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Another diary for myself this year, read if you want but it may be long!

ꕥ Figure Additions

Added a lot of figures to my collection this year, even more than last. I’ve been collecting for a while but most of my collection has really been from the past two years (2021 included).


All of the additions this year are in a spoiler below since it’s a pretty big list. Everything is in the order I received them. Everything is pictured above so below are the item links.

List of 2021 additions to the collection: 137 total (including resins and non-MFC figures)
View spoilerHide spoilerGray PUP (ITEM #996383)
Lucy PUP (ITEM #996381)
Kaneki PUP (ITEM #1000561)
Kotoko (ITEM #872711)
Tanjiro prize (ITEM #845450)
Siluca (ITEM #676034)
Beatrice (ITEM #995686)
Cú Chulainn Berserker (ITEM #604018)
Beach Frankenstein (ITEM #740278)
Nero Claudius Idol Emperor (ITEM #464748)
Zenitsu Nendoroid (ITEM #931669)
Bride Kanzaki (ITEM #675960)
Mineta (ITEM #943158)
Asuna prize (ITEM #945049)
Emilia (ITEM #995684)
Casual Albedo (ITEM #899435)
Giyu (ITEM #872632)
Crystal Emilia (ITEM #929485)
Sakura Nendoroid (ITEM #136458)
Syaoran Nendoroid (ITEM #464586)
Senkuu PUP (ITEM #1007055)
Megumin PUP (ITEM #945888)
Aqua PUP (ITEM #945881)
Rem prize (ITEM #775106)
Sakura prize (ITEM #581702)
Nezuko prize (ITEM #946009)
Lio PUP (ITEM #872745)
Galo PUP (ITEM #872743)
Medusa prize(ITEM #906100)
Ana prize (ITEM #876175)
Ana prize (ITEM #872988)
Osakabehime prize (ITEM #806373)
Chino prize (ITEM #845478)
Inosuke Nendoroid (ITEM #931670)
Bride Maekawa Miku (ITEM #675986)
Gothic Asuka (ITEM #901527)
Kimono Saber Alt (ITEM #795652)
Kingu (ITEM #846045)
Merlin (ITEM #604482)
Giyu water breathing (ITEM #1038894)
Nezuko prize (ITEM #977817)
Lucy (ITEM #117970)
Hawks prize (ITEM #967241)
Gilgamesh in throne (ITEM #872720)
Bride Saber (ITEM #276879)
Bride Setsuna (ITEM #936126)
Small Might prize (ITEM #945026)
Kasen Kanesade (ITEM #335553)
Clear Card Sakura (ITEM #675835)
Tsumugi prize (ITEM #199615)
Yoko prize (ITEM #7056)
Perching Tanjiro (ITEM #995023)
Perching Zenitsu (ITEM #1021465)
Rengoku flame breathing (ITEM #1087597)
Jeanne d'Arc (ITEM #604001)
Rengoku prize (ITEM #1024692)
Erza PUP (ITEM #1051291)
Goblin Slayer PUP (ITEM #806091)
Dazai PUP (ITEM #1055060)
Atsushi PUP (ITEM #1055064)
Giyu Nendoroid (ITEM #931671)
Motorcycle Saber (ITEM #78585)
Haise Sasaki (ITEM #675900)
Shalltear (ITEM #740444)
Bride Albedo (ITEM #946214)
Ishtar (ITEM #872749)
Hyakkimaru (ITEM #945857)
Rocket Beat Sakura (ITEM #720151)
Tamaki prize (ITEM #982014)
Gothic Tenshi (ITEM #945966)
Suzaku (ITEM #919622)
Ereshkigal (ITEM #947339)
Tsurumaru Kuninaga (ITEM #331641)
Yagen noodle stopper (ITEM #805658)
Kimono C.C. (ITEM #63273)
Rei prize (ITEM #145554)
Ushio prize (ITEM #342765)
Sakura Miku prize (ITEM #1036612)
Sakura Rem prize (ITEM #1036524)
Emperor Lelouch (ITEM #72239)
Perching Inosuke (ITEM #1063192)
Kocho Shinobu prize (ITEM #988380)
Akutagawa PUP (ITEM #1101651)
Megumi Nendoroid (ITEM #1054559)
Merlin prize (ITEM #1044548)
Yui noodle stopper (ITEM #760343)
Sakura Miku noodle stopper (ITEM #1036478)
Oshino Shinobu (ITEM #78406)
Huang Pao-Lin (ITEM #110979)
Karina Lyle (ITEM #119295)
Saitama (ITEM #447747)
Alice noodle stopper (ITEM #881415)
Levi (ITEM #851356)
Eren (ITEM #851355)
Astolfo (ITEM #624644)
Benimaru (ITEM #1034810)
Corrin Nendoroid (ITEM #464601)
Sakura school uniform Nendoroid (ITEM #675919)
Kamina Nendoroid (ITEM #651234)
Tanjiro layer scape (ITEM #1136881)
Hestia (ITEM #302025)
C.C. (ITEM #675821)
Gajeel (ITEM #88290)
Nezuko layer scape (ITEM #1136883)
Senkuu (ITEM #1073711)
Nezuko (ITEM #836925)
Shinobu insect breathing (ITEM #1073707)
Echidna (ITEM #1043751)
Sakura Pinky Promise Nendoroid (ITEM #1096758)
Rengoku prize (ITEM #1141850)
Rengoku prize (ITEM #1058716)
Gojo Nendoroid (ITEM #1054561)
Kallen (ITEM #1019064)
Inuyasha Nendoroid (ITEM #904678)
Merlin prize (ITEM #945975)
Sinon Sun Goddess (ITEM #805897)
Leafa Land Goddess (ITEM #805896)
Rengoku prize (ITEM #1251921)
Natsu (ITEM #946035)
Perching Kanao (ITEM #1071546)
Maka and Soul (ITEM #1327)
Yamanbagiri (ITEM #549353)
Asuna Goddess of Creation (ITEM #805895)
Himawari (ITEM #169877)
Deep Sea Miku (ITEM #143923)
Madoka prize (ITEM #1126498)
Nobara Nendoroid (ITEM #1054560)
Sitting Asuka (ITEM #72684)
Misa (ITEM #399)
Rengoku (ITEM #1087245)
Roy (ITEM #1072422)
Riza (ITEM #1074593)
Rengoku Nendoroid (ITEM #1087587)
Sitting Levi (ITEM #542990)
Lyndis (ITEM #1065088)
Mermaid Miku (ITEM #1074950)

