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CrumbNohmCrumbNohm2 months ago
Mostly writing this for myself / to track personal progress

But i've picked up Garage Kit painting and i'm lowkey addicted to how fun it is to customize and work on something. It's really helping me have passion in art and doing art again! ( i guess that makes sense with my past of customizing whatever i can get my hands on)

So i want to track my progress! See how far i've grown from my 1st GK to my last in my current queue of stuff.

Kits i've worked on so far (from oldest to newest):
ITEM #850065 (knock off)
ITEM #11584 (knock off)
ITEM #787592 (knock off)

Kits still in queue:
ITEM #93617
ITEM #93616
ITEM #737523 (i have 2 of these, 1 knock off and 1 authentic)
ITEM #804961
a Sasami Kawai Kit that isn't in this MFC system
ITEM #868300 (forced GK of this figure)
a Sailor Mars kit that's exclusive to the website (of her doing a "Flame Sniper" )

Buying/waiting to get into my hands:
ITEM #23863
ITEM #117705

I really enjoy focusing on the fun color pallets and making the small details really pop. Certain GKs i want to get as close to the character as possible (Meilin and Ryo-oki's GKs specifically, and i will keep most of Washu to her source material but i might have a little fun with it)

* First GK i did was a pastel Aoba by Onigiri, but it was bought on Ebay and a knock off ^ ^" detailed in this post: BLOG #54861

* Second GK i did was Meilin's GK ITEM #11584 (a grail of mine!) because i have loved Meilin since i was a kid. She was a role model to me as she at the time was the only character with black hair (like me) but didn't conform to standard femininity and kicked ass (surprise, realizing i'm trans/nonbinary later in my life but i still love Meilin and that she still kicks so much ass!)


Working on the kit:
View spoilerHide spoilerBiggest issues with this kit: It was fucking HEAVY. Her sleeves are solid, and they're so twisted and distorted in such a way it was so difficult to work with. The primer pooled in a lot of spots that were hard to get to or fix.
I had to "correct" a lot of stuff on her shoulders. They didn't align quite right, and i frequently kept putting the Right Arm in the Left Socket and vice versa.
Her raised leg doesn't really fit? I couldn't figure out how to make it fit without exposing too much of the base. I rounded it out more, and i cut down some of the end but it still just didn't fit right (or at least it felt like that)

I tried to fix the gap in the bangs, which i think ended up making it worst.
The hands didn't make much sense, and also didn't seem to fit in any specific or particular way. With no instructions (since she was a bootleg) meant that it was a lot of shooting in the dark and referencing what little pics of this kit exist on MFC.

The red i used on her dress just did not want to stay. I had to go over her whole body for i think 16 hrs in total with layer after layer after layer of red just to get it to show up not-streaky. I even added a darker red to try to accentuate the folds but even that kind of gets lost in the pictures (so much hard work and it still looks bad :sob: )

I was determined though. I think in the future i will strip her and try again, but for right now i got her in a decent condition. This is also the first time i used Chalk Pastels to add highlights. It kept coming off her hair as i was moving her around and checking parts together.
The Gold overlayer i used wasn't as sparkly as i had hoped, but i think for the 2-3 layers i put it's subtle enough i'm okay with it. I did try to use the same gold as shadows, but with more layers and that just... Didn't show up at all.

I added shadows with a mix of a gray and yellow chalk to not make it too dark with the gray, but also not too grossly canary-stain-yellow. It doesn't show up in the pictures, but there are some parts where it kind of got too dark and her outfit looks a little dirty lol

The base: i knew i wanted to do the YinYang symbol to match her dress, but i couldn't decide how big/what material/with boarder?Without boarder? So i just went to Michaels and grabbed one of the heaviest round wood pieces they had and primed and painted it.

Overall, definitely a learning process.

Things i would have changed:
1. Tested out the paints on the primer/swatch before so i could have a better idea what i was getting into
2. More references of this kit, and spent more time making sure where and how the parts fit
3. Use a thicker rod for the feet/base. Something i want to go back and still do, but i foresee this kit leaning HARD in just a year.
4. Should have photoshopped exactly how i wanted the eyes and kit to look like. I really thought this was going to be easy since it's just a few basic colors, but it really kicked my ass.

