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Is a type classification still necessary for a non-plush good item entry? I cant find the alert anymore but I recall seeing one a while back about whether to use ENTRY #65474 for ENTRY #153992. I've had the type removed by MOD for some additions since it is not marketed as such on their JP title (usually its just "origin + tomonui + vol #") so I was wondering whats the recommended practice for this.

I assume we only use the original language (JP in this case) as main reference for entry but TSUKASAA pointed out that plush mascot is used in their English version page. I personally think "marketed as such" only applies to original language version but if a type classification is required/recommended, the eng site gives a good reason to use ENTRY #65474.

This might also applies to other productlines such as ENTRY #207499 ENTRY #232826 ENTRY #133409

Many thanks.
1 year ago
ruthiehallarsis1 year ago#109481829Hi! How do we add classification?On the "Add an entry" page, which is shown by hovering your mouse over the Databases tab on top of the web browser, scroll down to the Entries section until you find the word "Classification" in smaller font. Click the "Pick" button, use search words to find the classification entry you want to add, then click "Pick."
1 year ago
Hi! How do we add classification?
1 year ago
This article is gonna help a LOT on editing old entries!! Thx a lot! <3333
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