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Julia125Julia1251 month ago
So with Christmas Eve only a week away, I figured I'd ask everyone what figures you all want for Christmas, for those of us who celebrate it. Anything you're hoping to get this year? Anything you'd want, even if you have no chance of receiving it as a gift? Or anything you're gifting to anyone else?

Though he might be too expensive, I'm hoping to ask my parents for ITEM #1359350 this year. What about everyone else?
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I'm buying ITEM #1276315 for myself
1 month ago
I got to give my friend a figure they've been looking at for the holidays, and it made me really happy to do so! In turn, I also got a surprise in turn figure-wise, a nendoroid of the character Buccellati from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures! It's is now the most important item of my little collection due to the sentimentality, haha.
1 month ago
I bought the girls frontline Lee-Enfield figure and ITEM #3671 for myself this Christmas.The former has arrived but I’ll probably get Gwendolyn some while later since it’s being shipped through sea Mail. I usually get money for Christmas so I’m probably going to use whatever I get plus some of my own money to order the Myethos winter begonia figure.
1 month ago
I sometimes ask for and have received figures as Christmas presents :)
But since I already have a lot of figures and can afford a figure myself if I want it or scout for good deals since I don't want me or anyone else to overpay, I'd rather buy them myself.

While I didn't ask for figures this year, I did wish for merch in general though :) My sister and I decided that we wanted to get fanmade merch for each other this year. Since she's really into Genshin Impact, I got her keychains made by some of my favorite local artists and as far as I know, she got me something similar as well! I also asked for some clothing items from the Omocat x Hololive collab, but I think they won't arrive in time, which is not a problem for me at all though!
1 month ago
I never ask my mom for figures why? Cause she’ll then know the price of them haha she would smack me good if she found out how much they actually costed
Anyways I just got myself a 43” monitor and a few books and art stuff(pencil set and two sketchbooks) not much else cause the monitor is very expensive (same price as my tv was but same size haha) anyways I don’t celebrate Christmas cause I find it stupid and my family is a bunch of drunks so I stay away from most of em and most of the time Christmas is a shitty time for me too cause I’m gonna be one year older at the very end of January haha ):
1 month ago
i don't like to bother my parents with my plastic collections and would rather ask for something they find as useful. but i did ask for ITEM #693386 as it's my favorite manga and my mom rescued the entire tokyopop series from the recycle while sorting through library book donations. read that series dozens of times since high school and i love it so much. i knew it would feel important if i got that particular figure from my parents.
1 month ago
Sadly I’m not getting anything for Christmas this year but last year my sister bought me ITEM #921111
1 month ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
As a joke pick, I put down "build a bear espeon" for Secret Santa at work as one of my suggestions lmao
1 month ago
My parent let me choose a figure so I chose ITEM #740148 Lol, we got it for a steal!
1 month ago
i do ask for figures for christmas, but i never expect any ^__^’ i managed to get my drossel charming figma for my birthday one year, but i think the only christmas figure i’ve ever received is my jyushimatsu nendoroid lmao. oh! i bought myself ITEM #166032 as a xmas gift, she’s my first 1/4 and first sonico, she’s very pretty.

i’m hoping for a voucher to an aussie figure shop, which is a more likely gift than a figure itself, and it’s a bit more personal than just cash. preferably one for anime at abbotsford, they’re my usual ;-) kaika would be okay too. my family doesn’t really get or understand figure collecting, but something like 100-150AUD would be perfect, enough for a nendoroid and/or some blind boxes! i got a voucher for a curiosities shop last year, so this could be on the cards :-D

bought some anime related gifts for others tho,, i bought a friend a big luna plush toy through neokyo ( ITEM #1021310 ). her mum is likely gonna kill me for it (she hates the idea of collecting junk), but i bet she’ll love it! i got a pikachu make-up case for another friend, and a tiny hinata figure for another, but i gave it to them early. buying gifts is really fun :-)

edit: i remembered i’ve gotten quite a few non-anime figures for christmas (like a set of kidrobot gorillaz figures, it was my main gift that year and i cried lmao), just not anime ones.
1 month ago
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