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SuperJetStarSuperJetStar3 days ago
Hey everyone! It's been a long time since my last loot article and this one is very self-explanatory.

When I first started collecting in February 2020 I got 2 bunny girls and told myself I didn't need anymore. All the "falling down the rabbit hole" stuff I would hear about was something I thought I was immune to. That immunity lasted for 6 months when I got a third bunny girl. Not a big deal right?

By February of 2021, 1 year of collecting later I got 4 more, including my first BINDing bunny. You can probably guess what happens next.

Fast-forward to November 2021 and I picked up 6 more bunny girls, nearly doubling the collection. So much for immunity huh?

I did get one figure that isn't a bunny girl that I'll put in the spoiler below.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/11/13/2912071.jpeg

A nice, "simple" figure that appeals to me in all the important categories. Hair and eye color, pose and expression, body shape and breast size, all pass with flying colors. The armor, sword and shield all look great and I love the blue "skirt" she's wearing. Even the base exceeded my expectations. And of course, she's a cast-off which is always a nice bonus. Very easy to take her top off on and put it back on and she looks great both covered and topless.

And now, the rabbit hole awaits. My photography skills aren't very good and the best camera I have is pretty old so don't expect much but I did my best. Also you can skip all the text/rambling/heavy gushing and just look at the pictures if you prefer since there's quite a bit of it. Especially the gushing.


Teletha was a lucky find but a great find. I love her salute pose and the blue bunny suit looks wonderful. Compared to the art it's based off of, the face is better in the art but the figure wins in every other category which I say is a good thing. Her breasts are smaller/quite modest compared to all the other bunny girls but they look great so all is well. A fantastic addition to the collection.


Ever get a figure that turns out way better than you expected? That describes this figure perfectly. She's one of the older B-Style figures so I didn't expect much in terms of quality so I was very surprised how good the quality is, especially her hair.

The pose is wonderful and I didn't realize how much I loved it until I finally put her on display. And of course she's got a big happy smile (which is a borderline requirement for me to buy a figure) that really fits her pose and gives off a "Welcome!" vibe which I would love to see more with future bunny girl figures.

She also has a VERY tiny base which saves a ton of space and I wish they all had small bases like hers (when possible at least). It's also black instead of white which I think is an improvement and is less "distracting".


Ever see a figure that's 95-99% perfect but has just one element about it that holds you back? In this case it's her expression which I don't care for BUT everything else about her is literally perfect. After much debate I eventually convinced myself not to let a "small stain" ruin what is otherwise a perfect figure and I'm glad I did. And after seeing her in person, I'm not even bothered by the expression. Helps that it's a bit hard to see thanks to her hair and barely noticeable from a distance so it all worked out!

Blue is my favorite color and this shade of blue is basically my favorite. The "multi-color" look with the reddish color on the ears and bow and the gold trim around the suit really makes it stand out. Even the white shoes have some charm to them and it would be nice to see more "multi-color" bunny suits like this in the future. When it comes to colors, this is my most beautiful figure and the blue is such a joy to look at. Simply gorgeous!

I love her pose and her hands are positioned perfectly. Doesn't get much better than this! She's also noticeably perky in the front and, as someone once said, "juicy" in the back which makes me love this figure even more.


Ever see a figure that, while you could live without, if the opportunity arose you'd buy it? That describes this one for me. Never imagined I'd ever get my hands on her but when I had an opportunity to grab her I did and it was so worth it!

Unfortunately her right ear broke in transit! So using my very amateur gluing skills, I attempted to fix it and I was successful. If you look closely you can see my "work" and that it's not very clean or professional but my goal was to keep it in place and that goal was achieved. Luckily it's not super noticeable in person and I'm sure many people wouldn't even notice if they don't look hard enough.

Another figure with a fantastic laying down/sitting pose and her expression fits the pose perfectly. Really love the purple bunny suit and I'm glad they included the fan which gives it a nice touch (although it was basically required.)


It's also nice to have a video game based bunny girl for once as I come from a gaming background and not an anime one.


I like to call this figure "Claire at the Casino". She's my second BINDing figure and is about the closest you could get to my "dream girl".

Originally I hesitated getting her because of shame/judgment from people because of the chain collar. But after enough time and certain events I stopped caring about/stopped letting other people's thoughts/views dictate my life and I got her without hesitation and it was one of the best decisions I've made in this hobby. It's kinda funny because the chain is optional (which is a nice bonus on its own) so I still could've avoided shame/judgment/people thinking I'm into that stuff but now I have the best of both worlds.

Literally everything about her is perfect to me. Long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, perfect skin tone, a beautiful/perfect body and the stockings are the best I've ever seen on a figure and are soooooo sexy. The "holes" are much bigger than the standard tights have so you can see her legs through them. The detailed trim at the top is beautiful and much better than the "black line across the top" that you see with other figures with thigh high stockings. Finally, the garters are a great touch and add to the sexiness. Bunny outfits with garters look very stupid and out of place to me but in this case where she's wearing a different kind of bunny outfit it works perfectly.

The casino style bunny outfit is a nice alternative to the standard/classic one and looks fantastic! I love the pink on the bunny ears, the bow and the little hearts. The chain is really nice too and I think she looks better with the chain collar than without it.

