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frogwomanfrogwoman1 month ago
Hi guys! This is my first post on here so sorry if I format it terribly or something LOL sometimes MFC is confusing for me. Anyway, I'm going to Japan this summer and I was wondering if you guys have any advice on where I should go to look for merch and figures I can take back home! I know this has been posted about A LOT already, but with how unpredictable the figure market is, I thought I'd ask again instead of relying on posts that are multiple years old.

I know I'll be dedicating at least a day to shopping during my trip, so Akihabara is kind of a given lol. However, I wouldn't say I'm into a lot of series that are popular now (mostly because I don't have time to watch them but maybe that's a good thing for my wallet), so I'd appreciate if anyone has any store recommendations (or ones to skip) for series merch that's a bit older/harder to find or even places that sell individual trading figures (SMT jack frost figures I'm looking at you -_-)!

If anyone needs to get a feel for what I'm looking for you can check out my collection on my profile (my wishlist is a giant mishmash of figures I thought are neat and ones I would actually hunt down lol), but I should note I'm looking strictly for merch like keychains, acrylic stands, figures and maybe a few plush stuff, but I don't collect books, vinyl or anything SUPER NSFW! I have so much Vocaloid stuff but really enjoy Yakuza, Bayonetta, SMT games (jack frost my beloved), and PASWG and I find it hard to find merch for these series at somewhat reasonable prices in my country, especially with intact boxes (trading figures are basically my only exception to my rule about boxes, it helps me keep my collection and spending under control lol). I'm hoping I can at least come home with something I'm happy with while saving on the insane shipping prices nowadays!

Sorry for rambling, but whether you've been on a trip to Japan or have lived there before, literally any suggestions would be appreciated! ^_^

EDIT: I've started adding more series that I remember I really like, and I'd appreciate it if anyone knows of any shops that have lots of acrylic stands, old and new!

EDIT EDIT: its literally been less than a day but omg guys wtf you are all so kind and helpful I didn't expect anyone to actually respond so soon! I'll definitely be writing down everyone's recommendations! :)
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The best place to head is Akihabara, a suburb of also known as the "anime capital of the world." There you can find not only the main stores for large figure characters like AmiAmi, Kotobukiya, and GAMERS, there are also a ton of second-hand stores with tons of amazing prize figures or cheaper scales.
I would recommend Lashinbang as a must. The Akihabara Lashinbang has tons of amazing goods and figures for amazing prices. It is one of my favorite stores to go to whenever I head to Tokyo.
I would also highly recommend Volks Hobby Paradise. Their store has a total of 7 floors, 4-5 of which are dedicated exclusively to figures. Everything there is new though, so maybe more expensive than a place like Lashinbang, but their selection is positively ginormous.
The AmiAmi main store is also a great place to check, as their pre-owned bin can have some great finds, as well as their shelves being lined with all kinds of new figures.
Other than that, just walking around Akihabara you will find many other figure stores that you may think are worth your while. All in all, head to Akihabara!
1 month ago
this video was helpful for me
1 month ago
Might not be completely relevant but I hope this article can help BLOG #56826

Have fun hunting!
1 month ago
I've heard thrift stores and used stores are a good way to get merch, personally I would pick this method seeing the prices in japan are really expensive regardless of the souvenir xD but I would spend more if it's like limited like a cafe or exhibition/limited store merch
1 month ago
I saw lots of acrylic stands of bushiroad games/anime at gamers akihabara (from my time watching the happy around program that housed episodes of reiwa no di gi charat within it lol), maybe check that place out! they have newer di gi charat goods!
1 month ago
I've seen a few Japanese YouTubers recommend A Stop. It's wall to wall display cases and every shelf is rented by a different person who is looking to sell their old figures and anime collectibles. By definition it's a mixed bag, but you can find some good discounts and rare figures there. Their website has an English page as well, if you'd like to see some of the things they're selling. I'll warn you that navigating it can be a little annoying though. It's organized by shelf and you have to click each shelf to see what's in it
1 month ago
Other than a must like Radio Kaikan and mandarake, for stuff thats not “popular” right “now”theres a lot secondhand store/discounted shop for cheaper items like bookoff/hobbyoff, lashinbang etc (theres a lot small shops of these all around tokyo). Check shibuya parco 5th floor for nintendo store, poke center, capcom store, shounen jump, etc Tokyo Otaku Mode used to open store there too(idk now coz it could just be event pop up store), theres usualy some kind of random IP event popup store there too. Kotobukiya store (akihabara) if you like TALES series, monsterhunter(they usually have them on their store), SMT/persona(maybe not these days idk) and others. Ikebukuro area also has a pokecenter, evangelion store, other hobby store(more female audience IP hence called otome road) also maybe the big Nakano broadway mandarake for 2nd Hand items of anything hobby/toy related. Could take days just looking at hobby stores around tokyo lol. I never actively looking for yakuza merch, so i might be wrong but probably harder to find. For SMT i think a lot shops have them like animate etc, bayonetta merch sometimes on nintendo store but could be not unlike their main IP like Mario, zelda, animal crossing etc Which always on stock
1 month ago
Melone Can't copy platinum
I honestly just go to Akiba for CDs so honestly I recommend Ikebukuro and Nakano broadway. I only went to Animate and K-books in Ikebukuro, Animate is always for new stuff but you can get gift plushes for retail there (nearly impossible to find for retail on even Japanese websites) and K-books was small but had a good Jojo collection which I'm assuming you're looking for considering avatar/collection. Nakano broadway is all good safe for some store with crazy prices but that's still fun too. Make sure to get the famous 8 layer ice cream from Daily Chico while you're there assuming soft serve is a dietary option for you.
1 month ago
good article!! I am wondering the same thing, currently my list to check out is surugu-ya and mandarake and Radio Kaikan and the Animate store :D
1 month ago
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