Are you buying the Year of the Rabbit boxes by Good Smile?Are you buying the Year of the Rabbit boxes by Good Smile?Polls

CashmoneeCashmonee3 days ago
good morning or night myfigurecollection.

a couple of days ago Good Smile Company announced and listed many different types of mystery boxes to celebrate the year of the rabbit and i wanted to ask if y'all plan to test your gacha luck with these boxes or not.

the boxes in question are from cheapest to expense (prices exclude shipping and taxes)

Mystery Nendoroid Pin Box - $12 includes
- 2 random Nendoroid Pins (the website doesn't make it clear but the promo image uses 2 so)

Mystery Model Kit Box - $25 includes
- 1 random model kit

Mystery Nendoroid Box - $25 includes
- 1-3 Nendoroids (more than likely just one Nendoroid)

Partner Products Friendship Box - $60 includes
- 2 Figures
- 1 Plush
- 1 Bonus Item

Lunar Box - $65 includes
- 2 Pop Up Parades
- 2 Nendoroid Pins
- 1 Nendoroid

New Moon Box - $75 includes
- 4 Nendoroids
- 1 Nendoroid Pin
- 1 Bonus Item

Year of the Rabbit Box - $100 includes
- 4 Nendoroids
- 1 figma
- 1 Nendoroid Pin
- 2 Bonus Items

you can pick up these boxes here if your interested and vote which one your getting or if your saving your money.

i'm going to test my gacha luck on a New Moon Box for content reasons myself. for everyone buying one, i hope you get something good.
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Which Year of the Rabbit boxes are you getting?

1%Mystery Nendoroid Pin Box
1%Mystery Model Kit Box
6%Mystery Nendoroid Box
0%Partner Products Friendship Box
1%Lunar Box
2%New Moon Box
6%Year of the Rabbit Box
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ptooey2 days ago#120105711I would if there was a UK site but shipping and taxes from the US make it not such a great deal :(
We are still waiting for good smile Europe ;-;
2 days ago
I am not a fan of these "mystery box" things from the very beginning.
Even if there is something I am interested in in the pool, why taking the chance of getting something I don't like instead of just buying the stuff I do like?
2 days ago
Was keen to pick up the 100 box just to check my luck plus I yet to own a nendo, but realised it seems to only ship to US and Canada.
2 days ago
I would if there was a UK site but shipping and taxes from the US make it not such a great deal :(
2 days ago
Money's dangerously tight for me, but with that reasoning, I actually went for it. I can't justify spending sixty bucks plus shipping on a Nendoroid right now. But twenty five? That's not too painful. And since I frequently customize, I've got a good chance of finding something to salvage, no matter what they send.

I ordered a single Nendoroid box. (It's 25 per Nendoroid, so you only get one at the lowest tier.) It's on the way already, so when the "What'd You Get?" articles pop up, I'll share my result!

As soon as I placed the order, I went through all the Available Now Nendoroids and tried to guess at which one I might get. There are some I'd be incredibly unhappy with, and some I reeeeally want. But most of them are in the "Yeah, I'd be okay with that," range.

Btw, the last time I did it, I got ITEM #937563. At first I was mildly disappointed, but then I had a closer look at his parts and decided I could use some of them for custom projects. So, it was pretty good.
3 days ago
ah, with the price of shipping alone i might as well buy something i want for cheaper...
3 days ago
Pass. If there's any QC issue with the figures, you're SOL
3 days ago
After last year's Lucky Surprise Box was 100% items I didn't want from franchises I didn't know, and came out to being worth under the price of the box itself, I don't think I'll be getting any more boxes from GSC.
3 days ago
I bought a 2 nendoroid mystery box.I have no idea if I'll get a nendoroid I would want,but for a net price of $20 a nendoroid,I couldn't resist trying my luck.
3 days ago
I could see this being a great deal for folks who do customs or like collecting the accessories for photos/dioramas, but otherwise I wouldn’t personally take the chance. My taste in anime is apparently pretty narrow compared to others so the chances that I would get stuff I don’t want or need outweigh whatever possible benefit.
3 days ago
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