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Kuroshitsuji - Silver Tableware - Trading Arts volume 2 (SquareComments • Kuroshitsuji - Silver Tableware - Trading Arts volume 2 (Square

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    Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
    It would appear that Square-Enix is confused with who should they cater to.

    Nendoroid fans who are "happy" (Sorry if I am not one of them. Sebby aint durable :( ) with their Nendoroid Sebby and soon, Ciel or Play Arts Patrons that are so frustrated with the lack of Black Butler Play Arts, hence why Square-Enix possibly made this set a clincher.

    As it appears, they wanted to cater to both sides in one package and the result is utmost confusion as soon as this set was announced. The usual questions "Will it fit my Nendo? How about my Figma? My Play Arts!!" But that confusion is partially cleared now...except for the Undertaker items. T_T

    Thank you for your compliments. :)

    Well, the stirrer and the strainer can still go with the Sebastian Nendoroid. The rest can be used by Alphonse PA Kai. :3

    Hopefully someday. That is after Square Enix got their hands full on Team Noble and soon, MGS4 (Raiden's own game) T_T
    You can still make a quick Sebastian custom though; from the Bootleg Static Arts and Reno's body.
    7 years ago
    kilani Sayaka Rank
    The scale of this set is so disappointing to me. Lately re-ment seems to not know how to scale things, and apparently s-e takes after them. :[

    Great review though, thanks zetsubou-san! ^^
    7 years ago
    Kibi Prisma Kibino
    Not Nendo-scaled T_T I wanted the tableware to go with my Sebastian Nendo. This looks so much nicer than the one that comes with Ciel *sigh*
    Well, maybe SE will make Play Arts some day. Then will regret that I passed this set.
    7 years ago
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