Is $50 shipping normal for a 1/8 scale?Is $50 shipping normal for a 1/8 scale?Misc

cynocyno2 months ago
Hello again, MFC! I hope you're all doing well.

Since I published BLOG #58035, I received a lot of amazing and insightful comments that really helped me want to continue collecting. I feel blessed to be part of such an understanding community, and that led me to purchasing my first figure in two months. So thank you all!

That figure in question was ITEM #92114 (which is the superior of the two Griffon Flandre figures) which I have had my eye on for a while. I'm a huge Flandre fan and this Griffon figure happens to be one of my favorite sculpts of her. I finally found it for a good price on Buyee and decided to pick it up. She just arrived at the warehouse this morning and I decided to take a look at the shipping price...

It's 6,743 yen for DHL shipping. 5,990 yen for EMS. This just doesn't feel right for a simple 1/8 scale from 2012. I mean, I've had a 1/7 scale ship for 4,600 yen DHL on AmiAmi. Didn't Buyee reduce their shipping prices or did I miss something? Is this actually normal?

I don't really want to use Surface for her and last time I used Buyee Economy Air it ended up taking about a month. I just felt uneasy the entire time using it. I'll pay for EMS, but man...
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Yes because buyee has overpriced shipping costs.
2 months ago
more recently shipping prices have noticeably gone up

recent shipping costs to the UK, ITEM #1131742 cost me 8,800 yen and ITEM #872760 cost me 5,550 yen. Both shipped EMS.

You really need to keep an eye on those shipping prices, some things are starting to be competitive to order locally now due to those shipping prices.
2 months ago
it is normal unfortunately.

The figure's manufacture date, size, type etc. does not really affect the present prices.

What affects it heavily is the size of the box, volume base pricing, basically the total area of the parcel in cubic feet, which it takes up on a cargo plane.

Whilst surface shipping (cheaper but takes longer to arrive) prices are calculated based on the parcel Weight. And because a cargo ship can take on sooooo much weight. Is the sole reason why its cheap. Specially when you buy multiple figures and its placed in a huge box. Surface don't care! Its gonna be same flat rate price.

That is why I try to avoid AmiAmi as much as I can. They used certain size of boxes only. And if your item end up in a Too big of a box. They will use it. And the Volume pricing for it as it is a bigger box will shoot up the prices for DHL/FedEx/EMS.

Good example was Okita Souji alter with her already BIG product box. Amiami decided to put it in an even bigger BOX. Which basically made its courier price blow sky high.

And also why I love GSC Online shop, albeit you paying the full retail price. 2000 JPY Flat rate is still nice for EMS. Only if the figure you want is added on the shop. And that you are fast enough to either PO it or buy it.
2 months ago
Not really when you consider the size of her wings. ITEM #22634 was $40 to ship via SAL 5 years ago.
2 months ago
cyno2 months ago#122089046If it weren't a Griffon figure, I'd probably do that, but knowing the quality of their figures...I might just rather spend a bit extra to make sure she arrives undamaged. I will definitely keep it in mind in the future though! I actually heard they won't do it at all if you're insured though?
If you really don't want it to get damaged then yeah it might be better to keep the extra packaging. I bought a Dollfie and requested all extra packaging to be removed and the box came in perfect condition, but it was a risk. They will remove the packaging but you have to confirm that you void the insurance even if you paid for the insured plan already.
2 months ago
You can use Mandarake to see shipping price ahead of time. If an item has been in their sahara store, they measure and weight it. So if you put it in cart and go to checkout, it'll calculate various shipping costs.

But obvs that won't help much if its an auction with unknown amount of packaging. But its a start!
2 months ago
oh you absolutely need to email buyee and tell them to downsize your box and remove the original packaging. otherwise they ship you a box in a box for like twice what the shipping should cost. they're uh. not very good about consolidating at all
2 months ago
lsa2 months ago#122084288you can request for them to remove packaging from the original seller and to downsize the box. You void any insurance that you had but sometimes it can save you a lot.If it weren't a Griffon figure, I'd probably do that, but knowing the quality of their figures...I might just rather spend a bit extra to make sure she arrives undamaged. I will definitely keep it in mind in the future though! I actually heard they won't do it at all if you're insured though?
2 months ago
jenviiy2 months ago#122088964Sounds like the seller you bought it from on Buyee just packed the figure in a larger box to try and protect it from damage. Not sure there's much you can do since Buyee doesn't usually un-pack and re-pack items you order.
With how expensive shipping has gotten over the last few years $50 does sound about right if she's not in a super compact box.

I've had them unpack and repack but you have to ask in a veeeery specific way or else they won't understand. You can google a template of the support ticket you'd send.
2 months ago
Ackermance2 months ago#122088655Amiami's DHL and EMS prices have skyrocketed in the last three months. I had to stop ordering through them because it was cheaper to order from goodsmile US.

ive seen some people say as much, but i haven't had that experience and still find amiami's DHL prices to be relatively surprisingly affordable, at least to me. maybe where i live has something to do with it? unsure. but good to know, i suppose take my words on amiami's shipping with a grain of salt.
2 months ago

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