Resins added: 2

Additions in terms of series:
View spoilerHide spoiler(137 total)

Angel Beats: 1
Attack on Titan: 3
Bungo Stray Dogs: 3
Cardcaptor Sakura: 6
Code Geass: 5
DanMachi: 1
Death Note: 1
Demon Slayer: 26
Doctor Stone: 2
Dororo: 1
Fairy Tail: 6
Fate: 20
Fire Emblem: 2
Fire Force: 1
Fullmetal Alchemist: 2
Goblin Slayer: 1
Gurren Lagen: 2
Inuyasha: 1
In/Spectre: 1
Is the Order a Rabbit: 1
Jujutsu Kaisen: 3
Kantai Collection: 1
Konosuba: 2
K-On: 1
My Hero Academia: 4
Monogatari: 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2

One Punch Man: 1
Overlord: 3
Promare: 2
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: 1
Record of Grancrest War: 1
Re:Zero: 6
Soul Eater: 1
Sword Art Online: 6
The IDOLMASTER Cinderella Girls: 2
Tiger and Bunny: 2
Tokyo Ghoul: 2
Touken Ranbu: 4
Vividred Operation: 2
Vocaloid: 4
White Album: 1

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Figure Orders/Pre-Orders

I don’t know why I didn’t add this section last year, but here it is for this 2021. Again, this list is in a spoiler since it’s pretty long (most of it consists of Demon Slayer figures lol). These have all been (pre)ordered either this year or last and I’m still waiting on them, but it’s basically everything that has yet to come.


