Comments why would anyone spend THAT?

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2 months ago
Hopefully the Hanako nendo will get a rerelease with the reboot, that aftermarket price's crazy. The nendo doll's pretty much close to being the exact same as the nendo.

My experience with aftermarket nendo prices was when I got ITEM #675922 back about two years ago for $50 as my first nendoroid. I was excited over him, as there's not that many figures of Green. His nendo came with what I think is a decent amount of accessories, with 3 mini figurines of the secondary Kanto evolutions, a poke ball, and the preorder bonus rare candy.

I subsequently hunted for his rival Red (ITEM #215491), which had aftermarket prices of $90+. The prices were too high for me, so I decided to held out until I could get him for the original price. By a stroke of luck, I got him through an unexpected US Pokemon Center restock. His aftermarket is surprisingly lower to Green's nendo, despite being a Pokemon Center exclusive alongside having more accessories with his backpack.

Green's nendo was on the U.S. Pokemon Center website for months before he sold out. Nowadays, he's sold in Ebay for $200+ and on Mandarake around 14,000-15,000 yen. He hasn't had a rerelease at all unlike Red's nendo, although that rerelease was back in 2017. It's likely the combination of him being a Pokemon nendo and having little chance at a rerelease is what skyrocketing his aftermarket prices to be that crazy. I never seen a nendo have that high of an aftermarket price before, pretty shocking to see him go for at least 3x his original price.
2 months ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
I think most collectors who have been collecting for a least a little while have knowingly overpaid for something that they wanted if they were desperate enough for it, I've done it plenty of times, and there's no shame in it. It's their money, they can do what they want with it, and no one knows what's in store for a figure's future. A figure you think may bin may actually do really well and get insane aftermarket prices and then you'd regret not ordering it at the time when it was available, and vice versa.

Obviously no one is wanting to spend that much money, but if they can afford it and want the figure like hell then they're gonna buy it. I've seen plenty of figures I thought would never get a re-release actually get one and throw the whole aftermarket pricing out of whack. I've also seen some figures that are literally apart of a set/series get re-released (or made for the first time) and the rest of the set left untouched with no re-release.

Keep in mind scalpers are a thing and sometimes people will buy something overpriced just to avoid never being able to get their hands on it again without having to pay 3x the price. We all know what that's like and it happens a lot unfortunately, although admittedly less with figures than other goods. Although it's rare, I've also seen figures sell out in a day (happened to one I really wanted) and you never know if it's going to get a restock or not. It depends on the manufacturer too- some do less (or no) re-releases on their figures than others.
2 months ago
people pay that much for nendoroids????? i never got the hype for nendoroids in the first place, maybe as cute little 30-40 dollar collectibles but THREE-HUNDRED??? good GOD u have to have little parasitic worms in your brain controlling your thoughts to make you think $300 for a nendo is a reasonable way to spend your money. . .
2 months ago
Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
Although that Hanako-kun nendo is nice, it is not worth what they are asking in the aftermarket. The doll is almost the same darn thing, and like you said, he'll definitely be getting a re-release with the reboot (and I was not aware the anime was just a giant ad for the manga. No wonder why it had pacing issues and I had a hard time watching it as a result. I liked the first few episodes, but then it felt jumpy and I dropped it. I thought that maybe it was something I just didn't like, so I never picked up the manga, and sold off the nendo as a result. I'll definitely be watching the reboot, as I loved the art, and I like Nene and Hanako's dynamic.)
I really don't like playing into aftermarket pricing, and won't buy a figure if the difference is too extreme. I did pay $70 for nendoroid Rin Tohsaka and nendoroid Gilgamesh, but both were rare exceptions. They don't have dolls, and I knew I'd be buying the bootleg of Rin if I didn't find the $70 one (she's one of my favorite characters), so I just bought her to get rid of that urge. Gil was one I thought would never get a re-release, and the bootlegs for him looked like trash, so I wasn't tempted. I also didn't know about Ami2 at the time, so that nendo seemed OK price-wise.

Now that I know better, that hasn't happened again, and won't. I will not pay beyond $75 for a nendo, and I won't pay beyond like $40 above retail for a scale. I just figure I can wait until a better price comes along.
2 months ago
Uhh OP can you trim down my Dire Straits lyrics? This is why you don't post poll lyrics during your short breaks while using shitty wifi. -_-

Edit: Also delete the "stupid repeat" comment lol. XD
2 months ago
With the quality of newer Nendoroids, less accessories, and a higher price tag I find them slowly fading from my pre orders.
I’ve been looking for the Hanako Nendo too but I refuse to pay those prices for him. I’ll usually ask myself how much I feel the figure is worth. Once I have a price I break it down by my hourly pay and ask if it’s worth that much of my time. This really can help put things into perspective on wether you really want a figure or not.
But I’d say to always stick to your price and not get swayed. I have found grails that were going for a lot for amazing prices. I think as long as it’s not a super lowball price you can find what you’re looking for in the after market.
In January I found one of my grails, Myethos Night Hag Lilith for $175 BNIB never opened with her bonus.
2 months ago
It is all speculation, especially with this hobby, but I’m not sure if the reboot for the anime will actually earn us a rerelease for his actual nendo.

I ended up biting the bullet and picking up a slightly damaged Hanako nendoroid (for around $100USD) a little while back when his doll was announced, because it felt odd that they would release the doll when they could’ve just rereleased his original nendo for less effort and cheaper. From that announcement, I figured that there was some kind of licensing issue or something that would keep the original from releasing, but they kept getting requests to rerelease him, so they worked around it to release the doll.

I’ve got no evidence toward this, but it felt weird, so I snatched up one of his nendoroids when I saw the chance. I do hope he does end up being rereleased with the new anime reboot for everyone who doesn’t have him! Maybe we’ll even get Nene and Kou to go along!
2 months ago
I've learned that this hobby is very similar to gambling and I think I saw a good article on that like half a year ago.

I've experienced it once when I first joined the hobby last year. The exchange rate wasn't as good in early 2022 as it became in late 2022 so I ordered this figure - ITEM #806236 and a few others off a US store as with shipping it would have been comparable. But then the exchange rate changes and she was going for like $120 and the store I bought from was like $220. So I ended up canceling all of the others and just got the in stock Elf Mura figures from AmiAmi for like $140 with shipping saving me a ton of money.

I kept that pre-order because I am a little unorthodox and want to see how long it takes to ship. So far we are at 10 months as it released in May last year lol. But ya I thought $220 for a 1/6 was normal when I first started. Glad the exchange rate helped me realize it was pretty overpriced.
2 months ago
I reached a point where I had to move on from figures/statues I missed as the after market price isn't worth it in my opinion.

There is always something better on the horizon in this hobby. :)
2 months ago