And since it's a BINDing figure she's a full/complete cast off and that's where she really shines. She looks fantastic with or without her clothes but I think she looks better with her naughty bits exposed. Despite that, I'm glad to have the option for both as I usually prefer having them cast-on but I do like to display them cast-off at times too. That, and any figure that is exclusively cast-off with no "cast-on" option is an automatic "no-buy" for me.

After seeing pictures of other BINDing figures with only a small red slit for their genitalia I was concerned that this figure would suffer the same fate. Thankfully, that isn't the case and Claire's "jackpot" turned out very well.

Finally, the box is very pretty. (Excuse the flash)


Maybe BINDing should change their name to BOXing cause their boxes are very beautiful and sturdy and they make all other figure boxes very cheap and flimsy by comparison. I hope whoever does the boxes for BINDing gets paid good because they do very good work.

This was the most expensive figure I've ever bought but my gamble paid off and I left "the casino" a winner! This is without a doubt one of my favorite figures in my collection and worth the long wait for her.


The "highlight" of this haul. I debated getting her when she was up for pre-order but she sold out way faster than I expected and I felt instant regret for missing her. But for some reason my luck in this hobby is very good and I was able to find her back at the end of October. I even got her for cheap because of some mild box damage which made it all the more satisfying.

This is also one of those figures that exceeded my expectations. I LOVE the pose! It's on the "simple" side but everything about the pose hits me right in the sweet spot. She's got a somewhat goofy but cute looking smile and a great body! Nice and big! And of course, there's her legs. I didn't realize how deprived I was of bare legs and how much I enjoy them until I took her out of the box.

I love the bare leg versions of bunny girls and I did have one already prior to this one but I would love to have more. I'd gladly "convert" my entire collection to bare leg versions if it was possible but for better or worse FREEing keeps making bare leg versions of figures I don't like/want which is good for the wallet but disappointing at the same time.

The dark blue bunny suit looks very nice and her hair is very impressive albeit very "big". Wasn't sure about the black heels instead of matching dark blue but they turned out very well and look good on her. The base is HUGE and way too big but it's colored a beautiful blue so it does balance out but only because of the color and I hope they don't make such large bases in the future.


Always wanted to get a scene like this. Three bunny girls extending their hands greeting you and saying "Welcome!" as you make your way inside a club, casino or anywhere else that seems appropriate. Thanks to Cecilia this scene is now a reality. All that remains is to get a group shot of all the bunny girls in my collection one day.

Well, that's everything With six more bunny girls the collection nearly doubled this year. They really do multiply and it only takes one to fall down the rabbit hole which is very real. Still, they're my favorite kind of figures to collect outside of video game based figures and I hope to get more in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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Nice loot. Many nice buns!
3 days ago
Nanookty3 days ago#103935618Aye, started in 2019 with my first bunny, belldandy. Then few months later got both her sisters. Thought this will do, I have all there goddesses. Nope I now have two more on the shelf with three more coming. That is 8 bunnies now. Plus about to preorder a second binding one aswell. Not including 5 i eyeing for next year. This hole is deep but fun.

You could say this bunny rabbit hole goes deep huh xD
3 days ago
Aye, started in 2019 with my first bunny, belldandy. Then few months later got both her sisters. Thought this will do, I have all there goddesses. Nope I now have two more on the shelf with three more coming. That is 8 bunnies now. Plus about to preorder a second binding one aswell. Not including 5 i eyeing for next year. This hole is deep but fun.
3 days ago
3 days ago
Ayyyy, some great bunny girls that you've gathered together here! That pic towards the end of 3 together shows how a figure can actually turn out better when in a pair than alone. Like I wouldn't consider picking up just 1, but because you mix 'n match suddenly the appeal is there.

Anyway maybe unpopular opinion but my fav of the lot is #3 partly because of that expression haha, with a close second being bunny #5 for a reason you highlighted. Indeed, the stockings really stand out and I'm surprised by how good they look. I wish the bunny girls I have had a bit of sexy stocking variation but alas, that part is all the same for em!

Oh yeah, and the collar is actually pretty hot; now imagine you find a figure which'll look good holding that, wouldn't that be interesting :^)

Finally regarding bunny ear woes, that did seem to happen pretty often before they started making ears detachable and having to 'equip' em yourself. I did glue mine perfectly, except by pure chance I bumped into it slightly with my hand later on and it broke off again ;_; now the ear is just lying next to her lmao. Maybe one day I'll try again...

All in all, noice :D
3 days ago
take123 Bunny Farm
Welcome to the bunny trap. There is no turning back now.
3 days ago
Nice collection. ^^ I only have one 1/4 figure at the moment.ITEM #872935. Pre order ITEM #1292327. I might get hooked on collecting more. @.@
3 days ago
Good choices, I have Teletha and Sumire. I used to the original (not bare leg) Cecelia.

Currently these two are my in-hand (and displayed!) favorites: ITEM #740245 and ITEM #1102597.

However looking forward to getting these: ITEM #1273736 and ITEM #1213507.
3 days ago
I love bunny figures :). Thanks for sharing. I have ITEM #1007528 and ITEM #1088547 ordered. Im hyped for their arrival. As for pre orders I am waiting for ITEM #872945 to be pre orderable.
3 days ago
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