List of figure orders/pre-orders: 67 total
View spoilerHide spoilerKenshin vs Shishio resin (ITEM #756849)
Marth (ITEM #1164515)
Bride Taiga (ITEM #1065062)
Yuuji Nendoroid (ITEM #1054557)
Kanao (ITEM #943134)
Jean Bart in dress (ITEM #950072)
Baby Nezuko (ITEM #1017060)
Tanjiro (ITEM #1017061)
Zenitsu (ITEM #1048548)
Inosuke (ITEM #1048551)
Perching Nezuko (ITEM #1116828)
Perching Shinobu (ITEM #1116825)
Perching Rengoku (ITEM #1116826)
Ram noodle stopper (ITEM #1130064)
Gojo (ITEM #1085472)
Tanjiro (ITEM #1191262)
Nezuko (ITEM #1191264)
Perching Muichiro (ITEM #1159122)
Yuuji noodle stopper (ITEM #1073983)
Kirby (ITEM #1198324)
Kocho Shinobu Nendoroid (ITEM #1144035)
Bedivere noodle stopper (ITEM #1216345)
Sagisawa Fumika prize (ITEM #1215248)
Zero Two uniform ver (ITEM #675949)
Naofumi PUP (ITEM #1122771)
Rengoku DX ver (ITEM #1087733)
Gojo noodle stopper (ITEM #1073981)
Darkness PUP (ITEM #945864)
Natsu PUP (ITEM #945902)
Makomo Nendoroid (ITEM #1087586)
Perching Tengen (ITEM #1188499)
Giyu (ITEM #1176958)
Kocho Shinobu (ITEM #1176960)
Perching Obanai (ITEM #1216422)
Tanjiro prize (ITEM #1190489)
Hyakkimaru and Dororo resin (ITEM #990676)
Mini Rengoku (ITEM #1297346)
Kenshin PUP (ITEM #1185497)
King Bradley/Wrath (ITEM #1072424)
Perching Mitsuri (ITEM #1324803)
Shinra (ITEM #863392)
Rengoku Q Posket (ITEM #1185738)
Ling/Greed (ITEM #1072423)
Perching Sanemi (ITEM #1216473)
Natsu Nendoroid (ITEM #1131780)
Kiss-Shot (ITEM #872797)
Kujaku (ITEM #736697)
Sakura prize (ITEM #634008)
Asuna (ITEM #806122)
Enterprise (ITEM #1103260)
Rengoku (ITEM #1087581)
Asuka prize (ITEM #740199)
Sakura prize (ITEM #944999)
Kikyo PUP (ITEM #1228476)
Rengoku PUP (ITEM #1087572)
Bride Kurumi (ITEM #1055754)
Formal Dress Scáthach (ITEM #675981)
Elaina (ITEM #1137468)
Kocho Shinobu (ITEM #1087580)
Spike and Faye (ITEM #862077)
Inuyasha PUP (ITEM #1209165)
Kagome PUP (ITEM #1209168)
Raphtalia PUP (ITEM #1122774)
Mako PUP (ITEM #1155353)
Ryougi (ITEM #166817)
Sesshomaru PUP (ITEM #1213434)
Kenshin Nendoroid (ITEM #1185353)

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Figure Cancellations

Had only three cancellations this year, two of them refunded from TOM (most likely for restocking issues) and one refunded from GameStop for my card declining.

Cancelled this year: 3 total
ITEM #1108097 (TOM)
ITEM #1007039 (TOM)
ITEM #1136884 (GameStop)

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Figures Sold

After 6/7 years of collecting, I finally sold my first figure this year! By now, I’ve sold 14 figures so far and currently have a list of 36 more up for sale. Honestly I’m planning on going through my collection again and adding even more to the list to get rid of.

This was the first time I went through my entire collection and looked at what I really appreciated and what I didn’t care for anymore. I was really hesitant on selling anything for the longest time but after finally getting rid of some prize figures, I realized I didn’t miss them at all and it was actually pretty refreshing to get the money and space back. Pretty much every figure I got rid of/have yet to get rid of is a prize figure so clearly I have to hold back on impulse purchasing them.


Sold this year: 14 total
View spoilerHide spoilerInuyasha (ITEM #1274)
Midosuji Akira (ITEM #236209)
Rin Tohsaka (ITEM #263985)
Rin Tohsaka (FELE) (ITEM #676337)
Todoroki (ITEM #695657)
Saitama (ITEM #782041)
Ochaco (ITEM #802606)
Inosuke (ITEM #842601)
Zenitsu (ITEM #844966)
Giyu (ITEM #850348)
Tsuyu (ITEM #909418)
Bakugo (ITEM #909419)
Lancelot Berserker (ITEM #912347)
Mash (ITEM #1042614)

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Other Merchandise

Wanted to add this section again since, while it’s not figures, it’s still relevant. Just like last year, almost all of my extra spending went towards figures and not really anything else but I was still able to get quite a bit of merch to add as well, though not nearly as much in relation to the figures. I have no idea what wall scrolls I added this year so I’m not even going to bother adding those. Some items are multiple but not duplicates, every individual item is different.

