How do you store figures accessories?How do you store figures accessories?Ask MFC

MaidragonMaidragon27 days ago
Hello MFC! I was opening some boxes and saw a lot of accessories that I would like not to store inside the boxes, specially nendoroid ones. So I searched arround many sites and found out that most people actually keep them in the box and the ones that actually use accessories have many kind of boxes or custom storage.

Do you keep them inside of the original box or do you use something else?

Pictures are always apreciated!
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How do you store figures accessories?

66%I just keep them inside the original box
32%Got some boxes to storage accessories
1%I made custom storage boxes!
0%Accesories? I don't storage anything lmao
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Toolbox, use seperators for different things e.g a section for nendoroid faceplates, extra hands, one for swords, one for heads. Probably should have bought a deeper box to be honest, there was a size bigger. It's full to the brim now, i need a new one.
26 days ago
skylinedo BANNED
Gutted freeing aiz box. Figs base not required to stand got put in a diff box. I don't remember whose
26 days ago
I use deck boxes, you know, the ones you're supposed to carry trading cards in? They have nice anime themed designs as well :P
26 days ago
Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
I put the smaller parts in the baggies that the bases frequently come in, and tape them shit and wrap them so they can't move, and put them in a container for sewing supplies with doors that swing out. Faceplates go in this box with a divider (I'm not sure what it's for and where it came from, as I was given them). Bigger accessories have their own box. For scale parts, I either wrap them up and put them in a drawer, or leave them in the box.
26 days ago
Maidragon Horns lover
warmkaito27 days ago#105046103i also do labelled bags per nendo / figma inside one large box, with each bag having smaller ones if needed so there's no chance of paint transfer or scuffing. i feel like a box / compartment for each type of part or each nendo might be too much space even still for myself, and since some figma came with bags, it makes it easier for themI wish Nendos also came with bags like figma. They're really useful
26 days ago
Maidragon Horns lover
billowsandsmoke27 days ago#105046068I have one of these (I only spent like $25 on it though) and I taped some little labels on each drawer so I know where everything is.Honestly looks perfect for multiple nendos. I might actually get one and do the same
26 days ago
Maidragon Horns lover
Julia12527 days ago#105046021I throw all the Nendo accessories into their own Ziplock baggie and then put all the Ziplocks into one big plastic storage bin. It's easy to sift through them all and you can just write on each bag for the character it's for. Easiest way to do imo, especially when you have a lot of Nendoroids. Putting the parts back into the original boxes seems like way too much work and not reasonable for me since I store the boxes away in the basement.
Other figure accessories (like extra parts and such) for scales and Figma also go in Ziplocks but in their own box.
Easy and nice, specifically if you don't have too much room (since individual boxes might be too many). Thank you!
26 days ago
Original boxes for me so I know exactly where any accessories would be if I am ever in need of them.
26 days ago
I use these! www.aliexpress....
26 days ago
I use two of these for extra nendo/figure parts (I have a lot of nendos): canada.michaels...
What I do is I put the extra parts in a ziplock bag by character (or multiple characters to one bag if one doesnt come with a lot of parts to save space/bags) They work really well you can get them at the micheals craft store and they arent very expensive and hold quite a lot.
26 days ago
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