figure in the air, and an extra piece of rope.

His poseability is standard for figmas (post #200), but he also has a hinge on his toes and a swivel at the thighs and a joint at the base of the neck.

The jacket and the ‘skirt’ around his waist are made of soft pvc, so that the posing isn’t inhibited.

Most of the paint is pretty accurate, with the most flaws around the belts. I don’t know if it’s the case with other figures, but the emblem on the back of his jacket is rubbing off around the hole for the stand.

My biggest issue with his paint though, is his neutral faceplates’ mouth. Unfortunately, it’s hard to catch on camera, but his mouth is ever so slightly painted too low, so from one side of his face, he looks like he has a huge upper lip, and from the other side it looks like he has 2 mouths almost on top of each other. I don’t know if my eyesight is too sharp or something, but I’m the only one that noticed it when I made an Ask MFC article back when I got him.

His skintone is also a pretty unusual color by figma standards (at least compared to what I own), it’s a more brownish/yellowish tone than what I’m used to.

He’s pretty fun to play with, although, not as well balanced as my Mikasa (more on her tomorrow).

The sculpting is pretty nice as well, although for some reason, he’s shorter than my Mikasa (she was made 1st), even though canonically they are the same height at this point in the series.

The biggest problem with this figure, is that it doesn’t really have any character specific accessories, although we already have quite a few things.

On the shelf, he looks lonely at the moment ^^;

Overall, he’s super fun to mess with, even if he isn’t a favorite character, and I should catch up with the series lol, maybe save up to get the other figmas, and hopefully we’ll get more characters ^^.
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Scones12 days ago#103821663Nice review, thank you for it.
Thank you, glad you liked it <3
11 days ago
Nice review, thank you for it.
12 days ago
Tweezey12 days ago#103815624Love this one!
Thank you <3
12 days ago
Love this one!
12 days ago
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