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AngelzMelodyAngelzMelody5 days ago
Hey MFC! I really want to start taking pictures of my collection!
The thing is I don´t own a camera..Is it possible to take good pictures with a phone?
Any advice on how to edit or make the pictures look good in general?
Thank you! <3
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Camera’s in most smartphones nowadays are really good. The biggest difference is that the ISO is lower. If you aren’t planning to print your photo’s in a very big format the camera on your phone will be ok. :)
3 days ago
Ruttsu Offline
I only take pics with the iphone/ipad now, we just need to have a good lighting or lighting source to avoid having to spend time processing the pics afterwards, and if you wanna take shortcuts I'm sure there are plenty of apps that will allow you to take good pictures without much effort.
4 days ago
Agree with all the comments below.
I suggest to fiddle around with settings and take same photos with different lighting condition on full auto, semi-auto, full manual mode then compare with each other to see if it's good enough to your liking. You will know if phone is good enough or not.

I like low noise photo and I find my phone on auto mode is better for this, I get sharp and less noisy photos as long as I leave my device decide ISO.
I have a rog phone 2 with 48mp and when I touch ISO my photos become too noisy to my liking. Or at least it does now indoor with artificial lighting using a softbox point at the ceiling, I see a big difference btw full/semi auto VS setting ISO manually with my phone. But it could be different with natural light or pointing light directly on my subject I don't know can't check now it's late at night.
4 days ago
depends what phone model you have tbh, i have an iphone 12 and i think my pictures usually come out not terrible

i suggest playing around with settings on your phone camera to your liking
5 days ago
This Poor Man's Guide to Take Photos BLOG #28390 is for you. It focuses a lot on light and colors.

Sadly Imgur photos doesn't appear in the article and you have to open links in a new tab to see them.
5 days ago
It's been said already but good lighting can make your crappy phone camera perform like a canon. Make sure your phone can use depth of field (blurring backgrounds) automatically to remove blur on closeups.
For editing I use GIMP or if there's a lot of lighting involved and I want to grade the picture better Davinci Resolve.
5 days ago
I use an Iphone 13 for my photos in my reviews. Im not very good with technology but the phone as a lot of auto focusing which means I don't really have to do any of the more technical stuff. I am currently looking for a nice camera though I think my photos will come out a lot better. I just depends on the model of phone you have.
5 days ago
tomura shigaraki ♡
phone photography is great with now nice the newer model phone cameras are, and most of the major ones have "pro mode" with settings like a typical dslr.

your best results will be in lots of natural lighting or lots of lighting in general. phone cameras tend to get grainy/blurry sometimes to so i suggest not zooming and manually moving closer to the objects instead.
5 days ago
Yes I have all of my photos done with my phone they can turn out pretty good what kind of phone do you have?
5 days ago
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