Merch added this year:
View spoilerHide spoilerDS Rengoku style towel
DS mini button set
DS mini canvas (x4)
DS series acrylic riser (x2)
DS Rengoku acrylic riser (x3)
DS fanart wooden panel
DS Rengoku plush (x3)
DS Giyu plush
DS Keychains
DS Rengoku resin sword
DS Rengoku resin bust
DS Rengoku Sword replica
Hunter x Hunter fanart wooden panel
Dororo acrylic riser
Guilty Crown acrylic riser
Cardcaptor Sakura acrylic riser
Jujutsu Kaisen acrylic riser (x2)
Crunchyroll Hime acrylic riser
My Hero Academia Tamaki fanart pillow
My Hero Academia Tamaki plush
Super Mario block bank
Super Mario mini Koopa Troopa figure
Super Mario mini Koopa Troopa racing figure
Jujutsu Kaisen mini plush (x4)
PUPG pocket watch
More fanart and wall scrolls
+some more unnamed miniatures

A lot of the merchandise isn’t official or on the database, but I still love to collect it. Pictures of most of what I got this year:


꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Shopping Habits

Like last year, the majority of my collection this year was bought from Tokyo Otaku Mode, mainly because of the free shipping over every $150 spent (for most figures) and money back. Been on the fence about not using TOM due to their higher prices and shipping methods (which cause everything to get delayed by months) but the amount of money I’ve saved on shipping is the main thing keeping me a premium member on there.

Otherwise, I made my first purchase from Mandarake this year! The site is interesting a little difficult to navigate but a good source for figures overall. Unfortunately the shipping prices were insane and doubled the prices of what I ordered on there. Because of that, I ended up not buying a lot and even cancelling a few orders so I just stopped using it.

Also got banned from AmiAmi this year :( Made too many purchases that doubled in price after shipping was calculated and backed out on them. That’s another huge thing keeping with me TOM: the payment method. I found out a lot of people actually prefer the “buy now, pay later” method, but I absolutely hate it considering the stores don’t factor the shipping prices into the initial quote. Shipping prices always ended up being way too expensive and the amount of cancellations I made got me banned so that sucked -_-

I also made my first purchase from Favor GK this year, a resin statue/figure site. Got some recommendations from users on MFC and reassurance that it was a legit site so I made a few purchases from there, most of which have yet to actually arrive.

I made a huge purchase on eBay, my most expensive purchase yet actually. Bought an unofficial Rengoku vs Akaza resin statue from Hero Belief Studio for $1,200 total after shipping. This was a huge gamble because of the amount of shady sellers on eBay, but I took it anyway since I was desperate for this thing and couldn’t find it anywhere else. I only took the risk though because of eBay’s new policy where the seller won’t get paid until the item is delivered to the buyer so they wouldn’t really benefit from ripping me off. Plus, there obviously aren’t any bootlegs of this thing since it’s unofficial anyway so it paid off in the end. It ended up being my favorite thing I own to date so I was extremely happy I went for it.

Another purchase from Figurama Collectors as well: ITEM #990676. Super excited for this one since Dororo is one of my favorite shows!

Finally, I bought a number of figures from sellers on MFC again. Thankfully I still haven’t had a bad experience with anyone on here ripping me off so fingers crossed that that luck keeps up. I did have a few sellers sell something to someone else before I could make the payment but after I had already inquired about it, but thankfully no issues with payments. Made a list of everything I got, though it’s not in order.

Figures bought from MFC users in 2021: 23 total
View spoilerHide spoilerMisa (ITEM #399)
Yoko (ITEM #7056)
Maka and Soul (ITEM #1327)
Emperor Lelouch (ITEM #72239)
Motorcylce Saber (ITEM #78585)
Gajeel (ITEM #88290)
Sitting Levi (ITEM #542990)
Nero Claudius Idol Emperor (ITEM #464748)
Saitama (ITEM #447747)
Hestia (ITEM #302025)
Tsumugi (ITEM #199615)
Himawari (ITEM #169877)
Lucy (ITEM #117970)
Yamanbagiri (ITEM #549353)
Merlin (ITEM #604482)
Astolfo (ITEM #624644)
Bride Kanzaki Ranko (ITEM #675960)
Asuna Goddess of Creation (ITEM #805895)
Leafa Land Goddess (ITEM #805896)

Trading figures
Sakura (ITEM #10101)
Meer (ITEM #12931)
Shibugaki Matsuri (ITEM #18450)
Eren (ITEM #213352)

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Collector's/Limited Editions

While I didn’t receive any exclusive purchase this year, I did make a pre-order for a limited edition resin: my Figurama Collectors purchase, ITEM #990676. I’m actually still waiting for ITEM #756849 to come in which I ordered from them in 2020 but has yet to even finish being made. I also ordered some more resins from other sites that are limited in quantity but all of them are unlicensed so they won’t be on this database.

