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Nendoroid : Mami Tomoe - Puella Magi Madoka MagicaNendoroid : Mami Tomoe - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

ainiaini6 years agoReview

I think this is a good Nendoroid to start a series of reviews with! I have literally waited over a year for her to arrive since the day she was announced for pre-order. I missed most stores pre-order offers and she was sold out of pre-orders everywhere except Toyslogic... After some research I figured the site is legit and ordered not only Mami but also Homura and Madoka from there.

The release date for Mami was sometime in January 2012 for Toyslogic, a month delay from the original release date but I figured it would take a bit longer since they get the Nendos from Japan. Well I though wrong, 2012 came, January came and when I went to check on her release date it was mysteriously changed to April April came and it was May. After sending out an email to Toyslogic about the REAL release date I was put off to just wait longer.
Well I did keep waiting and all the Mami's that were sold on Amazon for 45$'s slowly disappeared as the Nendoroid was selling out over time.
I finally had it in August, I angrily messaged Toyslogic about my issues of being trustful with them and losing out on money to buy her at a later date for twice her price. I then went to Amazon and got her for 75$. Almost double of what she was supposed to cost if I ordered her back in February or so when she first appeared on Amazon...
But I'm very very very happy to finally be able to unite her with Madoka and Homura and have them look adorable in their Display Case.

Now to get to the actual Nendoroid.



Mami arrived with quite a few parts, including Charlotte, a few guns and a giant gun. All with nice little stands to be able to easily display her with her accessories.


One thing I really adore is that they made her hat magnetic so you can easily remove it and display her with or without her hat instead of the hat being a part of her hair! Such a great idea! It did fall off a few times while positioning her to take pictures but so far it hasn't randomly fallen off while she's been on display for a couple of months.

Another very nice addition are the joints for her curly hair. You can easily move them around and the material of the hair is a bit squishy as to prevent easily breaking off. I do think her hair are a bight on the brighter side of yellow but it's still a gorgeous replica of the Anime Mami.
Another thing to point out is her Hairpins. They are simply adorable and spot on design wise. I think the little "crystal" in the left hairpin is well done and fits right in.It came off a few times too when I was positioning her but its not loose and holds the pin in just fine.

Her face-plates are very interesting too. Her regular expression is quite "Mami"-like, arched eyebrows and a hint of a soft smile. Another thing the Face-plates of the Madoka Magica ladies all portray extremely well is the unique style of the Anime, with blush lines and the style the eyes are shaded. It even makes them have their funny odd shaped heads since the top of the eyes isn't rounded.
I also like her surprised Face-Plate. The blush and the orange shade for the inside of her mouth are quite adorable, like shes gasping out over something someone said.
The angry expression is probably one of my least favorite ones because it doesn't convey "Mami"-anger to me. Id prefer have to have the cocky look she has during her "last" fight when shes all confident due to what Madoka said to her. However it's still a decent plate, just not one I'll display often.



Her outfit seems a little simple and I noticed a jittery line of paint on her skirt (small details like that always drive me INSANE). The skirt is also of a squishy material so no worrying of easily hurting it.
I don't quite like the look of her chest, it looks saggy lol... but it's still ok I guess... fit's right in with the Queens Blade Nendoroids... However I love the ribbon on her neck!
Again the detail painting of her corset is not that fantastic but it's nothing visible from afar.
The only issues I've had is that her arm's peg-holes seem a little loose and the right arm just loved falling off all the time. I wish I could fix that but meh... just annoying!


Not the Accessories, her four small guns are very cute. The detail painting on those is perfectly fine and I love that they come with stand pegs so I can position them around Mami!
The big "Tiro Finale" gun is absolutely hideous. I wish they didn't waste time and space on that piece of plastic trash. It looks horrendous and doesn't match the style of the other guns and since it has literally no detail work on the mold nor painting. it just looks cheap and bad.
The Charlotte that is included however almost makes up for the ugly Tiro Finale Gun... She's perfectly big and almost a bit heavy! She comes with a very long stand and is easy to pose with Mami as long as you find a good balance!


She also comes with arms that are holding a tea cup and a little coaster plate. Very cute for posing :) I wish the arm's hands were removable so you could mix and match those with other Nendoroids!

All in all this is one of my favorite characters and a very gorgeous Nendoroid and fantastic Puella Magi Madoka Magica Collectible to own!

Please visit my Flickr Album "Nendoroid Mami Tomoe - Puella Magi Madoka Magica" to see all the pictures I took of Mami.
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Mami is my favorite Nendo from the 3 puella magis i have. She just has this appealing charm to her.

Also shame about toyslogic, I wouldn't have went to amazon though cause they usually have RIDICULOUS prices (almost as bad as ebay). You should try mandarake next time, there's a mami on there right now for 2800 yen.
6 years ago
cy00tx (6 years ago) #1262003She's so cute!

Yesss :3 Def. one of my favorite Nendos!
6 years ago
cy00tx Pronounced 'cute' !
She's so cute!
6 years ago
So freaking adorable!
6 years ago
Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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