Comments Figures you really like but don't care about their series

  • I only collect from shows I enjoy. I don't care how nice looking a figure is. It helps to keep the collection under control I think. I also like to have an attachment to my figures.
    5 days ago
    MetalSam25 • O n l i n e •
    Fate series and Re Zero
    6 days ago
    I don't watch Overlord, but I love how Albedo looks. I currently have this one: ITEM #946214 and have pre-ordered: ITEM #1051980

    I'm a sucker for the 1/4 bunny scales, even if I don't know the series... so I have Raphtalia: ITEM #1051030 and Erza: ITEM #740277 coming in. I do intend to watch Fairytale one day, but idk
    6 days ago
    I've tried watching Re:Zero a couple of times now and I just can't seem to get into it. after having seen the SAO movie, as well as my own creative endeavors, I know that I do like isekai sort of things! but I just can't seem to get into Re:Zero.

    however, I really love Rem, Ram, and Emilia's designs. so far, I only own a couple of Rem figures, and this one is my favorite: ITEM #932885

    some of the figures are just too pretty/cute- especially the scales, but I don't see myself going out of my way to ever pick up a scale.
    6 days ago
    I picked up the Figma Tracer a couple of years back. I'm trash at Overwatch and I honestly could care less about the series as a whole. The one thing I do admire about Overwatch though is their character designs. Even if you don't like Overwatch, they have some really great character designs that look good on a shelf. Tracer is my favorite character to use in the game and I think her design is absolutely perfect. She definitely goes well with my other female Figma figures.
    6 days ago
    for me it depends on how easy it is for me to get into whatever the figure comes from... like i give myself "leeway" for im@s and touhou characters because even though ive never seen them in canon ive seen enough fan content to develop attachments to certain characters. ill also get figures of characters from series i havent finished in their entirety if i liked certain characters enough. aaaand theres a lot of like original characters/mascot characters that i feel like im missing contect for (e.g. os-tan) but theyre based on content that is largely made by individual creatives in japan that will never be translated into english
    6 days ago
    Azur Lane. Definitely Azur Lane. I got into Arknights to pre-order this beauty ITEM #1198323 and am trying to do the same for Azur Lane but I cannot, for the life of me get into it. I just don't enjoy it. I'm considering getting the figures regardless and just treating them like original characters in my own head. But I would still rather know the characters first.

    For context - the cuties in question:
    ITEM #919629
    ITEM #999414
    ITEM #1045835
    ITEM #1072883
    ITEM #1286311
    ITEM #1226265

    Granted. Maybe my wallet's better off if I don't get into this. XD
    6 days ago
    GollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
    I try to stick to material that I know. And if I don't know it, if I like a figure enough sometimes I'll try to get into it.

    There's also the times where I'm into a series but I fall out of it yet still keep the figures I've bought. For example, I lightly played Neptunia a bit, not into it anymore. Haven't even played them all and don't think I've finished a single game but I still love my Neptunia figures: ITEM #198386 ITEM #549620 ITEM #556892
    6 days ago
    I really only get figures from shows/characters I really like, and this is true for 99% of my collection.

    I guess the two exceptions in my collection are: the Kongo bust (ITEM #287766) from Kantai Collection [I thought the show was OK) and then Miu (ITEM #117663) from Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (once again, thought show was just OK)
    6 days ago
    RizZaY6 days ago#105618082I seem to be a part of a very small potion of collectors. I just buy what I visually like, like Figures with great design or looks. I dont even know most of my figures names tbh. No need for any "attachment" to the character it displays.
    To put it simple: If it appeals my eyes I'll buy it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    same here, i started out collecting characters i like but now i care more about how they'll look in my display and i'm satisfied with it :3
    6 days ago
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