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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari5 months ago
One of the most Fun things to me about collecting is collecting Vintage Items!

I love collecting older items from the 80's and 90's and while dusting and cleaning today was going through the collection looking at the older pieces here.

I've got a few pieces from the 80's in the collection and that has me wondering how many of you have older items from the 80's in your collection.

There are a few in this collection that are in the database but the main ones are ITEM #114679 and ITEM #876976 are the oldest items.


One of my favorites on the Mecha Shelf is G1 Omega Supreme! I love this one since it transforms into a Rocket Base with the Tank part that can roll around on the track! That was released in 1985


The Robotech Matchbox Hovertank was released in 1985 and it's very cool, another favorite item in the collection!


The Scott Bernard Cyclone is one of the collection's Grails.


Convoy/Optimus is really cool and one of my favorite vintage pieces!


My Collection's Holy Grail is the Gi Joe Defiant Shuttle Launch Complex one of the rarest pieces from the Gi Joe series and it's a massive playset and it's another vintage piece in the collection from the 80's released in 1987.


One of the oldest pieces is in that picture too the Matchbox Vehicle Voltron in the back that was released in 1985, and the Rocket Launch Platform is the Transformers Generation 1 Micromaster Countdown set that was released in 1989.

Another vintage piece in the collection is the Gi Joe Killer Whale Hovercraft from 1984, this is an amazing piece -one of the rear fins fell over back behind the glass display case where it was displayed a while back so it will take a bit to get that part out from where it went but dusted this off today.


It's one of my favorite pieces in the collection since it's a unique vehicle playset.

One of the more recent additions to the Vintage collection is the Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset released in 1986! had to get 3D Printed doors and the Sign and still need to get the firepole and another piece or two to complete it but it's a great playset!


The Staypuft Marshmellow Man is one of my original toys from when I was a kid that was released the year I was born in 1984 and the Gi Joe Cobra Night Raven on top of the Firehouse is another vintage piece released in 1986.

The Gi Joe Cobra Moray Hydrofoil was released in 1985 and one of the cooler 80's Cobra Vehicles, also another one of my favorite Gi Joe Aquatic Vehicles.


Another vintage Mecha in the collection is the Robotech Matchbox Zentradi Officer's Battlepod, got this a few years ago in a Trade and it's a very cool piece from 1985!


And then there is the Mospeada Gakken 1/35 Scale Legioss, these are cool and will have to replace one of the arms on the Blue one since that one fell apart and these were released in Japan in 1985, I think these are the best toy versions of the Legioss and just are solid and cool.


There are a few other Vintage 80's Pieces here from Star Wars:

The Star Wars Kenner Cloud Car released in 1980 is another one of the oldest pieces in the collection, this is a pretty simple toy and always liked the design of the Cloud Car.


The Star Wars Kenner Rebel Transport is another vintage piece from 1980, and a great little playset but I love the way the Rebel Transports look so it's kept on display and the Rebel Transport is one of my favorite Rebel fleet Vehicles.


The Star Wars Y-Wing is another great piece here that was a Freebie from the Antique Store since the store owner didn't want to spend time trying to find parts to restore it so got that and the Snowspeeder last year. The Y-Wing was released in 1983 and it's one of those cool looking vintage vehicles.


The Snowspeeder was a freebie I got from the Antique Store last year that was missing parts and restored that one and it's a cool vintage piece, this may be the oldest piece in the collection released in 1980.


I think I may have one or two other Vintage pieces I didn't cover since there are a lot of figures here and sometimes hard to find them all but these are the most prominent of the Vintage 80's pieces in the collection and the oldest pieces here.

What Vintage pieces do you have in your collection?

What is the oldest item in your collection?
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Oldest Garage Kit: ITEM #33883
Oldest Pre-Painted Figure: ITEM #86269
Oldest Trading Figure(s): ENTRY #106522
5 months ago
Oldest one with a confirmed release date is ITEM #1108432 , though I think it might actually be ITEM #1738095
5 months ago
Elise_Grimwald We are Star*T*Rain!
This Aeris is my oldest figure in terms of release (though I bought her after ITEM #10574, which I bought the year it came out. I bought Aeris in like 2002 or 2003, as I couldn't find her outside of online by the time I finally started getting my own money. I saw her in 1998, but there was no way anyone would have bought me that Aeris at that point.)
ITEM #17377

As for merch, I still have some tins from Tenchi and Cardcaptor Sakura from the early 00s. I'm not even sure they're on MFC. I use those to store oversized nendo parts and instruction books for nendos.
5 months ago
It is not that old but ITEM #9514 2000 during the game release
5 months ago
My oldest figures are ITEM #10921 ITEM #10922 and ITEM #10923
The oldest figure I got on release is ITEM #224483
5 months ago
the oldest prepainted figure in my collection is ITEM #15310 and my oldest trading figure is ITEM #50211, but the oldest item in my collection is a garfield plush from sometime in the 80s :)
5 months ago
It's definitely something from my Star Trek TOS collection but idk what.

Off the top of my head, I'd say it's my Star Trek story LP 'To Starve a Fleaver' #7 from 1975.

Oops, forgot about my books!
I've got some of the numbered episode paperback adaptations from the late 60s and novels starting from 1970 too.

I don't have any actual merchandise from earlier than the 90s, my childhood toys.
ITEM #26083 is my oldest on here.
5 months ago
This To-Heart garage kit who was made a month after my birth date. ITEM #21252 She's old enough to drink and gamble.
5 months ago
My oldest anime character is Kei from Dirty Pair (1985) ITEM #27372
They don't make figures like this anymore!
5 months ago
Well, I guess it would be the first release of ITEM #5654 from 2009. In terms of my non-anime collection, my oldest items would be my South Park Stan and Kyle plushies from 1998.
5 months ago

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