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StyxeiStyxei8 days ago
i cant stop !! im obsessed!! i feel like every 10 minutes im checking the dhl page waiting to see if theres been an update on my packages (not feel like, i really am..) i start googling what times the post offices are open and the timezones in the state its shipping from .. and its all i can think about when im trying to fall asleep at night, and then i wake up in the morning and first thing i do is check it !!! im so impatient ,,, i wish my things could just be teleported to my hands as soon as i buy them
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I'm the same way! I'm too impatient haha.
7 days ago
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
I want my figures home fast, I can't wait for them to be at display, at the same time I don't give a f**k about that and never check it. I'm always having fun playing, reading, or with friends, and when the day comes without expecting it feels like a nice surprise.

Yesterday dad woke me up showing me a package I had ordered some small stuff from AmiAmi like Power acrylic keychain, pencil case and lots of stuff about her and felt like christmas morning :3

I understand what you mean by wanting to check everytime but it won't make the package be home faster, it will just feel like a longer wait, just forget about it and have fun, it will take the same amount of time to reach you whether you check all the time or none at all.
7 days ago
Same here, especially frustrating when your package is stuck at the Japanese post office just laying around. Also I buy from Suruga-ya so domestic also takes ages for whatever reason.
Also I'm in the Netherlands so VAT is pain. Luckily Zenmarket has IOSS (pre-charges VAT instead of at customs, speeding things up) and then you also don't pay handling fees (€4 now under €150 or €7 if it wasn't done online).

Small anecdote: when I'm home, shipping seems to be slow as fuck (2-3 weeks), but when I'm on vacation, somehow the Japanese post manages to get my things in 7 days to my door (and then having to pick it up at a pickup point).
7 days ago
OP, that is perfectly normal.

MLMjp8 days ago#124368770https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52927482661_9f2c735f72.jpg

The funny thing for us here in Finland is that, for orders under 150€, the fee is now 0,90€ regardless of whether you pay the VAT before or after it enters the country, if you pay it via our postal service's own website or app. The handling fee is actually 2,90€, if you do it yourself once it enters the country, which also means every parcel over 150€.

All of the above only applies to parcels delivered via the postal service. For other couriers there are no fees at all, if you pay the customs fees yourself once the parcel has entered the country.
7 days ago
marriafn8 days ago#124405964i used to do this a lot when i was not busy, now i have so much to do throughout the day i just forget my packages exist and only start to get anxious when the estimate date of delivery comes by
same. I only check the status when I have time but I often forget it as well. But I can't complain because the delivery day comes quicker that way
7 days ago
marriafn ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
MLMjp8 days ago#124368770https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52927482661_9f2c735f72.jpg
you cooked with this one fr
8 days ago
marriafn ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
i used to do this a lot when i was not busy, now i have so much to do throughout the day i just forget my packages exist and only start to get anxious when the estimate date of delivery comes by
8 days ago
Back when I started collecting, I did this a lot as well, now I just estimate when something could have a necessary update to follow and maybe check up on it then.

I feel like I have gotten a lot more relaxed after receiving so many packages over the years. I'm still excited when they arrive but I don't follow their journey that obsessively anymore. It's just exhausting since it won't change the time it takes to arrive at all and I can spend my time more productively.

Now, I don't advocate to not check at all because sometimes, the updates are important and require actions to be taken. But I know the order I placed a day ago won't be here until much, much later for Surface for example. For DHL I just sign up for E-Mail updates and I also roughly know when it'll cross the border. (Which won't be within hours.)

So yeah, my checking isn't nearly as frequent anymore. At some point you can roughly estimate when updates will become available at the earliest. I'm currently waiting on a Surface package that should cross the border any day now but even then I only check back every other day, even when it's a little behind schedule. But the retailer won't do anything anyway until a certain amount of time has passed, so whatever.

But if people enjoy checking updates, then I certainly won't say anything against their enjoyment. Especially since I did this myself in the past, so I do get it.
8 days ago
I was dying while the tracking was down on USPS. My band merch from Germany was taking far too long to hit US boarders XD
8 days ago
Same here. I'm waiting for ITEM #868308 which just arrived to my country and must be going through customs soon, so I'm always checking the tracking to see if there's an update. The fact that it is my personal grail doesn't help at all... ;u;
8 days ago

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