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MykaMyka2 months ago
Hello everyone! Just wanted to do a quick article to see if anyone is interested in helping mod the Non-JP Whitelist Resource Club. Just a little side project where me and some others have been collecting information regarding figures not currently at MFC. We've only added a few series so far and I have seen figures I never even knew existed before and believed it's awesome they could possibly be listed in MFC in the future instead of disappearing on the Wayback Machine (already had to use it once to find a figure).

The project is very time consuming since we have to find information and sources on each figure, plus I also have to create the images and edit the BBcode.

If you're interested in helping please PM me or reply on this thread: thread/19099

Full disclaimer I'm not part of the MFC staff, just want to help, tough some of the admins have been awesome and are helping with the list as well <3
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