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Shining Wind - Clalaclan Philias - 1/8 - Armor ver. (ALTER)Shining Wind - Clalaclan Philias - 1/8 - Armor ver. (ALTER)

drowrangerdrowranger8 years agoReview
Hello, my name is drowranger (although I am more commonly known online as keelerleah) and today I will be reviewing Alters Clalaclan Philias figure. This is only my second review but after the great response my first one got I decided to give it a try again.

Well lets get right into things here, starting with the packaging.


Packaging: When I first opened the huge shipping box she came in, I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely and elegant the box looked. Its mostly white and features a few plastic windows to view the figure inside. All windows are kept towards the right side of the box hiding the shield and her 'weapon' on the left. The outside features some lovely art by Tony and the back contains the usual shots of the figure itself.

Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing : First a few shots of the figure itself.


Moving on to the figure itself our attention is first drawn to the magnificent skirt she's wearing. Its the skirt itself (And a bit of the hair) that really gives this figure some weight. ALTER really did an amazing job sculpting this figure. All the ruffles are highly detailed and very realistic. Her armour (which is accented by some lovely roses) is also tastefully done and while its painted with shiny paint (that catches the light very nicely) it doesn't deter from the main feature of this figure which, to be perfectly honest, are the ruffles.

The skirt itself is done in multiple layers. While the whole thng is one peice it was sculpted in a way that really shocases all the many different layers of her outfit. All the skirts are painted with a very pale color/white but with the excellent sculpting and surrounding light a lack of shading isn't a big issue.

The top of her skirts also features two more top layers of 'fabric' that are tastefully trimmed in a lovely blue, adding a much needed splash of color.

Here is a shot more or less up her skirt showing the many hidden details. Her legs are also armour encased (up to the knee) and above them are some well detailed stockings.

Another big attraction that this figure has is her shield and cross like weapon (please forgive my ignorance in this as I'm not all that familiar with the Shining Wind game, and for this review I will simply refer to it as being her 'weapon').

The shield is indented with her 'cross like symbol' and also features very detailed and rather pretty paint work. The inside features leather strips (its not actually leather though ;P ) and an attached optional hand. When you first open the box a second hand (not holding anything) is used. An instruction sheet is included showing how to remove the hand and replace it with her shield holding hand.

The staff of her 'weapon' pulls off the main portion of it to allow you to slide it in her other hand. You then reattach the end. The details on this are also very well done, but what particularly caught my attention was the brown shaft and the lovely gold painted ordainment at the top. Over all both her shield and 'weapon' make for a lovely finishing touch to this very eye catching figure.

Her hair is also a big feature of this figure. Her bangs are done well enough and the large mass of hair in the back is tied together at the end with a matching blue ribbon. The hair itself isn't shaded all that much but it really doesn't take away from the figure at all. Its well sculpted considering the situation, since its tied up at the end and blowing slightly out behind her.

I did find it rather amusing at how round she is when looked at from above.

I should also point out that there has been rumor that she is a cast off (removable clothing/skirts) but I honestly don't believe she is. Everything is very solid and the skirts don't wiggle around at all. Plus there was no packaging/plastic sheets up her skirt which usually seem to be the case with cast offs.

So over all ALTER did a fantastic job with the sculpting and painting (even if they could have added a bit more shading). Her pose may be a bit simple but it keeps its elegance and, in my opinion, is one of the big attractions of this figure.

Base: The base for this figure is very simple yet it still holds a lot of elegance and goes very well with the figure. Her feet fit very well in the little raised sections however with her weight (and slim legs) she does wiggle around a bit if the surface she's sitting on is bumped.

Nothing to much to add here, just a shot of her beside my other Shining Wind figures (by Kotobukiya).

Over all I am very pleased with her. She was more on the pricey side (compare to some of my other owned figures) but sitting on my self beside them she really stands out and shows her quality. She is very enjoyable to photograph and I was 100% satisfied with the quality and final result.


Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren't to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn't scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Thanks again,
-Keelerleah (drowranger)
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Nice read. Really good review.
8 years ago
Nice review, your pics came out really well!
8 years ago
Fantastic review. ^_^ Really good pictures and you talkeb about everything, and put in details. A really good work. I still hope that one day I'll add her to my collection.
8 years ago
Great review! Very honest and straight forward. I appreciate your input, now I have an idea of how this figure came out. All your scores are fair; though I wish paint could've been better. Hopefully Alter will improve in that field. Thanks for reviewing her it was a very good read.

I can't wait for Alter's next Shining Wind release. That one is spectacular! Don't worry about not being familiar with the game; neither am I.
8 years ago
Hi keelerleah =D
Congratulations for the review and i have to say that´s a great one. It´s better to put every info about the figure and talking about pros and cons. I really like your review ^___^.

But..somehow, the face it´s a little strange and odd.. i mean, i don´t see the feel of Clalaclan. But that´s just me so you don´t have to worry about it =D.
8 years ago