A rant about the current state of nendoroids..... again.A rant about the current state of nendoroids..... again.Diary

jesteri0ttjesteri0tt2 months ago
hhnngghhshhhh rises from the dead hi guys
I've been kind of innactive on here, lowkey was taking a break and just commenting on stuff here and there, I hope you guys missed me/j

Anywho this is gonna be a follow up to BLOG #54907 I suppose because holy shit I cannot believe it has gotten worse!
I've gone on record saying nendoroids are some of my favorite types of figures.. or I suppose they used to be. I'm in all honestly quite dissapointed in the latest nendoroid releases, like im baffled that it somehow got worse.
I could rant about the quality and so on so forth, but theres like 43 other articles already doing that, so I wanna focus on the 'extremely noticeable increasing Nendoroid inflation', or ENINI for short, which I used to call Miku nendo inflation, but this doesnt seem to be a Miku nendo only problem now.
(I also totally didnt rip this name from a tweet that referred to the overpricing of enstars nui as updates in the nui economy)

Remember when Nendoroids had a base price of 3k -4k yen? Yeah, shit is doubled now. Like my god how did they let it get this bad, the nendo inflation is at over 200%. And yknow usually you'd figure "Oh the quality must be better now!" ...... no, no its not its really not.
I compared my BRS nendo with my two miku nendos and let me tell you, the quality is the same, in some cases such as the infamous mikey nendo (ITEM #1213390) so much worse than some that were released back in 2010.

In BLOG #54907 I ranted about how lazy they designed Yor's nendoroid, how it felt rushed and incomplete; and they were already charging over 5k yen for that. Now a Nendo where you can tell they put some effort in has a base price of... checks notes.. over 7k yen?????
I wish I was joking. This is especially noticeable in Miku nendoroids, both ITEM #1618647 and ITEM #1781634 both have a base price of 7k yen, while their counterparts ITEM #1550691 and ITEM #1210417 went both by about 5k yen, and ITEM #1618450 going at a wopping 8k yen, which is just completely unreasonable to me, especially considering how minimalistic Ralsei's design is.

Like what happened? The quality hasnt drastically changed, nendoroids come with less accessories, some design choices even come off as lazy and rushed... capitalism is to blame/j

Eitherway I apologize for the rant, its just so infuriating to me :/ Sorry if youve seen this type of article like 28 times already, I just like writing stuff thats on my mind huehue

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Does ENINI affect you? Votes are public

21%Yes my bank account is suffering greatly
3%I see no problem
13%I dont buy nendos
16%Not really since I dont buy nendo often
28%Yes, I'm passing on so many nendos! T - T
6%It’s about to since I’m interested in some that were recently announced
3%No but I'm not really interested in any nendos they have announced lately
3%Yes going to have to stop collecti by nendos
2%I just don't preorder and collect on the aftermarket
2%why is ralsei more than miku :(
2%I only order the ones I know I will never get rid of which luckily isn't alot
0%I've pretty much stopped caring about Nendos tbh
297 votes


bye_myAlone Local Sleepy Girl™
Added an option to the poll because like,,, I used to be obsessed with Nendos but as time has passed I've become kind of glad that I've remained an extremely lowkey collector/I never got every Nendo I liked as a teen because wow,,,

Granted I still want some Nendos such as ITEM #759218 but as one of the people who got ITEM #1213389 just because Venti's one of my favorites, I have to admit if it wasn't Venti I would never have bought him. Where's the rest of his cape design? Why does he seem so stiff? Why can't they have included at least one more faceplate? I know Genshin has over-complicated designs but the traveler twins were actually p solid compared to him. I'm trying to stay cautious optimistic about ITEM #1552637, ITEM #1552640, ITEM #1618435, and I'm especially concerned about ITEM #1618442 as Xiao's my favorite alongside Lumine and I'm trying to build a collection of him.