* Third GK is Poco Wonda-chan from 2019 WonFes ITEM #787592 I saw this kit on [The Website] and i thought it was so cute and i was like "THEIR HAIR HAS TO BE TRANSFLAG COLORS" and i then stared at it in my cart for like 2 months until it was low stock and said "fuck it" and bought it along with another 1 or 2 kits


Working on the kit:
View spoilerHide spoilerThis kit is pretty straight forward. It's super small, some of the parts snapped as i was testing where the pieces go. One of the shoulder's had crumbled when i removed the tag so i had to recreate it using epoxy putty.
Like i said-- the only thing i had in mind was TRans Colored Hair / ears/tail. I wanted to do a blending, which did take forever as i did this all by hand.
I also wanted a more tan/darker skinned character since after i did Meilin i was like "dang she ghost white" so i worked with the darker skin tones i had. At first while painting him (from this point forward Wonda-Chan Poco will be transified and is now a He/Him) i was concerned he was going to be too light as he wasn't much darker than me (i'm a POC who never sees the sun so i have some color to me but really not that much) so i was concerned he wasn't going to come out dark enough.

As i was painting and thinking about what colors i want the jacket to be and what style, i figured i'd meet in the middle and went with purple. Complimentary color to purple is green, Green+Purple makes me think of those 90s Arcade floors which were usually cosmic themed so i went from there.

Overall because this was such a simple and small kit, it went pretty smoothly. Once i added the chalkpastel brown to shade the face his darker skin tone really came forward. I added some lightpeachy colored highlights similar to the Source and i REALLY LOVE how his eyes came out!! The yellow dots and stars just do not show up on the photos but they're there.

The chainsaws i wanted to be pink and blue initially but as i started doing more of the kit i realized just pink and purple with green accents was just as good. I added "stickers" to the jetpack and the chain saw to further hone in the Cosmis Feel of the kit.

I had no idea what to do with the base so i just painted what i felt would have looked good and it came out okay. I added sparkles after the fact and it made the "clouds"/mist kind of look weird and not great.

Since the pegs were so small with the neck joints and the feet i couldn't pin them. This wasn't an issue with the head since the cast was pretty good, but the Feet man. The FEET. They just did not want to stay in place. On top of the fact that i had to grind down the clear plastic like crazy just to fit into the shoes. Ughh.
I tried to glue on the feet first and then put it on the base, but then they didn't match up and again... No instructions... So i couldn't figure out exactly how the feet were supposed to look (in the reference pics it looks like they should be facing inward Pidgeon Toed but that was not the case) so i had to tear off the shoes from the legs which of course ruined the pant and it got a bit messed up.......

Things i would have changed:
1. Once again, photoshopped the colors onto the referenced and had a better idea of where i was going with this.
2. If feet are giving you trouble, put them in the base first and then put the legs in from there. I guess a reasonable thing > Work from the bottom of the kit to the top.
3. Get some better techniques or different ways to apply sparklies. Using watered down ModPodge solution and sparkles just only kind of added texture and gunk and kind of turned an "omg amazing" kit to an "ehhhh could be better" kit

side note:i LOVE how his knees came out. They look so perfect!

Right now i'm working on the WhoopiePie kit and that's taking some time to finish between life and work ^^"

I'm also hoping that since i love this hobby so much, but have NOT A LOT OF SPACE, that i can open up commissions if any one is interested :) That way i get to do fun paints but don't have to worry about displaying them lmaoo
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Maakie1 month ago#114362014Love the thick eyebrows on Mei-Lin and Wonda-chan, nice work! :)

1 month ago
Love the thick eyebrows on Mei-Lin and Wonda-chan, nice work! :)
1 month ago
Magicalgirljuni2 months ago#114236160Nice work they look great ^_^ If you ever find a way to add sparkles without the modpodge gunk situation pls let me know ;_; I paint 3D printed pieces and modpodge is not the way :') not only that but it's impossible not to have fluff stuck in it as well (and dreaded cat hairs haha)

I will definitely tell you if i figure something out!
2 months ago
Nice work they look great ^_^ If you ever find a way to add sparkles without the modpodge gunk situation pls let me know ;_; I paint 3D printed pieces and modpodge is not the way :') not only that but it's impossible not to have fluff stuck in it as well (and dreaded cat hairs haha)
2 months ago