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Room/Display Changes

My collection has finally outgrown my bedroom this year! I have a pretty large bedroom but my collection has finally gotten to the point where I can’t properly display it all inside it so I’ve bought a large cabinet for the hallway for more scales.

What it currently looks like:

I’m currently working on trying to get more shelves for the pre-orders I have coming as well, since I still need more space. I don’t have a solid goal for what furniture I want to get yet, like I did last year, but I know I need more space. I’m also planning on making a shrine! I’ve always felt weird about shrines but after falling in love with Kyojuro Rengoku, I knew I wanted to make one. I’m super excited to get it put together, though first I have to find a designated spot to make it (then I have to actually wait for the rest of his merch and figures to come in).

I did not complete my room this year like I had planned to do last year. My room changed a lot since last year but I still have a corner to finish, my gaming corner. I had wanted a PC but I’m not sure how realistic that is anymore, especially since I’ve been thinking about how much I’d actually use it. It’s still a possibility, though I’m mainly focused on getting shelves up in that corner and setting up all my gaming figures there. Other than that, my room is pretty much exactly what I wanted. I have two spaces that I’m waiting for resins to come and a few more figures to rearrange but I’m very happy with my room overall.

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ Pros and Cons

*Got lots of figures!
*First purchase from Mandarake
*First purchase from Favor GK
*New cabinet for figures

*Insane amount of delays (for both orders and pre-orders)
*Got banned from AmiAmi :(
*Excessive inflation (shit’s way too expensive now)

꧁ ꧁ ꧁ _ _ _ _ _ _ ꧂ ꧂ ꧂

ꕥ 2021 Figure Recaps

First figure of the year: ITEM #996383

Last figure of the year: ITEM #1074950

(not in order)

*Favorite Scales Acquired
ITEM #604018
ITEM #872720
ITEM #945857
ITEM #72239
ITEM #1065088
https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/28/2833684.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/12/31/2961044.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/12/31/2961047.jpeg

*Favorite Prizes/Non-scales Acquired
ITEM #872632
ITEM #1087245
ITEM #342765

*Favorite Nendoroids Acquired
ITEM #1087587
ITEM #904678

*Favorite Trading Figure Acquired
ITEM #18450

*Single Overall Favorite Acquired
Rengoku vs Akaza Resin Statue by Hero Belief Studio

(Pre-orders [including reruns] from this year that I really wanted but couldn’t afford)

ITEM #994530
ITEM #166816
ITEM #1187981
ITEM #806092
ITEM #806391
ITEM #1213390
ITEM #675280
ITEM #1207476

End of Year Total Counts:

Figures added this year: 137
Figures owned: 411
Figures ordered/pre-ordered: 67
Figures sold: 14
Figures for sale: 36
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It makes me really happy to read that ITEM #18450 was your favorite trading figure! :) It's also a very cute display you made for her!

Also nice blog! I would like to do something like this as well, but I don't document everything I buy/sell in a year that well. ^^''
11 days ago
Julia12520 days ago#105164107Thanks! Bought him from www.favorgk.com... He has a sword that goes with him but I haven't opened it yet.

Oh that's legit! May have to check out their other stuff
20 days ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
AcePlatinum21 days ago#105141071What a cool bust of Rengoku! Where did you get it?

Thanks! Bought him from www.favorgk.com... He has a sword that goes with him but I haven't opened it yet.
20 days ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
buffoon21 days ago#105141004I'm not sure which is more impressive - your collection or the work and effort you put into this post! Both are awesome :) I really enjoyed reading/looking!Guy939421 days ago#105140891That's amazing!!

Thank you! It took me way too long to make this thing so I'm glad it's appreciated ^^
20 days ago
What a cool bust of Rengoku! Where did you get it?
21 days ago
I'm not sure which is more impressive - your collection or the work and effort you put into this post! Both are awesome :) I really enjoyed reading/looking!
21 days ago
That's amazing!!
21 days ago
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