Regardless of where Nendos go from here I've decided my ultimate goal is to get some doll bodies and learn to sew so I can make them cute myself regardless. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But yeah my focus going forward will definitely be high quality scales > everything else especially Nendos. They're kind of bottom tier for me now,, ><
1 month ago
i was saving for snow miku 2023 for an awful long time to be so incredibly disappointed by the price and quality of her that i decided not to get her :/ since i don't like the figma either, i'm really sad that i won't have a figure of a design that i love so much.
2 months ago
How I solve this is by only starting really old anime, look if they have nendoroids of characters I liked and if they are available for an alright price (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
2 months ago
goffangxl ♡₊ pretty in pink ₊♡
i pre-ordered ITEM #1618486 for $65 USD and hated it, but felt like i had to cave and get her anyway because of limited / exclusive and that it's chii....but the dress is sooo plain and the face has no shading whatsoever (good reflection of the style but for that price i wish they added blush or something) i also ended up paying $100 USD for ITEM #1526630 and while i know he's no where NEAR worth that much, the details are very impressive as well as the props that came with him (plus i got the bonus background sheets) not really a fan of most nendos overall, but i agree that the increase in price sucks :,3
2 months ago
pixosi2 months ago#122210059My friend recently bought a 130 CAD miku nendriod. Yeah.im so sorry for their loss
2 months ago
I’m just hoping that ITEM #1781623 prices will be ok compared to ITEM #1585625 and ITEM #1618450 :,)
2 months ago
My friend recently bought a 130 CAD miku nendriod. Yeah.
2 months ago
I haven't seen anyone mention this but what is up with GS selling extra faceplates and accessory packs separately now? I really hope they don't make it a trend to sell barebones nendos and accessories on the side.
2 months ago
i think the root of the issue is that people are still buying them en masse. good smile isn't facing any real repercussions for this notable quality drop. casual collectors don't seem to particularly notice or care about the quality drop. ive noticed amidst all of this complaining that there are plenty of people that don't really notice or care about the quality drop and say they look fine, and there are bounties of people that will still buy them because they don't know any better. market-wise, there is no reason for goodsmile to preserve quality and put effort into nendoroids.

another issue is how mass produced they're becoming. i'd argue nendoroids are becoming over-announced, and it's likely because their production costs are getting lower and lower. how do you think they're offering nendoroid deals to much smaller IPs? while in one hand, it's cool that small IPs are getting something as "official" in the collecting scene as a nendoroid, they're clearly half-assed and low budget production efforts that even cut into the bigger IP's slice of the pie and make the whole quality of the brand by large look much worse. the only nendoroids that seem to have much effort put into them anymore are mikus, and they've certainly realized they can funnel more of that into the price, make out like bandits with the profit margin, and STILL have buyers.

though nendoroids have fallen off for me for a while now, even i was victim to this trend. ITEM #1618486 was a dream item for me, chobits being very significant to me artistically and chi herself a first waifu of sorts. i thought, certainly, a style like clamp's that is already so cutesy can't be fucked up, right? but, no, i was painfully wrong. i almost didn't order her, but i decided to buy her just for her hair sculpt, but the rest of her nendoroid is totally unsalvageable to me. i'm going to commission an artist to make her new faceplates and switch her to a doll body so i can put some pretty dresses on her. it's just generally disheartening, and i was hoping i wouldn't be affected by this trend.

whenever i think of this situation, i reminisce on my first ever grail from my youth, ITEM #117943. not a chance in hell they'd give a character like this such care and intricate design nowadays, and it hurts to even look at that price and think of what used to be. i know inflation has occurred, but certainly not at this 200% increase rate--i'd even argue they'd likely have charged closer to 13000 for her, so itd be more like a 230% price increase. not even inflation justifies that. but it wouldn't matter, because like i said, the most important thing is that a nendoroid like this WOULDN'T be made at all, period. it would've just been chariot standing there, perhaps an extra faceplate and a single accessory. then they'd sell her for 8k yen because she has a unique leg sculpt. the passion, the devotion to the fans, it's all gone. if a series as popular as spy x family can't even get great treatment, what can? aside from miku, of course.

aside from picking them apart for the sake of customization, the nendoroid brand is dead to me. honestly, i'm a bit sick of good smile company in general. i harbor a large dislike of PUPs as well. to me, it just feels like they're charging more and more to be cheaper and cheaper, and getting away with it. it's an unfortunate trend.
2 months ago
I remember a while back I started going for nendos more than figmas even though I liked figmas better because the price for figmas and their lack of accessories just made them stop being worth it for me. And now it's happening to nendos. :/ I've already skipped a few I would have absolutely gotten if they weren't so expensive and lackluster in terms of accessories. It's a bummer. Add their high price to the still incredibly high shipping prices and it's just not worth it anymore. I still have a few preordered because I really like them but I skip on a lot more.

At this point, nendos are starting to cost as much as scales and I'm like, I might as well get a scale figure lmao.
2 months ago

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