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yharnamyharnam2 months ago
i thought i'd do these monthly! this is a collection of every figure i received in march of 2023! this SHOULD be my busiest month in a bit, though a lot of my preorders seem to be coming around in october...

NOTE: this does not mean i ordered all of these in march. lots of these i ordered in previous months. this also does not include things i ordered this month that have not arrived, nor does this include preorders, most of which i have not paid for yet. i'm also not including PuPs because....eh....

i try to get a lot of my figures secondhand! 5 of these i bought pre-owned from either amiami, ebay, or other MFC users! perfectly good plastic shouldn't go to the trash, even with a few scruff marks.


this is most of the haul! one of them is hidden in the background by complete accident, but i'll be going through each one! i managed to get three of my grails this month. i used to want to keep a theme, but i realized that my interested are sort of all over the place. that's okay. your collection is for you, not for some random aesthetic you've put in your mind. purchase what makes you happy.

now, let's go through them all individually!


riddle is a character who has grown on me recently, and getting his tsum tsum card has not helped! that's why i was super excited to find ITEM #1019554 with his postcard bonus, pre-owned. he's one of the prettiest figures i own now. the pose is perfect, and i love a busy base! the little trees were difficult to put in, though, and they are prone to falling out of their holes if i move his base a little too much. i hope to eventually collect all of the TWST scales.


i got ITEM #107250 from a lovely user here on MFC! she doesn't have her bonus arm, but i really like her nonetheless. senran kagura is a game series where i know i've played at least one of them, but i cannot, for the life of me, remember anything about it. i've always really liked hibari's design, and i really love every ounce of her!


this is angela from the chinese mobile game king of glory. i don't know this game, but this is the first in the new myethos figure line, gift+. these are small 1/10 scales with immaculate detail. i love this character's design, and her sculpt is absolutely gorgeous! the base is also one of the cutest i've seen in a while. i plan to eventually do a comparison between this series and PuPs. but that's for another article. i have her next to another yellow companion who is featured later in this diary!


ITEM #100 is another item from a darling MFC user. i haven't played the visual novel that this character is from, but if i love anything, it's vampires, idols, heterochromia, and the color pink. this figure has been on my watch list for a few years, so i finally took the dive and grabbed her! her aftermarket price has been really good. there is so much good detail in her skirt, on her guitar...she's perfect. goodnight.

wow, the camera quality is bad. sorry, i love my LEDs.


i was briefly into BNHA. i don't really like superhero media. but i've really liked mina since around 2016! she's super pink, and she's a cool monster girl. so when i saw this figure with the cool lettering on the base, i felt like i needed it. i was fortunate enough to grab ITEM #860768 off a user on MFC. i really love the base the most, and the slime effect in her hand has a really good shine that contrasts from the matte of the rest of the figure. and overall, she just looks great! i'm glad to have her.


new background jumpscare! this kogitsunemaru has been a grail of mine for the 7 years he's been out. i LOVE touken ranbu. i think it's such a cool concept, and the designs are really beautiful. ITEM #287698 somehow is a lot cheaper than i thought he would be on the aftermarket, so i was really excited to get him with his preorder bonus. he's very heavy, and each part of him is gorgeous. i really don't have enough words. the box was perfect. the figure was perfect. the hair. the base. the colors. oh my god. i'm just glad he's finally in my hands.


putting both nendoroids together. i got ITEM #1093958 from a crunchyroll sale, just because. she's really cute. i don't really have a lot to say about power that hasn't already been said and uttered by the gods. i'm more excited about ITEM #1051739 ! azul is my favorite twisted wonderland character, and i'm glad i got his nendo preowned. he didn't come with a base unfortunately, so i had to pull one off another nendoroid (i got nendo stands, but he can't really use them because of his jacket). he is very silly and evil-looking, and i want to give him a pat on the head.


now, finally, ITEM #675850 is the figure of this haul that i'm probably most excited about. if it isn't obvious by my profile, i'm a huge fromsoft fan, especially of bloodborne. lady maria View spoilerHide spoilerand by extention, the doll, is my favorite character. i dished out the extra money for the DX version so i could put her in the chair, just like her key art. this figma is absolutely fascinating! it looks exactly like the game, and it has an extreme amount of detail and love put into it that i haven't seen in any other figma i own. genuinely, this is now one of my favorite figures that i own. i really hope they make a nendoroid of her, else i'll customize the 2nd doll nendoroid that i accidentally preordered!

what did YOU get this month that you're most excited about?
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The Lady Maria figma is indeed incredible. I still find it difficult to believe that a figma of all things ended up being so good.
2 months ago
sylvie ♡彡
wow beautiful haul! great to see some twst on here, that riddle is gorg ♡♡
2 months ago

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