Comments First sale in years

  • I always get thin bubble wrap to put around the figure inside since I think the original soft plastic is hard to wrap again
    1 year ago
    hamfox ham
    I’m so excited to get Sallya <3 but I don’t mind waiting at all! I appreciate you taking the time to pack her properly and get a proper shipping quote so much. Thank you Tia!
    1 year ago
    Thank you for this, I'm planning on selling off some figures and a lot of merch, and honestly the idea of going through with it is giving me anxiety. I have a spreadsheet that is almost finalized with what I will be selling, but I keep putting it off. My job keeps me busy but my main concern is making the process as smooth as possible for myself and whoever decides to buy from me. I get worried I'll ship something out and it will get lost or damaged, and I now have to eat the cost of shipping and lose out on a bit of money.

    I suppose I can wait until I reach a period where I'm not as busy to ensure nothing can go wrong, and if it does, I have prepared some form of insurance at least.
    1 year ago
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