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Kuroshitsuji - Silver Tableware - Trading Arts volume 2 (Square

Long time no post in the reviews section. ^^;

Today, I will review the (normal set of) Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler Trading Arts volume 2.

Amidst Re-Ment being too busy with licensed sets; Square-Enix had stepped forward to release a set of commemorative miniatures depicting memorable items in their popular manga series "Kuroshitsuji."

The following items had been made for this assortment ~
Ciel's Birthday
Silver Tableware
Funtom Company
Garden Tea
Early Morning Tea
Office of the Undertaker (secret item, didn't get it so... :/ )

Each retails for about 700 Yen per blind box. A raw box of 9 guarantees a complete normal set of 5.

I was rather surprised that the packaging of these miniatures are smaller than most Re-Ment packaging. That is despite that each of these Trading Arts carry several items inside and some of which are of considerable size such as the Silver Tableware serving tray.

The packaging shows the five normal possibilities at the back and makes no mention of a secret item for some reason. And as expected with Kuroshitsuji items, there's a Victorian flair such as the elegant borders.

Individual Evaluation
Personally, I'm a bit skeptical about these items if they're compatible with anything else but Play Arts. After all, it's Square-Enix who made them and that they should be for Play Arts scale at the very least. Oh well.

Since Square-Enix is so arrogant that they did not released any Kuroshitsuji action figures, the most common question that arise in ANYWHERE (XDDDD) you go is that "Are these Trading Arts compatible with Nendoroids?"

Look no further. We'd answer that here. Individually.

>> Ciel's Birthday


Ciel's Birthday consists of the iconic cake and its metal platter (of which Sebastian teased us with in the manga), A pink plate with macaroons and scones (six individual food pieces), a wine bottle, a goblet and a candle holder (think of Lumiere).

(*the pink serving wagon depicted in the shots does not come with this set.)

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_CBD03.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_CBD04.jpg
The following can be used by Nendoroids: Birthday Cake, Scones + Macaroons and Goblet.

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_CBD01.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_CBD02.jpg
The Cake's silver platter, Pink Plate, Funtom wine bottle and the candle holder are in the scale of a Play Arts or Play Arts Kai figure.

I am absolutely irked by the fact that the Candle Holder came bent outside the box. Poor Lumiere. -_-;

>> Funtom Company


A set of confectioneries depicting the products offered by Ciel's very own candy factory. Move over, Willy Wonka. Here's Mr. Tophat-Shouta bringing us his toothache-inducing sweets.

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_FC01.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_FC04.jpg
The following can be used by Nendoroids: Two Lollipops, Funtom Chocolate (that which Sebastian used to make his Curry-Pan in the manga)

http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_FC02.jpg http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh64/Balthier_Bunanza/Harem/th_FC03.jpg
The Candy Jar and Truffles Box are Play Arts scaled.

It's annoying how the wrapper is sculpted on the lollipop itself.

>> Garden Tea


This is probably the biggest pain in the neck I ever encountered in my seven years of Square-Enix patronage.
Assembling the cake tower was met with frustrations due to the three black rods which you would connect with the silver plates.

The bottom rod does not connect with the hole in the bottom plate no matter how hard you wedge it in so I was forced to glue it permanently.

But the problem doesn't end there. The other rods are so flimsy that they BROKE as I lay the other plates that should connect to it.

Issues aside, the result is quite breath-taking. The cake tower accomodates seven individual food pieces: two cakes, three cupcakes and two scones.

The garden tea also provided a dainty pink tea cup and saucer besides the pain-in-the-neck.


This item is perfectly compatible with Nendoroids. Provided that you don't have your very-limited-articulated (and not-so-durable) Sebastian carry the cake tower. XDDD

>> Silver Tableware


Even if the stirrer or the strainer can be carried by Nendoroid Sebastian;

I'll cut the long story short - This is NOT Nendoroid-scaled.


This is due to the large serving platter and the size of the individual pieces: Tea cup, saucer, strainer, milk jug, sugar pot and tea pot; This is meant for Play Arts and other larger-scale action figures.

So for those who need a Silver Tableware for Sebastian, do wait for Ciel's release.

>> Early Morning Tea


I had openly said that this set is my least liked amongst the five but had retracted my statement when I noticed the pocket watch...which later disappointed me.


The pocket watch is so small that it's meant for Nendoroid Sebastian and not for any Amestrisian Military Alchemist.

The tea set is meant for Play Arts. The Nendoroids can still make use of the scones and the plate of garlic bread (is it garlic bread?).

As expected from Square-Enix who has expertise with small items as they had exhibited in their Dragon Quest Legend Items Gallery; these Puchi Petites truly put up a challenge on Puchi items veterans Re-Ment and Megahouse. Each piece is solidly painted or sculpted on with miniscule details. Especially on the breath-takingly beautiful Silver Tableware.

Had it not been for those lazily-done lollipops, darn cake tower and silver Lumiere, I'd give this set a perfect score.

Humans actually think this stuff is...

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Comments3 comments

Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
It would appear that Square-Enix is confused with who should they cater to.

Nendoroid fans who are "happy" (Sorry if I am not one of them. Sebby aint durable :( ) with their Nendoroid Sebby and soon, Ciel or Play Arts Patrons that are so frustrated with the lack of Black Butler Play Arts, hence why Square-Enix possibly made this set a clincher.

As it appears, they wanted to cater to both sides in one package and the result is utmost confusion as soon as this set was announced. The usual questions "Will it fit my Nendo? How about my Figma? My Play Arts!!" But that confusion is partially cleared now...except for the Undertaker items. T_T

Thank you for your compliments. :)

Well, the stirrer and the strainer can still go with the Sebastian Nendoroid. The rest can be used by Alphonse PA Kai. :3

Hopefully someday. That is after Square Enix got their hands full on Team Noble and soon, MGS4 (Raiden's own game) T_T
You can still make a quick Sebastian custom though; from the Bootleg Static Arts and Reno's body.
7 years ago
kilani Sayaka Rank
The scale of this set is so disappointing to me. Lately re-ment seems to not know how to scale things, and apparently s-e takes after them. :[

Great review though, thanks zetsubou-san! ^^
7 years ago
Kibi Prisma Kibino
Not Nendo-scaled T_T I wanted the tableware to go with my Sebastian Nendo. This looks so much nicer than the one that comes with Ciel *sigh*
Well, maybe SE will make Play Arts some day. Then will regret that I passed this set.
7 years ago