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Titan_ScientistTitan_Scientist5 days ago
Hey, it has been a long time at this point, but I finally managed to get enough spare time together to actually do one of these reviews again. It's not going to be a particularly long one.

I was really excited when I found out that Aizawa was getting his first kuji figure, because he's probably my favourite character in the entire series, and while I definitely hit some roadblocks trying to get this figure (Russia kind of invaded Ukraine the day after FromJapan sent it out, so it ended up being held by the postal service for over a month before they got it back and were able to ship it to me using FedEx.)

The Box


The box is a basic kuji figure box, nothing fancy or special, and it doesn't include a blister like some of them do, but it does the job well enough, and you can't really expect anything fancy for a small figure. Aizawa also comes fully assembled within the box, which is funny considering the way that he's posed.

The Figure


Aizawa gets a nice dynamic pose with this figure, without having an unsightly or awkward stand holding him up or making it look a bit strange. I love the approach to his pose, because it looks like he's in the middle of a fight with a group of villains, making his decision about his next move as he erases someone's quirk.


The figure doesn't just have his hands awkwardly positioned, either. One hand is grasping his capture scarf and the other is out as if he's preparing to grab another section as soon as he makes his move. His fingers even the detail of his fingernails on them. I love the little details of the ragged edges of his sleeves, too.


The detail on his hair is great, and I love the way they made his glasses.

There isn't a whole lot to say about his paint job, as his outfit is mainly black with some gold on his glasses, but the paint is neat and well done.


The figure does have a few flaws in the form of an odd section on his scarf where it looks like the plastic hasn't come away from the mould, as well as some places where there is visible glue transfer.

While he doesn't really have an official scale, this figure would be about 20 or 21cm tall if he wasn't crouching, making him either a small 1/8 or a large 1/9, given that Aizawa is 6'0" tall.


If you're an Aizawa fan, this is a great figure to buy. He's well made, has a great pose, doesn't need a whole lot of display space, and he looks great with the Shinso kuji figure.

(Now will you please come home in the freakin' game?!)
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Bandai really are good with these shounen figures.
4 days ago
Heliodora Collector of the Boiis
Great review, this is probably my favourite Aizawa prize figure right now!
4 days ago
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