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lazyslushylazyslushy2 months ago
I love being cringey!
Oh my god! I love being cringey!! I love reading fanfiction! I love writing fanfiction, even if it isn't any good!! I love stupid tropes in romance! I love Avatar and Harry Potter and Stranger things! I love badly drawn anime from the early 2000's! I love collecting merchandise from shows that nobody has cared about in the past decade! I love making shrines to my favourite fictional characters!! I love surrounding myself with my favourite dumb things! I love cartoon pretty and girls AND boys! I love wasting time and money on silly "childish" things!! I love creating silly scenarios in my head! I love making fanart!! I love love LOVE to cosplay, even if I'm not 100% accurate! I love listening to vocaloid music, even the terribly tuned monstrosities from before v2 existed!! I love Hatsune Miku! I love that other people are like me! I love that I'm not the only one who chooses to live life enjoying whatever they want with no shame! I love sharing my favourite things with my friends, even if they find it cringey!!

I have literally spent the past month of my life making the characters from Hogwarts Legacy interact using AI speech software, writing fanfiction about them, and making my own merch. Lemme tell you for a fact, I am happier than a mf surrounded by all this cringey junk!! I love it! Maybe I'm clinically insane? who knows... but more importantly; who cares!! Will I consider this to be a cringey part of my life in the future? Maybe, who knows! But I'll look back knowing I was happy and that's what counts! Nobody looks back into their life and thinks "wow! I wish I'd enjoyed that less!". So go out and enjoy your dumb cringey things!!

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While I have personal reservations regarding Hogwarts Legacy due to its... well, I'm not going to start drama about it.

Anyways, this is such a wholesome post. When I returned to mfc after a few long years of inactivity, I was SO embarrassed by the state of my account and how I typed/interacted with people. I haven't changed any of it nor deleted, but this post makes me feel quite valid.
I know that I joined mfc when I was 13, back in 2013, so I acted like the "cringe" pre-teen I was at the time, and I found it fairly hard as a 23 year old returning to the... well, the relic of type speech indicative of that era.

You're absolutely right though. There isn't anything wrong with enjoying oneself, with being happy, as long as it doesn't hurt others of course. I think this post has helped me view my account more fondly now.

Thank you OP, for being so truthful and honest.

Cringe culture is dead. Genuine enjoyment of things is now the new "cool" and I wholly support it.
2 months ago
And I love this mindset! :)
2 months ago
Preach 100%! If being cringy and liking it is weird than I never want to know what "normal" is. Love the mindset, and you seem like a rad person :)
2 months ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Excuse me, Avatar is NOT cringe (°◇°)
2 months ago
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
I am Cringe, but I am Free
2 months ago
proud to be cringe
2 months ago
you are so real for this
2 months ago
sehun ᨭ ֺ ׅ ⋆ カヲシン
Wish I could be proud too but it’s not happening anytime soon lol
2 months ago
this post is literally me
2 months ago

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