One Piece - Sanji - Portrait Of Pirates Strong Edition - 1/8 (MeOne Piece - Sanji - Portrait Of Pirates Strong Edition - 1/8 (MeReview

RezRez10 years ago

this is my first review, and I chose to begin with the cook of the mugiwara : Sanji.
English is not my native language, so please read this indulgently, or do not read !

This figure is based on the movie One Piece : Strong World.
Megahouse almost finished to create the whole collection of Strong World characters : most of them wear suits or evening dress, and hold huge guns.
The collection's quality is excellent... Well, it seems now we can say : WAS excellent...

Now let's review this figure of the "Black Leg" Sanji !

  • The sculpting itself is simple yet good. Unfortunately, the piece is on a single block and there are no extra parts to change the head or the arms if you wanted your Sanji to enlight his cigarette for example. The head is very small.

  • My opinion about the painting is quite balanced : the suit, shirt and shoes are really well painted. The guns are nicely detailed too. The chain coming out of his pocket has some little paint troubles.
    But the head is really disappointing :
    Hairs are very close to gray, and the eye of Sanji never seems to look towards you, whatever the angle you choose to look at him.

  • The pose is really basic, and not even customizable with extra pieces. The head can not be turned. There's absolutely NO angle where you say to yourself : "This is a killer pose !".
    No angle with a cool pose, no angle with a direct look... How am I supposed to display it ?

  • The base is the one you all know from the P.O.P series. The color is quite well chosen. The box art is also the same that you can find on all other Strong World or P.O.P figures, but this is the most little one in the series.

  • This might seem a little bit severe but I'll rate the figure 's enjoyment with a 6. Every other figure I own has at least 1 good angle, which makes me love it. This one has none. And this eye looking nowhere is so much frustrating too.

I hope this review will help you make your decision about buying or not Sanji. This is a character I really love in the manga, and I was waiting confident for this Strong World release. The figure is not a bad figure, but it stands clearly under the quality of the entire collection.
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well although i agree with you about the pose .. which yeah .. isn't anything special ... his face makes up for that. :3 i mean DAMN! megahouse ... that's how he looks like .. not like his Neo POP .. so in the end .. i don't care for the pose! next to SW brook and franky SW sanji is my favourite POP from the strong world line. *__* it's just so much like the real deal.
10 years ago
Glad to see I'm not the only one complaining with the pose.
10 years ago
your completely right, there's no killer pose...Megahouse should have put more effort into Sanji.
I only need him to complete the collection, and I got him at the 40% off sale, or else I would have skipped him entirely.
10 years ago
He's ok though .
10 years ago
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