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CybrgN00DL3CybrgN00DL32 months ago
Hello everyone! I wanted to write about my weird obsession with a figure that I can't quite explain. The figure in question is: ITEM #78602

She's cute, but there's nothing too crazy about her right? I actually agree, but for some reason I absolutely LOVE her! As you can guess from the title though, I know absolutely nothing about this character/series. So why am I so obsessed with such a simple figure?

Well, I like her warm expression and her comfy looking pose and loungewear. She just seems so warm and inviting with very positive/happy vibes. There's probably TONS of figures like this that give off the same vibe, but for some reason she reigns supreme.

So I wanted to know if anyone else here is absolutely OBSESSED with a figure you know nothing about. I highly expect most of your choices to be due to aesthetics, which I totally get. However, I am more interested in the more "unassuming" figures you love and why you love them! Thank you for reading/replying.
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Literally obsessed with her ITEM #5739
She's so cute and I love her energy
2 months ago
ame3332 months ago#122209110any moetan/dokuro-chan figure pretty much LOOL their figures are cute but their animes r like straight lolibait from what ive seen. . .yuck

Moetan is a parody on the loli genre. But unfortunately as it's such a good parody, a lot of people think it's serious.
2 months ago
I deeply love ITEM #268213 i am not even into kitsune lady or half-human /half-animal character that much ! i don't know nothing about her, i know her pose i generic and a bit too static but i just love her so much !

ITEM #1198323 same for her. I sadly don't have it but she is gorgeous *^*
2 months ago
The example in your article is a figure I too have loved for ages despite knowing nothing about the character or source material. She’s so cute and cosy!! There are other figures I like of her character, too
2 months ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
I really love the figures from the A-Z line (ENTRY #187839). As far as I know, they're just an illustration series so there's not really much to know about them, but I don't really keep up with any artists so I could be more familiar with them than I am.

Also ITEM #1124 from Idolmaster. Idk the series at all but I have some figures of it just cuz they're so pretty but this one is my fav.
2 months ago
any moetan/dokuro-chan figure pretty much LOOL their figures are cute but their animes r like straight lolibait from what ive seen. . .yuck
2 months ago
Pretty much all my anime figures considering I don't watch anime. ;)

Fun fact, I recently watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Loved it! A nice gateway anime to start with.
2 months ago
Any Azur Lane figure, really. I already have this collecting hobby, don't want to start a gacha game knowing that I have an income.
2 months ago
Every ITEM #1445274 ITEM #1596991 ITEM #1737269 Oberon ENTRY #239337 gk.

Also ITEM #872899 (nsfw). The pose, the sculpt, the subtle damage on her armor, the stern expression, the little ear notch? Love it.
2 months ago
Evangilion figures…
2 months ago

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