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tobi21tobi212 months ago
I'm running out of room to store boxes so I've started breaking them down. it feels so wrong to flatten them and throw the blister packaging away. I just found out some are too big for me to store them where I wanted to store them ;; if anyone sees this, what are some good ways to store boxes?? the only thing I can think of rn is under my bed ;;

Edit: Thank you for the responses!! Maybe I should've named this entry Box Management ;n-n I guess my best bet is under my bed as I don't have an attic and renting space just for them seems like too much. When I started breaking them down I decided to only keep boxes for figures with a retail value over $70 so I was able to get rid of a few. I don't plan on selling my figures but I like having the boxes for some reason. Something about throwing them away feels wrong to me but I'll probably have to do that in the future as my collection grows (′︿‵。)

Edit 2: Thank you again for all of the responses!! Figures lose value when the box is messed with, but, as I've said before, I don't plan on selling any of my figures as I only buy ones that I'm sure I will keep forever. (I did sell 1 figure but that was cuz a friend gifted me a figure I already preordered, so I sold the one I bought ;n.n) If I do ever decide to sell them, I'm sure there are people that would be willing to buy the figure without the blister pack, just gotta make sure everything is packaged well! I wish I could keep every box intact but I don't see myself having the space anytime soon u.u There are a few boxes I've kept intact because they have too many parts to store elsewhere or I want to make sure the figure is extremely secure when I need to move. Thank you!!!
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tobi211 month ago#114304637What tool do you use to cut the blisters?? I tried cutting them with scissors and it was so hard ;;

Big scissors, but very carefully. It hurts my hands so much that i can only do 5 blisters per day.
1 month ago
Guy93942 months ago#114261217I cut out the area of the blister where it shapes like the figure, this way I can fit multiple of these in the bigger figure boxes. What tool do you use to cut the blisters?? I tried cutting them with scissors and it was so hard ;;
1 month ago
Always good to see this brought up. This one finally inspired me to toss some of mine. I dont really care very much about resale value, thats got nothing to do with why I collect after all. Moreso for safe keeping if I ever have to store or transport them to a new home. But based on other replies, it seems like the og box being flattened, and then re-used with plenty of bubble wrap or whatever will do the job.
1 month ago
sarious Chino is My Life
I recommend getting rid of prize figure boxes and keeping scales as they are. Prize figures aren't likely to have a bootleg, so selling it shouldn't be an issue without the box. If you don't have any/many prize figures, then I'd just keep doing what you're doing. As long as you have the outer box you can just use packing materials inside the figure box to keep figure safe when moving or shipping it. I recommend plastic shopping bags for packing material.
1 month ago
Guy93942 months ago#114261217I cut out the area of the blister where it shapes like the figure, this way I can fit multiple of these in the bigger figure boxes.
I never thought of that, thats an awesome compromise. For the scales I plan on keeping I have been wanting to flatten the boxes and toss the blister, but I've been hesitant because I know I will move one day. With this method I can cut down on a lot of space, while still having the blister protection for the future. All you have to do is tape up the remaining blister and wrap it in bubble wrap when moving, and the figure will be just as protected as the original box when moving. I will probably just use a sharpie to mark each blister cutout so I know which is which. The one downside of having a lot of scales is definitely the space they require. Thanks for the suggestion!
1 month ago
Years ago I had a vast collection of diecast 1:64 tractor-trailer trucks that occupied two of three bedrooms, two walls of the great room, two bathroom walls floor to ceiling, six-person indoor spa left by previous owner used for box storage but left the living room, 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom free for human habitation. I used to drive/own big rigs for a living in my youth ('20's to '50's age) so I spent partial retirement era recapturing my youth via diecast truck collecting. Like you, I ran out of room, display space. Then, I was blissfully single, theoretically not a care in the world, my own boss. So when it came time to downsize and recapture volumes of space I chose to burn some of the more troublesome cartons, respective plastic inserts down on the back 40 rather than store them.

Then I got myself married. Never too late then at 58 but my life has been upside down ever since (no regrets). Gad, how I wish I had kept those boxes! Since I've been downsizing my estate via ebay while still alive I have found selling, shipping loose items is a no-win situation. Too often the breakage of little pieces intensifies with each turn of a UPS, USPS wheel toward their sale destination and partial refunds for damage become a norm rather than exception; no point selling loose.

There are times life decisions lead to unexpected consequences, outcomes. Ditching those pesky boxes for a temporary space availability solution 17 years ago has really limited my diecast sales now in 2022. Damn, what a bad decision that was.

Sooooo, how has the past affected my figure collecting? 99.8% of my figures are still in their figure boxes be they sales, prize, other. The exceptions are Watamote's Tomoko Kuroki (her box was totaled when I got her from Japan. Japanese vendor used a grocery bag as a shipping carton) and 1 of the Puzzle & Dragons fairies which was shipped loose (AmiAmi didn't get her so I had to seek elsewhere to complete the set). Lesson learned, not forgotten.

In summary you can't predict with 100% accuracy what present action, future outcomes hold for you. In your situation my fingers are crossed that you've made the proper one.
2 months ago
My wardrobe is big and my ceiling is high so the best place for me is on top of the wardrobe. I place them inside storage boxes so they don't get dusty.
2 months ago
For some reason a figure feels incomplete to me without its box except for most prize figures due to them being too plain. Sometimes a box even looks got enough to be displayed by itself... pls also let me know if some comes up with a way to keep them other than tetris and flattening them
2 months ago
I have a storage unit for my boxes, it's a bit expensive but I split the cost with my fellow collector partner and I have other things to store in there as well (small apt life, yay). If at all possible, I would never throw out the box or blister for a non prize figure unless I was 100% sure I would never want to sell it and also 100% sure I would never have to move a significant distance. That's just me though, I understand not everyone is willing/able to pay for a storage unit just for collectibles, hehe.
2 months ago
RascoFigs2 months ago#114270220I've used box's to display the figurine when I ran out of room. Some of the box's have great box art so its not a bad idea short term or long term. While I like this idea, I feel like it could take up more space than save space for me. A lot of my figures have parts I can't attach unless it's out of the box and then the boxes are huge u.u
2 months ago
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