Stupidest thing that's happened to you while opening something?Stupidest thing that's happened to you while opening something?Ask MFC

NKAGoroNKAGoro15 days ago
I somehow cut my finger on an acrylic stand today, was bleeding and everything:')
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haileybraun14 days ago#105598595

this is the worst..just reading about it hurts
13 days ago
ponytail on ITEM #889378 breaking clean off the second I tried to take her out of all of that plastic. contacted GSC for a replacement part immediately, and they delivered! only, well over a year later due to COVID restrictions.

I am happy to say I have her on display and she looks perfect, but I had to be SUPER careful when putting her back together.
13 days ago
MetalSam25 • O n l i n e •
Breaking the damn thing ITEM #1055941 had to get a new one
13 days ago
NayanMori Addicted to this site
I got this (ITEM #942146) horrendus figure for Christmas and the hair points are literally so sharp they punctured me while I was trying to put her on her base. The figure didn't come with instructions either and I broke a nail trying to replace her tongue with the long one! It was also almost impossible to put her on her base too, took me literally 2 days to figure it out...
13 days ago
I usually cut myself on the pop up parade boxes, their so sharp plastic but horrible to cut yourself. xc
13 days ago
This is now my favorite discussion-

But when opening my hyakkimaru figure i spent 5 minutes looking for his arm sword, only to find that it was still taped in the plastic thing. I spent 5. whole. minutes. looking for that thing
i was positive i lost it
13 days ago
OnePixel Power of God & Anime on My Side
otaku_club13 days ago#105603914 -snip-
This hurt to read, honestly, I can see myself doing this, there's some comfort in knowing I'm not alone.
13 days ago
I thought I bent a flexible part of a figure while opening it.
I straightened it.
The figure could not pose correctly.
I realised it was meant to be bent.
I bent it back.
I broke it.
13 days ago
before nendoroid changed their packaging, i used to tear the skin where my nail is by trying to open it up
14 days ago
The amount of sharp little pieces that have gone under my nails……..
14 days ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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