Favourite figures from Smilefest 2022?Favourite figures from Smilefest 2022?Ask MFC

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KnightAdlingtonKnightAdlington13 days ago
The Strawberry Miku got painted ITEM #1552743 and she looks amazing, although with her intricate dress and 1/6th scale size (+ miku tax) I worry about her final price.

The rest of the quintuplets got date style figures and my favourite is Ichika's ITEM #1618502. If she is around the same price as ITEM #1552645 it's an easy pre-order, I love her cosy outfit sweater sculpt, as well as her cheerful face as she hand you a coffee.

Also Hawks finally got a nendoroid annoucement with a super cute chibi art pic ITEM #1612947 I really hope GS doesn't drop the ball on him, I've been waiting for ageeees, he's the nendoroid I've wished for since I started collecting almost 2 years ago. XD I hope for some good faceplates, a feather sword, and ball joints on the wings so you can pose them like with ITEM #1453392
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Very happy to see a new Kurisu figure since i missed something in the previous ones. So ITEM #1618468 is a instant pre-order for me.

Been waiting for a bunny treatment for Junko and they delivered! Love it and instant pre-order! ITEM #1618584

Also curious to see the painted Date version of Itsuki (ITEM #1618496) , i really like the sculpt and paitwork of Miku and Yotsuba.

Chi is getting some love! won't get the nendo (except when its ultra cute) but will be looking out for the Six (ITEM #1618432) nendoroid. Which was a big suprise!
12 days ago
Really impressed with new b-style figs. Junko, Mito, Sophia and Komi are my fav. Also Freeing finally made Rei 1/4 scale, she looks nice too. Not a big Steins gate fan, but that Kurisu figure (diorama) looks fantastic. I would like GS to release her with Rintarou.
12 days ago
My favs!
ITEM #1614550
ITEM #1618513
ITEM #1618486
ITEM #1499667
ITEM #1499666
ITEM #1499664
ITEM #1618435

This edition really surprises me with the annoucements
12 days ago
ITEM #1618469
ITEM #1618550
ITEM #1618465 (i ordered phoenix so it make sens for me to have her)
ITEM #1618515
ITEM #1615498
12 days ago
ITEM #1618489
ITEM #1618480

Instant PO. I'm not into Nendos so letting those go was painful. Imagine how happy this announcement made me! I'm already looking into local 3D printing shops to see if I can get them a court stand like in the game.
12 days ago
ITEM #1618618
ITEM #1618504
ITEM #1618584
ITEM #1585598
ITEM #1618468

I'm most excited for the Rebecca 1/4th bunny from Edens Zero. It caught me off guard completely and I WASN'T expecting her to get a bunny whatsoever.

I think Smilefest was a total hit and there's too many figures that will be draining my wallet soon enough!
12 days ago
Sakura ITEM #1618512 and Syaoran ITEM #1618520 will be definite orders for me! I was shocked to see them getting figures after almost 10(?) years. I really try to stay away from nendos, I so so so hope this gives them the opportunity to get scales. They would be STUNNING for sure.

Happy to also see Chii ITEM #1618486. I love that GSC is bringing older series back to life! Don't like that it's only more nendos but it's a start.

Just as excited as everyone else for Miku ITEM #1552743. She'll be a grail for a lot of people and I know despite everyone saying she's going to be super expensive, her aftermarket price is going to be even worse.. As much as I love her, I'm on the fence since I'm not sure if I'll even afford it.
12 days ago
I stopped caring about AoT a season or two ago, but Sasha, Jean, and Annie getting announced really threw me for a loop and got me hyped
12 days ago
ITEM #1618465
ITEM #1618462
ITEM #1618489
ITEM #1618480

The four of these completely sold the event for me. PO'd the Phoenix/Edgeworth Nendos last year, and Im planning on PO'ing Apollo and Maya as well (despite my issues with a lot of the nendos that have been coming out). IDC if they look mid, if its Ace Attorney, ESPECIALLY from the woefully underrepresented Apollo Justice trilogy, Im buying.

I already own an Edgeworth statue (ITEM #53496) But its SO small compared to the rest of my collection, so having Phoenix and Edgeworth at a PuP scale is gonna be really nice, especially after looking at how nice the protos' faces look

Seeing two figs of Mio from Xenoblade 3 (ENTRY #290258) was the icing on the cake
12 days ago
Didn't see any scales I wanted this time around, but so many nendos! The SK8 the Infinity, Given, and NO 6 boys, Apollo Justice and Maya Fey, Saiyuki Sanzo, Chii, Syaoran and Sakura are all on the wishlist.
12 days ago
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