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Y A .- .F U C K I N .-.T T A ~

This is such a huge moment for me. I never thought I'd get both of these!

For context: These are all Kuji (lottery) figures, which I'm sure most of MFC is pretty familiar with. In case if people reading this don't know, these tickets are sold in various stores in Japan (or online). You buy a ticket and you are guaranteed to receive a prize. They are typically labeled as A-E (or whatever) in addition to a "Last One" prize which is given to the person who buys the last available ticket. Last one prizes are either special color version of figures or unique items, depending on the lottery.

In some lotteries there are also "W Chance/Double Chance" figure prizes. I am really not sure how the logistics of this works (fill me in, MFC users!) but there are a VERY limited number of these prizes available, usually 100. They also typically come with a letter congratulating the winner on receiving the double chance figure.

Star Platinum has TWO W Chance Prizes. I finally completed my collection of both! There are two Ichiban Kuji Series that have W Chance Star Platinum figures. I have divided them into two sections with each item (listed in order it appears in the photo) below it!

I'm so proud and happy with how my JoJo and Star Platinum collection has developed!

一番くじ ジョジョの奇妙な冒険第三部 スターダストクルセイダーズ~WHITE SIDE~
Ichiban Kuji JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Stardust Crusaders ~ WHITE SIDE ~


117265 Standard
117290 W Chance

一番くじ ジョジョの奇妙な冒険Part3 スターダストクルセイダース〜やれやれだぜ〜
Ichiban Kuji Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken Part3 Stardust Crusaders ~Yare Yare Daze~


223707 Standard
223709 W Chance
223708 Last One

Together at last!


~ A E S T H E T I C . V E R S I O N ~

Thank you so much for checking out my article!
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suta_pura o r a ✩ o r a
AcePlatinum4 days ago#110916200HOLY MOLY you did it. I have to officially crown you as the number one Star Platinum fan.
I have only seen the blue ichiban kuji white site a few times (for an obscene price, I dont want to ask how much yours was) and the purple version of the yare yare daze once so congrats on getting these!
Now if we can only get some new Star Platinum figures from Part 6 or 4....TT
The blue ichiban kuji I lucked out on Manda for like... $110. But, as you can see in the pics, the box was a bit jacked up. I paid... some money for my purple yare yare daze boi... the seller actually offered me a discount and upgraded my shipping for no cost! I still spent some money, though. Send me a PM if you want to know what I paid! <3 I would DIE for a Star Platinum from Part 6 or 4....
1 day ago
suta_pura o r a ✩ o r a
dahliakujo2 days ago#110960908OMG that's amazing! These Star Platinum's are incredibly gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy for you, that purple star is such a rare find omg! I adore how much love you put into your Star collection ♡ ~('▽^人)THANK YOU!! I'm so happy right now!! I have a few more extremely rare (and EXPENSIVE) pieces to get, but maybe someday I'll get them!!
Much love to you! Hope you're doing well!!
1 day ago
dahliakujo ♡ Jotaro ♡
OMG that's amazing! These Star Platinum's are incredibly gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy for you, that purple star is such a rare find omg! I adore how much love you put into your Star collection ♡ ~('▽^人)
2 days ago
Your dedication and hard work is admirable. Accomplishing the extremely difficult!
3 days ago
ORA ORA ORA ORA! What a success! And a flashy article to boot - congrats!
3 days ago
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
nice!! im happy for you!! nice collection too :D
3 days ago
Grats chief. Ya-fuckin-tta indeed and may I say that your article is looking absolutely fabulous. :D
3 days ago
madokaa Moon Prism Power Make Up!
congrats! they look epic all together lol
3 days ago
wow congrats, you have one of the best star platinum collection!
4 days ago
Nice nice fellow JoJo Stan(d User)
4 days ago
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